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  1. Looks like we're resting nine altogether... 5. Regan Grace, 7. Danny Richardson, 12. Joseph Paulo, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook 15. Morgan Knowles, 16. Kyle Amor, 17. Dom Peyroux, 18, Adam Swift, 19. Matty Lees, 20. Jack Ashworth, 21. Aaron Smith, 22. James Bentley, 24. Matty Costello, 25. Joe Batchelor, 27. Josh Eaves, 28. Callum Hazzard, 29. Jack Welsby, 30. Josh Simm, 31. Lewis Dodd Average age of 23 ish so there's still some decent experience in there, particularly in the forwards if Peyroux and Paulo make it. Looking forward to seeing what Simm and Dodd are capable of in particular, plus another appearance for Welsby.
  2. Looks like they actually wore that horrific kit tonight. They're in trouble with the FA though... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49026053
  3. I'm sure I read that it was costing something like £50k for Halifax to run a reserves team, so not really a huge amount at that level to be sustainable. Obviously that isn't SL quality players but I don't see it being a massive additional cost for SL clubs either. Just looking at our U19s (Saints), we've got what looks like eight in their final year so they'd be into the reserves. Plus you'd likely also have the better of the younger ones (e.g. Welsby and Simm) and those on the fringes of the first team or on dual reg who don't make the 17/19 (e.g. Amor, Richardson, Batchelor, Douglas, Costello). You're maybe looking at needing an extra seven or eight players altogether. I guess the question is where do they come from? Local amateurs (that's a big step up)? Championship teams? I think that's a problem worth solving though. The likes of Welsby et al are likely to get much more out of playing teams of that quality than staying in the U19s or out on dual reg in L1 or the Championship.
  4. All of the Saints players were given four days holiday after the Wigan game so that could work both ways I guess. Expecting it to be a close game and no reason why this couldn't be another London win, particularly with a few missing out with the pitch and the semi-final in mind. Would be good to give Welsby, Costello, Batchelor et al more game time with the pressure off. A debut for Josh Simm would be nice too
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49004780
  6. That's nightmares for me tonight, thanks...
  7. The smart money would be on another up and coming NRL assistant looking for a chance to prove they're worth a top job over there. The rumour mill will kick off once Holbrook has made a final decision but I suspect the club will go down the interview route they did last time rather than targeting someone in particular. Holbrook himself was a bit left-field at the time but a perfect fit for what we needed at the time. Someone like Demetriou would be my personal preference if Holbrook decides not to extend his stay. A couple of years then to see how Marshall gets on as assistant
  8. No thanks. If we're having mid-season representative games just make them regular internationals
  9. Holbrook's contract at Saints finishes at the end of this season, hence no speculation that he might go. He was due to go anyway so I wouldn't say it's under the radar as such. Although he had expressed an interest in staying a couple of months back before the NRL merry-go-round kicked off
  10. The prices which stand out immediately are the junior ones (16 and under). £20 for the edge seats in the south and north. The equivalent at Saints are £10 and we also have youth tickets for 17/18 year olds whereas those ages appear to be into adult prices at Leeds. In fact most seats seem to have a £7-10 premium on them, £37 for the middle seats compared to £30.50 etc. As someone else has said further up though Headingley is a pretty affluent area by comparison. They've also got a couple of expensive new stands to pay for. As long as attendances hold up then you'd probably argue their pricing is about right for their market. Whether or not that remains the case if the product on the pitch doesn't improve is perhaps another matter. Given Leeds' financial stability over recent years compared to most clubs, they're clearly not daft and will have a good idea of what they can reasonably charge. For the majority of away fans who stand, the prices for that look fairly similar to what I've paid at most SL grounds.
  11. Funnily enough it seems to always be when teams are playing away. There was a chap who got burned from one being thrown a couple of weeks back in the Saints end at Wire. The club put out a press release but the thing that hacks me off is they only did that because someone got hurt (thankfully not seriously). Seen it quite a few times on TV at other grounds too. It needs sorting.
  12. 17,088. Saints apparently decided against selling the returned tickets in the away stand to home supporters, but all other tickets sold. Incidentally that's a total attendance of 55,646 for the three Saints-Wigan fixtures this season up from 48k last season which is good to see
  13. To be fair, given how many semi finals we've stuffed up in recent years, I reckon I'd still have doubts up until a final whistle at Wembley or Old Trafford. That said, our first choice front row is pretty special and gets us on the front foot early on most games. I actually don't think we played too well tonight, threw a couple balls into touch, forced passes that weren't on, unforced errors etc, but very dominant in the forwards even when Walmsley and Thompson went off for half an hour.
  14. Always good to see forward thinking clubs like Saints and Wigan Athletic able to build modern stadia to showcase their respective sports and rake in the cash on days like this. Even better if you can get someone to pay you rent as well but admittedly the Latics have one over us on that.
  15. For clubs who are able to attract a fair bit on the commercial / hospitality side of things, Friday night earns far more than a Sunday afternoon and more than makes up for any difference in attendance. Although often you'll see Friday nights being better attended than Sunday too. I'm still not a fan of Thursday matches but if we had a game on TV Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (5 or 6pm on Sat/Sun) that would be a fair bit of coverage. Even if the other two fixtures wanted to play Friday as well it wouldn't be too big an impact. For the next TV deal I'd even break one of those into a separate package with the aim of getting one game a week on terrestrial. That's probably another topic for another day though.
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