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  1. Fair enough then, should have been sorted by now. Just reading Elstone being critical that it's only being discussed now, guessing the RFL have been dragging their feet then?
  2. If we'd have been asking the dispensation question back in October I might have been ok with it. In fact there's perhaps an argument that it should be available to all promoted teams to balance the lack of time they have to arrange a SL squad. But to be a week away from the season starting it doesn't really feel right. Maybe if the dispensation is limited to a certain salary level per individual. That way they're restricted to backup level players to cover injuries rather than massively distorting the competition. Even though I have some sympathy I can't help but think they knew which rules they were signing up to and should have questioned it back then.
  3. Hoping we put up a better showing than last time out against Souths, but frankly when the likes of that Souths team and this Roosters one really turn up you've got to be at the top of your game for 80 mins to get close, never mind win it. On paper our team is considerably better than it was back then though (Burns and Wilkin half backs) and I don't need to see us play to know that Woolf will be a step up from Cunningham as coach! Should be a great occasion regardless. Beating Brisbane at the Reebok is one of my alltime favourite RL memories.
  4. It isn't a SL comp at the moment (Newcastle, London, Bradford, Widnes in there). Do you see Leigh revisiting running an academy/U18s any time soon? I was aware they'd been quite selective with reserves but hadn't realised they were effectively preventing clubs running academy's as well.
  5. Possibly a question for a separate thread but how come you didn't play in the academy league with the rest? There are 13 others to play in the U18s atm. There has been a proper league for quite a while
  6. Guessing the midweek tour matches that Meninga was interested in arent going to happen, hasn't been mentioned in a while. Great coup by TWP if it comes off, hopefully get a good crowd
  7. Assuming heritage players are being excluded (the US beat Wales not that long ago with them) then they wouldn't be close, but frankly I can't see Canada/US/Jamaica being much different in quality to Greece and the like so you could perhaps argue that last European WC spot.
  8. Re an academy, I don't see that being particularly viable or worthwhile for them without a community or college structure to support it. Neither of those are going to get to a useful level any time soon though regardless of immediate funding. However I do think it's important to invest in that community or college structure now if there is any intention to grow the sport in Canada longer term. Even if the quality is low and none make SL level for 20+ years, it's still engagement with the next generation of TWP fans and more exposure for the sport. The other thing they could maybe look at in the medium term is something like a scholarship set up. They have a top quality university which might be particularly attractive to prospective players both here and in Aus. There's a wider sport benefit there as it gives us an opportunity to retain players who might otherwise give the sport up when they reach that age. There'd be the coaching network etc to sort out but it's certainly something I'd be looking at. Re reserves, recruiting a team would be easy enough but given the travel involved during the bulk of the season they'd either have to take the hit on costs or base them permanently in the UK. I don't really see much point in either. They'd probably be better making use of the loan system where required in the short term at least. Or potentially use the link-up with London Skolars as a dual-reg/reserves sort of thing. FWIW I'd make a significant chunk of collective funding (from TV/commercial deals) reserved for community/academy investment for all clubs. The idea that TWP should have structures anything like 100+ year old clubs is daft, but I'd like to see similar levels of investment in this stuff across all clubs, TWP included. I don't have a problem with TWP having leeway with this though for as long as SL prevent them from an equal share of collective commercial income (I wonder how the spending of that is going...)
  9. To be honest I think you could probably do with a top prop who's going to be in the 17 (if not 13) most weeks, rather than a backup. Seemed to struggle up front at the back end of the SL season and Hill is another year older. I can see you running out of steam in the forwards again by September. Not many top props around though tbf, even less at this stage
  10. Not sure which bit of that post disagrees with you so much. It was quite clearly a good win and Cas were indeed a top five team. Your stalking of those interested in and positive about TWP on here is becoming tedious and pathetically childish. At least Parky put a bit of effort into it
  11. Solid enough to make a decent fist of things but on paper it looks like they'll be in the mix with the likes of Wakey, Hudds, Rovers. They have McDermott too which I think will work in their favour. Surprised they haven't looked to loan a couple from Saints/Wigan/Leeds to give them a bit more depth.
  12. Stopped reading as soon as he brought out the 'they wont bring any away fans so there's no financial benefit to existing clubs' argument. Clown
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