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  1. Well it's a far more positive thing to be saying than offering people a fight on social media like earlier in the year. So thumbs up from me. If in 3-5 years that means we've got another strong competitive club challenging for honours then great.
  2. The old "I was talking out of my behind so I'll pass it off as fishing" routine
  3. I don't think you understand the meaning of the word 'majority'. Saints have five in the squad. Who are the other six Saints players who are fit and should be playing on top of that?
  4. Surely Wakefield are showing that can be done now despite being under constant threat of relegation? With a Cat B license they'd have better protection assuming they'd be one of the top scoring Cat B holders. Unless the criteria is going to change drastically from season to season then clubs in that sort of situation are going to have a bit more security even without the guarantee of a Cat A. Presumably the aim is also to help such clubs attract further investment knowing what they'd need to do to reach a Cat A and cement their position in the top division?
  5. Loop fixtures gone for 2024... https://twitter.com/jdgsport/status/1575121480505085952?s=20&t=-gZpudb9ZzAi27mXYhrfYQ
  6. It sounds like that's a short term thing. Just reading they're aiming to have a top division where all clubs are grade A's, so presumably the idea is that enough B's will make the step up in a shortish period then others will only be admitted as the pot grows. Dangles a carrot for those who don't already have their house in order I guess.
  7. https://twitter.com/johnnyddavidson/status/1575108094610194433?s=20&t=aknD2IjC7eWZqDxiNH3AqA
  8. https://www.totalrl.com/img-reveals-plans-for-rugby-league-involving-new-super-league-licensing-system/ Two tier licensing. Follow up meeting in October. Limit on non-UK clubs. No set number of teams in SL.
  9. https://www.totalrl.com/img-reveals-plans-for-rugby-league-involving-new-super-league-licensing-system/
  10. Guaranteed he'll either get sent off or man of the match now The whole thing is a circus.
  11. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, internet explosion imminent
  12. I don't see why they can't. Probably worth them asking about the Tanginoa and Sao ones too. In fact they should have got in touch with Hull as they've had three unsuccessful but non-frivolous appeals in the last year or so. Presumably they already know about the reasoning behind the Prior one. Personally I thought the two games was fair and the appeal a bit daft. I can see why it might not be frivolous though if they've demonstrated similar cases receiving lower punishments. Depends what they actually presented I guess.
  13. Matt Prior had one back in July, probably a few others too.
  14. Knowles appeal unsuccessful, not a frivolous appeal though so still a two game ban.
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