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  1. Both squads named now... St.Helens 19 man squad: 1. Jonny Lomax, 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Kevin Naiqama, 4. Mark Percival, 5. Regan Grace, 6. Theo Fages, 7. Danny Richardson, 8. Alex Walmsley, 9. James Roby, 10. Luke Thompson, 11. Zeb Taia, 12. Joseph Paulo, 13. LMS, 15. Morgan Knowles, 16. Kyle Amor, 17. Dom Peyroux, 20. Jack Ashworth, 22. James Bentley, 23. Lachlan Coote. Warrington’s 19 man squad: Sitaleki Akauola, Josh Charnley, Daryl Clark, Jason Clark, Mike Cooper, Ben Currie, Matt Davis, Bryson Goodwin, Chris Hill, Jack Hughes, Toby King, Tom Lineham, Harvey Livett, Jake Mamo, Ben Murdoch-Masila, Declan Patton, Joe Philbin, Stefan Ratchford, Ben Westwood
  2. That podcast doesn't exactly fill you with confidence about the competence of the RLIF over recent years. Interesting listen, hopefully things work out in Argentina
  3. Bit like how Ratchford wasn't named in the semi-final squad but conveniently became a last minute replacement. Yeah yeah...
  4. Robert Hicks appointed referee for the final. Not sure if he's done one before but congrats to him, hopefully he doesn't have too much to do
  5. Ratchford Makinson Gildart Percival Hall Widdop Lomax Graham Roby Thompson Whitehead S.Burgess Bateman ----- Hodgson Walmsley T.Burgess Watts ----- Williams Sutton Hardaker Taylor G.Burgess Knowles McMeeken
  6. Apparently Matty Lees will miss out with an abdominal injury from the Leeds game. Absolutely gutted for him, he's been superb this season and really brings something different to the team when he comes off the bench. Love his aggression and still only 21. Guessing Jack Ashworth will get a bench spot instead
  7. Still available online with Saints. Would be disappointing not to get back into 70k+ but you'd think the vast majority who wanted a ticket would have one by now Out of interest, does anyone know if the RFL are doing anything specifically with the London amateur game and/or the schools with links to the Broncos and RL? Would be interesting to know how many tickets we sell to the London area generally but you'd think that would be an area to target with longer term benefits
  8. No chance I'm making a prediction, anything can happen in cup finals. All it takes is an injury, a card or a mistake to change the whole game. Weather's looking good, got the beers ready for the coach down. Can't wait! Will be interesting to see what team Price puts out though. He's already been claiming Warrington are the biggest underdogs in Challenge Cup history so I'm assuming they're sending their academy team down.
  9. I'd expect Wigan to win all theirs and hit the playoffs in form - they'll be a dangerous team to face at the business end. Hull and Salford to perhaps win two out of their three games. Cas have a tough run in which will likely save Warrington's blushes and keep them in the top five.
  10. Clearly the IPL need better match day marketing
  11. Setting up a new account just to bag a referee? I think Kevin might be the problem here rather than Mr Kendall Thought he had a good game personally, in fact he's had a pretty decent season from what I've seen
  12. You said last Monday in the post I replied to. Unless we've all gone back in a time machine, last Monday wasn't when the 2012 article you've now changed to was published. Nice try though
  13. I'd have given you that last season as aside from Walmsley missing most of the year we did incredibly well on the injury front, but that simply isn't the case this year. Roby, Walmsley, Coote, Thompson, Taia, Fages and Percival have all missed decent chunks of the season through injury. Holbrook has still chosen to rotate others bit by bit through the season on top of that, pretty much from the start, which has helped keep them fitter and reduced the risk of injury. This time last year we looked knackered and I do think Holbrook deserves praise for learning from that mistake. Easier to rotate youngsters and fringe squad players into a winning team mind.
  14. Baffling. Do you not remember the misery of the Potter/Simmons/Cunningham periods just a short time ago? Or the number of big games we've bottled over the last decade? Maybe if we were on the back of five years of winning every trophy available
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