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  1. Moove

    Double header

    I'd rather Leeds sell out against Hull, and Cas sell out against Wigan, than concoct unnecessary double headers from nowhere
  2. Moove

    Double header

    Haha I think you knew what I meant. I'm a backer of the Toronto vision but they look a bit daft touting Copenhagen, Belgrade, Nice etc and ending up playing at Hull KR.
  3. Moove

    Double header

    I thought Toronto were on about taking games on the road around Europe? Didn't realise that really meant East Hull
  4. Moove

    Season of the fake

    Should get a retrospective ban for that. What a moron
  5. After the 12 months Walmsley has had you reckon he pretended to be concussed so he'd have to have 15 minutes off the field. Seems unlikely.
  6. Commentary said he went off for a head assessment and was given the ok to continue.
  7. Moove

    R2 Attendances

    You could play it on a Sunday afternoon and give all Leeds fans a police escort down the M62 and they still wouldn't leave Yorkshire. I've seen both Hull clubs bring more fans over the Pennines on a Friday night than Leeds at times. Regardless though that Wigan attendance is pretty poor considering the 'new beginnings', current champions, an exciting first round to whet the appetite and big team opposition. I think I saw on another thread someone say Wigan have around 11k season tickets so the walk up must be near enough non-existent. What happened to 'the big one' thing they used to do? I know they've had a fair bit of negativity over the last couple of weeks and have the WCC coming up but dropping attendances isn't a new thing for them this season. Surely Leneghan has got to be doing something to improve things.
  8. Moove

    Lagos Rhinos

    Sounds like my one and only night out in Keighley to be fair
  9. Disagree with the first point but not a huge amount in it. On the latter I don't think Saints have tried to, they've altered their setup. Coote's defence is a billion times better than Barba's but clearly there are few in the game with Barba's attacking off the cuff ability. Instead they've brought in more strike in the centres with Naqima. Think Saints will need Richardson's kicking game over the course of the season. For a first game of the season that was about as good as it gets. Intensity was superb from both teams with some moments of real quality thrown in for good measure.
  10. Different circumstances though wasn't it with the Saints comparison? Rather than not disclosing monies paid out, IIRC they were pushed over the cap at the very end of the season as a result of England selecting more of their players than expected which subsequently triggered bonuses. I believe the salary cap rules were changed as a result as well weren't they to avoid punishing teams for developing international quality players?
  11. Not a great couple of days for the crust munchers. A defeat on Thursday would top the week off nicely!
  12. Think they're advertising for a commercial director and ticketing partner at the moment so there are a fair few organisational things to get sorted first. Might be a good opportunity to establish a waiting list for tickets in the meantime though and build up demand.
  13. Moove


    Are they any closer to getting players on board or will they mainly be relying on loans/dual reg? Not long until the first game I guess.
  14. Moove

    SL trophy name

    Could do with replacing the hubcap as well. Maybe bring back the old championship trophy as a nod to tradition alongside a new modern (less bland) SL trophy.
  15. Moove

    Hull KR derby promo video

    To be honest I thought the OP had linked to the wrong video and put that one on instead. Pretty amateur effort for a promo video if that's what it's supposed to be. Rovers should watch some of the Coventry or Toronto promos for some guidance on how it should really be done.