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  1. Still not convinced this is their real shirt. With red and white stripes under the claw marks on the back now I'm half expecting the jaguar stuff to completely disappear by February. Surely...
  2. Apologies if I've missed something but you can select southern or eastern terrace. It defaults to best available standing tickets but the drop down list lets you pick south, east or west if you have a preference. Weirdly (on mobile at least) the list of standing options has south four times, east twice and west three times.
  3. On the plus side, now Derek's picked a different clip art image for the leopard/jaguar head it no longer has the testicles (or face with sunglasses and a moustache if you prefer) at the top
  4. Well it's a far more positive thing to be saying than offering people a fight on social media like earlier in the year. So thumbs up from me. If in 3-5 years that means we've got another strong competitive club challenging for honours then great.
  5. The old "I was talking out of my behind so I'll pass it off as fishing" routine
  6. I don't think you understand the meaning of the word 'majority'. Saints have five in the squad. Who are the other six Saints players who are fit and should be playing on top of that?
  7. Surely Wakefield are showing that can be done now despite being under constant threat of relegation? With a Cat B license they'd have better protection assuming they'd be one of the top scoring Cat B holders. Unless the criteria is going to change drastically from season to season then clubs in that sort of situation are going to have a bit more security even without the guarantee of a Cat A. Presumably the aim is also to help such clubs attract further investment knowing what they'd need to do to reach a Cat A and cement their position in the top division?
  8. Loop fixtures gone for 2024... https://twitter.com/jdgsport/status/1575121480505085952?s=20&t=-gZpudb9ZzAi27mXYhrfYQ
  9. It sounds like that's a short term thing. Just reading they're aiming to have a top division where all clubs are grade A's, so presumably the idea is that enough B's will make the step up in a shortish period then others will only be admitted as the pot grows. Dangles a carrot for those who don't already have their house in order I guess.
  10. https://twitter.com/johnnyddavidson/status/1575108094610194433?s=20&t=aknD2IjC7eWZqDxiNH3AqA
  11. https://www.totalrl.com/img-reveals-plans-for-rugby-league-involving-new-super-league-licensing-system/ Two tier licensing. Follow up meeting in October. Limit on non-UK clubs. No set number of teams in SL.
  12. https://www.totalrl.com/img-reveals-plans-for-rugby-league-involving-new-super-league-licensing-system/
  13. Guaranteed he'll either get sent off or man of the match now The whole thing is a circus.
  14. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, internet explosion imminent
  15. I don't see why they can't. Probably worth them asking about the Tanginoa and Sao ones too. In fact they should have got in touch with Hull as they've had three unsuccessful but non-frivolous appeals in the last year or so. Presumably they already know about the reasoning behind the Prior one. Personally I thought the two games was fair and the appeal a bit daft. I can see why it might not be frivolous though if they've demonstrated similar cases receiving lower punishments. Depends what they actually presented I guess.
  16. Matt Prior had one back in July, probably a few others too.
  17. Knowles appeal unsuccessful, not a frivolous appeal though so still a two game ban.
  18. More seriously, thanks for sharing. Love this type of thing.
  19. Never mind the game, what was the disciplinary report like? Dave will be on with his freeze frames shortly.
  20. Hopoate to centre inside Percival? Would be a big call to give Bennison the fullback gig in a Grand Final but a shame to drop him altogether. All moot if Hopoate doesn't make it of course.
  21. Bell to 13 for us then I'm guessing. Not sure if Hopoate will be fit, presumably in at fullback if he is with Bennison moving to wing, Percival to centre and Mata'utia in the second row. Same as the Salford game otherwise. Looking forward to it, nicely poised to be a close tough game which could go either way.
  22. Well yes, but the arms were wrapped on the clip you showed from Magic Weekend.
  23. How is that example evidence of Welsby not showing duty of care? If he wasn't showing duty of care there he wouldn't have hit Field front-on ball first, wouldn't have wrapped his arms and would have just smashed him in the chops. Or is there a limit on how hard you can tackle a player fairly that I don't know about?
  24. No arguments from me if Knowles picks up a ban. I don't think it will be a long one (2-3 matches maybe - the sin bin may result in the lower end) but it was a reckless action and could have caused injury. The game is tough enough without things like that. I expect Welsby will get sent for review initially but NFA - which will no doubt send Twitter and Bedfordshire Bronco into meltdown. It was a great defensive read and while it was a heavy aggressive tackle he was in control, crouched and wrapped his arms. Unless there is clear evidence somewhere of his shoulder making initial contact with the head (which I've yet to be shown in any of the TV replays) then I'm struggling to see what's got people so worked up - other than the usual Just Browny style "it's Saints, ban them" primary school level nonsense.
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