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  1. I'd say taking the time to complete due diligence is about as un-rugby league as it gets. He's massively wrong to be critical of that.
  2. For the 'mega coach' he's often made out to be I can't help but think he's massively overrated. Given Castleford's youth resources, stability off the field financially and the salary capped nature of the sport, I can't help but think he should have done better than he has. Perhaps he's just reached the natural shelf life that coaches seem to have before things go stale - or rather he reached it a couple of years ago and has gone on too long in the same place. Whining the way he does is maybe a sign of someone who has run out of ideas.
  3. If Saints abstain as McManus said they would due to conflict of interest (thought I'd read similar from Hetherington too but can't find it so maybe not) then it may be difficult for TWP to get the votes if the bottom feeders are ignoring that conflict and voting against. Squeaky bum time
  4. One person's 'cheeky wind up merchant' can be another's classless tool I guess I know what you mean though, all gets a bit sterile and cliched. I don't mind a bit of sledging like that. Better to have some characters and pantomime villains in the game and adds to the fun when they get put on their backside or lose next time. Mocking the champions tag might have been funnier if his club had been champions in living memory though
  5. Might also be referring to Lineham's 'so called champions' digs after the game earlier in the season. Think that was in a Sky interview. I'd have thought us getting schooled in last year's final would be all the motivation needed.
  6. Costello isn't in the squad so I imagine it'll be Welsby. Can't see Simm there. In fairness to Welsby he's done fine recently. Need the forwards to rip in and stop Austin getting the space, then he won't have anything to catch. Tough game. Both teams will be confident given recent results so hopefully it's a good one.
  7. I'd have thought most likely live streaming on the BBC Sport website like they do for the early Challenge Cup rounds and other minority sports, red button possibly as well. Championship GF could make it to BBC2, maybe a couple of the bigger games as well but would no doubt be dependent on decent online viewing figures first. The figures I've seen banded about previously from the free Our League streams don't exactly make a good selling point.
  8. Is there anything in the new rules which would prevent a club from being 'artificially unavailable' for their more difficult fixtures against the top teams and just playing the 'easier' ones to increase their win percentage? Overall it's perhaps still the most sensible approach given the circumstances but hopefully there's something to prevent potential abuse. Is track and trace being done independently or by each club? It's not like they'd be able to fake positive tests I guess.
  9. Wakefield and Cas will still be promising new stadia as well I imagine
  10. I'm fairly certain that by 2070 we'll still have weekly threads about league structure, P&R and what-if scenarios. Unless of course the town of Leigh consumes Wigan and runs Saints as their reserves as they win back to back SL titles against the Mars Wolfpack.
  11. As much as it's a complete dump now, some of my favourite away days have been at Wheldon Road. So few stadia allow you to get that close to the pitch these days and somehow it always seems noisier than it perhaps is. I'd still flatten it in a heartbeat but in the meantime it's a nice reminder of the days when I first started following RL and all clubs offered that sort of 'experience' in their own unique way. Special mention to the Halliwell Jones too. Not so much for the stadium itself (it's a bit meh) but Saints have a great record there and the (many) comeback wins there are some very fond memories with superb atmospheres.
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