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  1. Moove

    RFL Funding

  2. Geez Huddersfield have some seriously dumb players. Good kick one second, ruin it with two stupid penalties and concede a try the next.
  3. Heard Rimmer being interviewed on the radio after the vote last week. Started every answer with 'look...' and a ramble about anything but the question asked. Sounded like a Theresa Maybot clone. Hopefully he comes across a lot better in this.
  4. Moove

    New league structure revealed

    What time is the meeting tomorrow then? Looking forward to the barrage of statements from disappointed club owners on Monday one way or another
  5. Moove

    New league structure revealed

    I actually don't mind the Batley idea, it's a reasonable compromise. And compromise is exactly what this sport needs at the moment. It provides an opportunity to good Championship sides who just can't compete with a rich club like a Toronto or a relegated team with a parachute payment. It also means we avoid having a third of the top division having the potential to be relegated in one season (however unlikely). Nice to see someone put out a professional statement for a change. One which offers a sensible solution and isn't filled with pure speculation. Don't know the chap but we could do with a few more of him.
  6. Now I know you're just on the wind up. I'm out.
  7. Watch the video posted above. If that doesn't make you see that you're wrong then there's no hope. I bet you're a flat earther as well.
  8. Eh? If a player running at 10mph drops the ball, the ball is still moving forward at 10mph. The same applies if the player passes the ball flat directly towards the touchline at 90°. It's still travelling forward at 10mph. Until air resistance takes over of course. That's why flat passes made as a player is brought to a sudden halt by a tackle generally look forward when they're not. What on earth are they teaching at school these days? Aside from the last one last night though, the contentious ones were pretty clearly forward. Allowing a VR to judge on them seems fine in the obvious examples, the problem comes when you get ones which are borderline. Some will give it forward, some won't, then we'll all complain about lack of consistency. An easier solution is for touch judges to be fitter so they can be in the right place to help the referee with making the call. You're basically guessing if you're behind the play.
  9. Maybe if they weren't in the referees ear from the first kick off they might get a bit more leeway. Bird and Edwards in particular were cretins the entire game last night and it's difficult to feel any sympathy with players (Catalans or otherwise) who are pretending they've been shot in order to con the guy they're criticising. The spectacular sudden onset of cramp manoeuvre is becoming a particular highlight.
  10. There's an element of 'investment' in the Saints figures with paying off Cunningham not long after signing a new deal IIRC plus Barba coming in as a marquee player. The disappointing thing there has been the limited improvement in attendances. It'll be interesting to see the commercial impact of that next year. For Wigan I guess you've always got the good and bad side of a rented stadium. I'm not sure of the particulars but typically it'd be the trade off between low upkeep costs and fewer opportunities to build match day revenues. They're another club who've taken hits to attendance figure in part due to an unattractive style of play for a number of years. Great to see Cas doing so well financially and it would be interesting to know more about how they've achieved that sustainability despite covering the costs of maintaining a dated stadium.
  11. Moove

    England need a game.

    A bit like the exiles we used to have? Can't remember the scorelines, attendances or viewing figures but like most things RL we don't persevere for long
  12. If/when Barba goes he might be a good fit for Saints to partner Richardson, and Lomax back to full back. Holbrook might be familiar with him from his Junior Kangaroo days too. He's another though who you'd think a decent season at a top club would mean he'd be back to Oz in a year. Always a risk.
  13. Yep, so we agree on the Hull being pap point. Still doesn't explain why the current top three, who haven't changed position since the 8s started, are demonstrating why the 8s needs to remain.