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  1. So if you're unfortunate enough to be born / living outside the catchment area of a SL club who's going to support their development and give them the chance to play at the top level? Half the clubs being talked about here can't afford the basic cap as it is, never mind the dispensations. Some don't even have a half decent local talent pool to pull from in the first place, nor the finances or expertise to develop top players. Who's going to donate millions to Wakefield to allow them to build a top class development pathway to match Wigan, Saints, Leeds etc? This is professional sport
  2. Digital access to the sport is one of my main gripes, especially so given it's not massively expensive to get right these days (aside from live streaming and in-house production). OurLeague was a start but it looked dated from the day it was released, hasn't always been particularly reliable and hasn't really been expanded on or been part of any discernable digital strategy either. Getting access to RL data for digital use is nigh on impossible, stats are hidden away and minimal even on our own platforms. Our premier competition (and clubs) don't have any sort of mobile offering and half
  3. Bit unfair that given McManus said this back in April last year, hardly trying to pretend it never happened... “However, if I’ve got it wrong, I’ve got it wrong. I’m not going to shy away from that.” There are plenty on here who agreed with the intent behind it, and to a degree I still do in terms of some of the commercial aspects being seperate from the RFL. But the execution has been relatively poor.
  4. On the caveats, at Saints there's mention of refunds being provided for games played behind closed doors within 28 days in batches of up to three games, no mention of further optional donations. Plus there's confirmation of Our League coverage being available again and use of a members ballot if we're at reduced capacity. I'd guess it'll all be similar at other clubs. Renewal deadline runs to end of Feb so haven't sorted mine yet, more out of laziness than anything else. Anyone not renewing has their seat reserved for next year too which I thought was decent.
  5. Not surprising given they make hundreds of million pounds of profit each year between them. It still irks that they haven't covered support for non-league football as well when they could easily afford to - tax payers footing that bill instead. On a different planet to RL sadly
  6. Well the RFL could always help develop the Championship/L1 'product' so it has value in it's own right and can provide additional funding. Objecting to the onus being on the governing body of a sport to be responsible for supporting it's member clubs is an odd take. The clubs themselves could also take a little ownership of the problem.
  7. I suppose the challenge for individual clubs doing that is they're short term attenders - through holidays (particularly the summer when most of our games are played) and when their course finishes they move away again. Targeting universities at a wider sport level might be more beneficial longer term though. For example the social side of the non-contact variations of the sport in particular seems ideal for student clubs and might help broaden the profile of our supporter base when these guys eventually end up as doctors, politicians, business owners etc. Coupling something like that wit
  8. It's not a favour, it's payment for services provided between two cooperating business entities. Frankly they both need each other and one would be utterly stupid to cut the other off out of nothing but childish spite.
  9. For someone of such experience this seems like quite a childish take on the situation. There's no bullying of the RFL going on here, they are a shareholder of SL as well don't forget. If anything over the last six months the noises are that SL want to move closer to the RFL not further away and a reduction in broadcast revenue isn't exactly a surprise. If this 50% reduction comes to pass then somewhere we need to make savings of £20m (no mention of whether Sky Try funding is continuing separately). If you need to save money as a business you don't do it by destroying (or at the very least
  10. Doubtful due to the RFL still providing referees, admin etc. More likely the funding would just reduce to payment for those services provided rather than additional monies to distribute to lower league clubs.
  11. Fair enough, hadn't seen the financial pages at the end of that previously, thanks. Will have a read.
  12. Ah yes the £500k golden handshake for Woods. Didn't he also get a consultancy gig for the RFL afterwards to look at foreign clubs joining our league structure? In fairness we've probably got bigger problems than that £500k now. Some of the RFL money gets redistributed to the lower leagues, other funds for referees, admin etc. It's not particularly transparent so who knows.
  13. Imagine we'd held back say 10% of the Sky money from the SL clubs for the five year of the last contract and used that to fund growth projects. Maybe supplementing the Sky Try initiative, investing in non-contact variations of the sport, investing in digital strategy, supporting initiatives in growth areas to build on those one-off/annual events etc. Maybe then we'd have more to our assets than simply permitting someone to play against us. Maybe then we'd have done something truly meaningful to focus on getting our house in order and investing in growth. Maybe then we wouldn't be sta
  14. That's next to nothing. Allowing a club to play in our leagues, playing one annual and one one-off event in a city (and even then taking the annual one off them temporarily) isn't really doing anything except closing our eyes and hoping someone at those clubs knows what they're doing and hoping they can make a success out of it. That isn't investment, isn't growth and isn't really giving any sort of meaningful 'focus' to them.
  15. While I don't disagree with the premise of building from stable foundations, we've been trying to do that for goodness knows how long and it's not exactly growing (or even stablising) the sport. So either we've not been doing it particularly well or it's not necessarily the right thing to do. And Newcastle and Toulouse are focusing on Newcastle and Toulouse. 'We' as in the sport are doing nothing of the sort.
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