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  1. Tim Streets tache

    Why are SL highlights on YouTube UNLISTED!?

    Great post mate, I've always thought this but you articulated it much better than i would have! It's incredible how far behind Rugby League is with online content.
  2. Well i was agreeing with you then Damien Demento.👍
  3. That Wigan wasn't in Lancashire
  4. Because Wigan's in Greater Manchester?
  5. Tim Streets tache

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    The ground doesnt actually look that bad on the telly! Any new photos of the stand?
  6. Tim Streets tache

    BBC Website

    Clubs usually tweet the official teamsheets... which have always been in position order rather than squad number.
  7. Tim Streets tache

    24 Feb: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Barrow 24 Dewsbury 30 Batley 42 Rochdale 10 Bradford 16 York 17 Featherstone 10 Halifax 18 Leigh 14 Toronto 28 Swinton 4 Tolouse 48 Widnes 18 Sheffield 24
  8. Tim Streets tache

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Is this in use yet?
  9. Tim Streets tache

    15-17 Feb: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Bracek released?????
  10. Tim Streets tache

    Swinton Sunday

    34 is Harry Smith on loan from Wigan for a month. His kicking was off today. Theres talk that he'll deffo get some Super League games this season so we'll enjoy him whilst hes here. 7 is Fairclough, young lad we signed from Saints acadamy. Really rate him and hes at the heart of everything we do. His discipline lets him and us down too often though. Sin Binned again yesterday. Them 2s ages put together is about the same age as Sykes! We'd love an old head like that to lead the lads round the park!
  11. Tim Streets tache

    Swinton Sunday

    Paul Sykes was the difference for me. 7/7 kicks, lead you round the park like the experienced pro he is. Lots of discontent about Littler among our fans. I personally can't see what he's done to warrant keeping his job. There wasn't a moment in the game where we(Swinton) looked in control. Congrats and good luck for the rest of the season!
  12. Tim Streets tache

    Nigeria International shirt revealed

    Offiah isn't Nigerian?
  13. Tim Streets tache

    R2 Attendances

    Please do this every week
  14. Tim Streets tache

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    Great post!
  15. Tim Streets tache


    😏😏😏😏😏 aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!