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  1. More games with over 200k viewers than before, 10 clubs featured in those. Conflicting messages on GF viewers - Davy says more than double the 200k, League Express says less than 400k. Not sure if I'm misreading or someone has their maths wrong. Two Catalans v Hull KR games in Perpignan had the highest figures of the season (pre GF) at just under 300k. Guessing being a foreign team is less important to UK viewers than high quality, decent atmosphere and entertaining RL. Who knew...
  2. Starting later, good. Finishing earlier, good. Cramming the same number of games into a shorter period of time, not good. Conditioners and physios are going to have their work cut out next season. Could be a tough one for any clubs running with smaller squads.
  3. Yeah I think Eaves will turn out to be a very good signing there. Disappointed he's left us to be honest as I've always thought he had more about him than Aaron Smith, but with Lussick coming in there's no game time really. Had a couple of really unlucky injuries which wiped out two full seasons for him as he was coming through otherwise he'd have had a lot more opportunities. Hope to see him back in SL at some point.
  4. Not bothered about this in the slightest. The thought of another potentially strong, financially secure club is guaranteed to make a few nervous. It's what they need. The attendance for our home game against Catalans was bigger than the one against Castleford. Away fans shouldn't be a problem. If it is then maybe on that basis we should bin off Castleford too. For clubs with small attendances, limited or no income from corporate etc I can see how 500-1000 away fans would make a big difference to them financially. But that's only because they're too lazy (or simply refuse) to think outside the box. Hopefully Toulouse get off to a competitive start next season and we see a few clubs being put under pressure. There are some who have got away with the bare minimum for too long and it's great to see that less than 24 hours after Toulouse's promotion they're already bricking it.
  5. Only way I can see it happening is if we go over there. With quarantine potentially you'd assume that would mean us fielding the academy for a couple of weeks and starting the season early to fit everything in. So all in all I'd be very surprised if it took place. Shame really as even though wins are unlikely these days it's a good test of a teams strength and usually a great occasion.
  6. Why stop at 40k? Play it at the LSV and really really pack them in. Being able to put the sold out signs up a couple of years in advance would instill a real fear of missing out and would be great publicity for the sport. I can see the headlines now... 'RL so popular the 2035 GF is already sold out!' I like your thinking
  7. What's he ever done for RL? Although James Roby picking up the inaugural Jesus Christ Trophy on Saturday has a nice ring to it
  8. There was no match report of the women's shield semi finals last week. They very rarely report on second tier anything other than football.
  9. Couldn't be happier with last night. As much as I haven't really clicked with Woolf's style I think with games like that it's hard to deny his abilities as a coach. I think Agar summed it up well with the word 'relentless'. With defensive effort and the approach to building plays out from the back it certainly is. I know the focus is on Walmsley's performances (which have been top notch) but with Coote, Makinson and Percival making 370m between them it doesn't half make his job a lot easier. A proper team effort and while I've seen more talented and skillful Saints sides I don't think I've seen one working as hard for each other and as consistently as the current one. And that's including the 2006 team that only lost four games by a total of something like 10 points. A hat tip to Sione Mata'utia too. Looked pretty poor early in the season but I thought he was excellent last night and has been for a few weeks. Looking like a really good signing now. For Leeds to kick on next year I think they'll need to demand a lot more from the likes of Prior and Tetevano. Seeing them manage just 34m and 62m respectively last night isn't good enough when the big games come around. When they throw in 18 missed tackles between them it's always going to be tough (in contrast the whole Saints team put together missed just 25). I'm guessing Holroyd was injured given his two carries? And Oledzki not fully fit? Plenty of cause for optimism for the future with those two though, plus Gannon to come back in, but they'll need more from the big earners. Different kettle of fish next week though. Catalans have a big strong pack, in Drinkwater they'll have a better kicking game so we're perhaps not on the front foot as much etc. They'll also take a lot of confidence from the last 10 mins of the Magic Weekend game. Similarly I think Saints will go into it focussing on last night's performance and the way they controlled much of the rest of that Magic game. Should be a cracker between the two stand out teams of 2021.
  10. Think I saw on the news last week that it was just going to be sponsorship on the front of a shirt at first from 2023 at the earliest. So title sponsorship and sleeve logos like we have now would be OK I guess. Only a matter of time before they're all banned though I would have thought.
  11. I know it's entertaining seeing a team trying to offload regularly but at times it looks like they're just doing it for the sake of it chucking the ball out of a tackle in any direction. Just seemed a bit dumb from Rovers for large parts of that, particularly when they're getting joy from high kicks and moving the ball wide quickly (SKD's try case in point). Smarten up with the offloads a bit and they'll get plenty more opportunities. Fast pace and a close scoreboard, enjoyable watch so far.
  12. I imagine it'll be Lomax and Dodd in the halves with Welsby on the bench. Probably seems a bit harsh on Welsby given his form but it's a 17-man sport and I think we'd have better balance that way round. Came off the bench in the CC final and changed the game, would be helpful to have that option again in the play-offs. Also means we might be able to give Knowles a breather when Walmsley and Lees/LMS go off without such a big drop off in quality. That's burned us a couple of times before and I imagine it's a period in the game Leeds would be targetting.
  13. Geez that's bold. I'm not superstitious in the slightest but I've never even voted on a Saints match thread poll, never mind publically guaranteed a win. I'm blaming you if we lose.
  14. Outstanding, well done Rovers. Proper team effort, working their backsides off for each other throughout with some superb game management from Abdull. Plenty of errors in the first half in particular but entertaining stuff and guaranteed a new team in the GF. Both Wigan and Wire nilled at home in one weekend. Lovely jubbly Made up for Tony Smith too, top coach.
  15. According to their website they're due to publish more in the 'coming days and weeks'
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