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  1. Team v Toulouse

    Tom Lilleycrop try under the sticks. His movement wasn't stopped and he definitely grounded the ball. Yet not given. Strange to say the least?

    I think the quote was "tighter than a submarine door"... referring to the score?

    Absolutely disgraceful fom Batley. I have seen some pretty dire matches and performances watching for over 35 years but that was a total shambles. How much more can you take of this Mr Kevin Nicolas? Because today was absolutely disgusting.
  4. Fax v Batley Match Thread

    He talks about egos and players not pulling their weight. Egos were never mentioned last year with Kear....they were a "team" then.
  5. Focus! £300k at stake

    Another 40 point defeat. When is enough, enough???
  6. And this weeks excuse is....

    Just so angry with that performance. What is going on because this current set up is just not working?
  7. Peter Mullins

    Comparing our chairman to someone who killed 3 million need help.
  8. Peter Mullins

    Not really, no.
  9. Peter Mullins

    Pol pot leadership?? Unbelievable comment
  10. Today

    Couldn't make today, but guy on Radio Leeds said Day came off with his face covered in blood?
  11. latest score

    I agree, in part, with that, but my point is simply, who's lined up, who wants to come to Batley if Kear goes?
  12. latest score

  13. Another valiant defeat.

    Hopefully being the operative word. Hopefully we'll get a half back. ....
  14. Another valiant defeat.

    So get your wish, and Kear goes. Then what...?
  15. Another valiant defeat.

    Well said Dogfather.