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  1. Just so angry with that performance. What is going on because this current set up is just not working?
  2. Comparing our chairman to someone who killed 3 million need help.
  3. Not really, no.
  4. Pol pot leadership?? Unbelievable comment
  5. Couldn't make today, but guy on Radio Leeds said Day came off with his face covered in blood?
  6. I agree, in part, with that, but my point is simply, who's lined up, who wants to come to Batley if Kear goes?
  7. Hopefully being the operative word. Hopefully we'll get a half back. ....
  8. So get your wish, and Kear goes. Then what...?
  9. Well said Dogfather.
  10. Yeah let's keep constantly asking for Kear to go. So who's going to come in and suddenly turn things round? We can't even get a half back, remember?? So a new coach....yeah tonight was another defeat, but they played a damm sight better.
  11. Didn't understand why our chairman stood by the players tunnel and didn't acknowledge one single Batley player.
  12. Massive win.
  13. Cardinal Hulme?
  14. No one seems to mention we've had some really bad,long term injuries to our better players, and this has had a massive affect on an already small squad. It's tough at the moment, but surely we must stick together and not constantly bicker about who is to blame.