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  1. Tim Streets tache

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    Who are the players? I believe one is Jamie Acton. Silly Billy Beaumont
  2. Tim Streets tache

    Job is too big for Rimmer?

    I'm an Everton fan and Elstone was absolutely useless. All talk about what we need to do. The kit/sponsorship deal he got for everton was laughable. Fans rejoiced when he went.
  3. Where do you buy your weed???
  4. Tim Streets tache

    swinton v salford

    Moving back to M27 will be massive for the club. The fact that they merely exist is credit to them after nearly 3 decades of being nomads and poorly run!
  5. Tim Streets tache

    Today’s attendance

    They often announce less than the real figure. Bit of book fiddling i reckon
  6. Great watch this! That Wilby character ended up going to prison didn't he?
  7. Tim Streets tache

    Toronto Sends Bussey Packing (Merged Threads)

    How funny would it be though if he DID coach biting!! Had the players watching Tyson and Suarez videos
  8. Like a big Darth Vader breathing,soundbite robot isn't he. Nothing he says means anything. Never heard him give a definate answer
  9. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Better things to do.... Wigan Athletic are playing Bristol City tonight. Gonna go and check out how many empty seats there are. It was metaphorical, i really don't believe you didn't think it was......Plenty of folk calling for Salford to be relegated due to their attendances alone and you know very well that you've seen it!
  10. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    On this very forum pal. Isn't hard to find
  11. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Spot on! 😂😂
  12. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    I get what you mean, i really do. My rant is more at the people that think that it is the be all and all all though. For example: The folk who moan that the only team (Toronto) that seem to have any marketing nous, own tv deal, decent brands sponsoring them, genuine business mold....Shouldn't be in Super League because they don't bring many away fans!! Utterly bizarre. Also those that think that the league table should be determined by average attendance rather than what goes on on the pitch!
  13. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Tennis Tennis
  14. Tim Streets tache

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Is there any other sport where fans are more obsessed with attendances than Rugby League??? I find it really bizarre. Look at any sort of debate.... forums....social media etc. You'll always see crowds brought up. I seriously think that some fans would rather have a large attendance than win a game! I work with a fella who gets the League Express every Monday and reads out the attendances before the scores! Very, very weird mentality. Clubs make very little on the gate compared to the tv deal- lots of fans find this hard to fathom!