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  1. Just a horrible season, one that I feel has damaged the club for years to come.
  2. Terrible news. RIP Archie.
  3. As I said last week, the silence from the club is nothing short of disgusting. To find out from the League Express is an insult. What is going on??
  4. The Bradford score? Is there a more corrupt sport In the world? Full time teams against part time teams, obsession with promoting Toronto, then results like this? No wonder the game is on its knees.
  5. So, before the game, Diskin is chatting to Senior, and Kim, Jo Cox's sister, came up to him, and said something on the lines of, you look so relaxed , no pre match stress? He just shrugged his shoulders and continued his chat with Senior. He has destroyed the spirit in our club, the spirit that has held us in good stead for so many seasons. I cant recall the ex Batley players in the Sheffield team today playing with so much enthusiasm when they were with us? Of course finance dictate we'll probably be never top 5 or so, but the team of players today should not perform that badly. They looked slow, no idea and played exactly like his attitude when Kim spoke to him. It was lovely to see such a big crowd, but who would want to come back and watch that ,after today?
  6. Diskin is destroying my club, not his club, my/our club.
  7. My way or no way....Diskin coaching method. Got to go....totally out of his depth.
  8. Can't wait for the excuses. Something is drastically wrong.
  9. Until Diskin goes 45 years of watching Batley is finished. Absolutely disgusted with the state of our great club. This man has ripped it apart.
  10. When I saw the photo I honestly thought it was some sort of a joke! (And that's no disrespect to Danny) This doesn't look good for Batley and another reason why Rugby league is becoming a joke, especially in the league's below Super League.
  11. Tom Lilleycrop try under the sticks. His movement wasn't stopped and he definitely grounded the ball. Yet not given. Strange to say the least?
  12. I think the quote was "tighter than a submarine door"... referring to the score?
  13. Absolutely disgraceful fom Batley. I have seen some pretty dire matches and performances watching for over 35 years but that was a total shambles. How much more can you take of this Mr Kevin Nicolas? Because today was absolutely disgusting.
  14. He talks about egos and players not pulling their weight. Egos were never mentioned last year with Kear....they were a "team" then.
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