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  1. How poor are these leagues official website!?!?! Cannot for the life of me find any sort of statistics - Top try/goal scorers etc. The whole website is ###### poor to be honest. I get that C/C1 clubs don't have the means to track metres made/offloads etc like the offical SL website has. But surely someone at the RFL site could update us with such simple statistic as who has scored however many trys etc! Tinpot
  2. Tim Streets tache

    Cas stadium plans!!

    Absolutely bizarre view.
  3. Tim Streets tache

    Cas stadium plans!!

    There is a video if you scroll down. Looks to be terraced 3 sides. 10k seems pretty small tbh! http://www.axiomyorkshire.co.uk/have-your-say/
  4. Tim Streets tache

    PNG Players currently in the English Game

    A Gary Lo profile some might say ;) I'll get my coat