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  1. Moove


    I think you'd be fighting a losing battle with that given how embedded Union is in the area. Ilkey, Skipton and the other Dales towns are much more affluent areas (not hard compared to Keighley) where Union is the sport of choice at amateur level and indeed in schools. Probably more so than football in a number of those places. People gravitate to the bigger teams playing at a higher level. In fact there are probably more Wigan and Saints fans in that area than there are Keighley fans so it's hard to spread the word.
  2. Superb work from Lomax and Makinson there
  3. Not sure what's worse, the refereeing performance or Williams's kicking game
  4. Thought the refs were supposed to be better in Oz. Cretin
  5. Moove

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Just when you think we're free from the clutches of Nigel Wood, he strikes again on an even bigger stage. Should be banned from having any involvement in the sport.
  6. Ironically, given your username, that all changed after the furore of Sinfield winning it several years ago.
  7. Think I'm developing a bit of a man crush on Tommy! Crazy to think some people though it was a disgrace that he got in over Johnstone
  8. Get in!!! Good passing move to be fair
  9. Lucky for Williams we don't have too many options at half back, he's out of his depth
  10. Just need to stop him playing hooker then. That try wouldn't happen with his level of ball distribution from the play-the-ball
  11. Good ball and good finish. Deserved that did Makinson
  12. Nah. We've had no ball and have struggled getting out of our half. Build some pressure
  13. For me hodgson left that side under pressure after not continuing the slide. Tomkins was always going to come off second best after that
  14. Moove

    Team For Second Test

    Hodgson back to Oz never to be seen in an England shirt again would be a start. When Clarke came on his first pass from dummy half was twice the speed of any of Hodgson's the entire game. Not too dissimilar to when Roby came on in the World Cup. I'm sure Bennett is just picking him for giggles, surely he can't be that oblivious.