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  1. Yeah he's looked a bit lethargic recently and seems to be missing more tackles. Still made more metres than any other prop this season I think so hopefully he can sort out any niggles he's carrying.
  2. England medics have ruled Walmsley out. Apparently he hasn't recovered from the knee injury he picked up against Wire (think hes done something similar a couple of times now tbh)
  3. A shame for him but takes balls to admit that you can't take any more. Maybe SL isn't quite the cushy gig people like to make out. Possibly an opportunity for Wingfield to stake a claim if he does retire? Looked decent in his admittedly limited opportunities so far. Looking like a lot of change in one go for us next year. Coote, Naqaima, Bentley, Fages and possibly Roby and Thompson. Id like to see us move on from at least one of LMS and Amor too tbh. Welsby and Dodd will likely take two spots but that's a lot of cap space and experience to replace.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/57560829 Williams, McGillvary and Wardle left out. King injured and Sarginson banned
  5. The guidance you posted hasn't been updated since 9th June. The info the clubs and the RFL have sent out today has said you need to provide an NHS Covid Pass which is obtained via proof of either double vaccination (14+ days before the game) or a negative test as POR said.
  6. SL clubs still arguing, some refusing to release players or wanting to postpone their league fixtures. Shambles. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rfl-super-league-england-stars-20867633.amp
  7. True, although with the clubs saying it's postponed rather than cancelled that suggests they're looking to rearrange it. I guess if another game needs calling off later in the season they could maybe rejig the fixtures at short notice like we did last season. Bit more difficult with being at home grounds and with fans now though.
  8. Yep the cases at Saints were in the women's team not the men's. Can't see how we can realistically rearrange this and the Leeds game given we're in the cup final. More midweek games at the back end of the season would be stupid.
  9. Yeah the RFL one looks knackered. For Our League you have to change the filters at the top right. By default it only shows SL, Champ and L1 so you have to select Women's SL first. Edit - looks like it's only on the app version not web which I'm guessing you're using... which is helpful of course
  10. Hudds Wire is on Twitch according to the fixtures on Our League
  11. Good luck ladies, the second semi the other week was a great watch so looking forward to this. Just a shame there's such a big gap between the end of this game and the kick off of the first men's one. I don't imagine there'll be many wanting to hang around for an hour and a half when you can't go out and back in, especially with kids.
  12. On the match centre page select 'Women's Challenge Cup' (third one from the top) and it's right there. Not sure where you're looking but they've put it in the most logical place possible.
  13. Not really berating but I'd question how you do that given the vast sums of money which have been invested already by a small number of clubs compared to others, plus the players already in the system. Also how do you then distribute players from joint systems to individual clubs for pro contracts? For example, do Wigan, Leeds and Saints just donate all their coaches, players, expertise and community relationships to a joint pool of resources for clubs like Hull KR and Cas to get an equal share of? That's never happening until all clubs have invested similar sums and have systems of simil
  14. It wasn't a classic. Still making too many errors which is letting teams off the hook, I think Mata'utia knocked on three times just in the first half. Excellent in defence again though and dominant without getting out of second gear. A nicely worked try for Fages and a great finish from Grace at the end, that's about all to report I think. Oh and it was bloody brilliant to be back at a live game
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