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  1. Well what I described is control which the RFL never lost. How could they take it back? The RFL is the governing body and will be representing the sport in any discussions with the government. I don't know whether Elstone will be 'supporting' the RFL as a representative of the element of the sport with the largest cost base but I imagine he'll be in discussion with the RFL about how an element of any 'handout' will be distributed as I'm sure the lower leagues will. It's not that much different to how the RFL were responsible for income from Sport England and the monies received on the back of holding the World Cup next year. Most of the comments from Cramer are speculative at best and, if anything, seem more divisive that encouraging the RFL and SL to 'come back together'.
  2. The RFL retain a sum of around £6m from SL's revenues as partial funding of its governing body activities. SL 'independence' consisted of taking over the marketing/branding aspects which were previously services which the RFL provided, plus getting their way on the immediate structure changes they wanted to see. So in answer to your question, yes, the RFL continue to pay the wages of officials etc, however SL pay the RFL for those services (amongst others). SL do not have total independence from the RFL, nor do I expect they would ever want that - why would anyone for that matter other than out of principle or spite? You would effectively have two independent governing bodies then, both responsible (and competing) for things like officials. Then you'd still need some form of agreement between the two for things like the Challenge Cup and internationals, unless both go their separate ways on that too. It would be completely crackers - and also off topic.
  3. There isn't much left of ISIS after they were told to start working from home...
  4. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be too bad an idea if the human species died out altogether. Evolution isn't weeding out the idiots like this quick enough
  5. Dont know why they don't do this anyway to be honest. Easy free content for them, it's their back catalogue after all. Any of the (numerous) last minute wins v Wire would be good to watch back. Some of the Saints-Leeds non-GF games in the mid 2000s were quality too, some of the most intense games I can remember watching. Been some belting Wigan-Wire games over the SL years too.
  6. Just lock the thread, it's got out of hand already. Theres always one who ruins it for everyone...
  7. In fairness, it's pretty clear from listening to the full interview that McManus was referring to the professional element of the sport, more specifically SL. Clearly even if you removed the entire professional system overnight you'd still have a number of amateurs still playing the game on a Sunday afternoon at the local park, but that wasn't really what he was referring to in the context of the interview. If you remove the entire match-day income stream and TV deal (which is the scenario McManus was talking about) while still operating with the same high cost base then you're talking a multi-million pound shortfall (I'd guess that could be up anywhere up to £4/5m for a club like Saints). Replicate that across the rest of the professional game and it's pretty obvious that they would cease to exist in their current guise. The guys running RL aren't multi-billionaires like in football. I haven't read/heard Pearson's interview yet so can't really comment on that.
  8. Which clubs, out of interest? I can't imagine the income from beer/pies to away fans is that big compared to ticket sales, TV money and sponsorship, but I stand to be corrected
  9. Club RU isn't suspended yet - although the Premiership don't have games this weekend anyway and they'll likely announce a suspension this week along with their European competitions (surprised they haven't already given the travel)
  10. Did I say that? Er, no. It's their decision to make. I'm not a medical or scientific expert therefore I'll continue to follow the advice of those who are. I won't criticise those, such as the RFL, who choose to do the same. It's odd that you think sports administrators know more about dealing with a pandemic than the leading virologists.
  11. That's a pretty daft statement IMO given the RFL so far have followed the guidance of scientific and health experts to the letter. If public gatherings are banned next week and they continue then you may have a point, but to claim they're showing no consideration for the health of players and supporters by following the advice of experts is an odd conclusion to come to
  12. Aside from the fact that these sports clubs are small business who employ many people who depend on their jobs and wages, you should also consider the other small businesses who may be owed money by sports clubs for their services. Support from government doesnt need to be handouts either, it could be something like government backed interest free loans. The relatively small amount of money which would be needed to support sports clubs for a short period wouldnt even make a dent to the needs of an institution like the NHS. There's even an argument for the positive social impact of sport which might become an important outlet for people when society is recovering from this thing.
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