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  1. Whitehaven

    The club just needs a push for something to bring in the masses. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got
  2. Whitehaven

    Even something like: From the first 500 people paying through the turnstyles, give them each a raffle ticket to be drawn before the start of the game. Winner gets to enjoy the game from the directors box or something. Costs you a few extra sandwiches and beers but encourages folk to get in early and spend a few quid behind the bar etc
  3. Whitehaven

    The club has to market, market, market it. Get on the Bay, BBC Radio Cumbria, Twitter, Facebook etc and flood people with it. Through the players who are community reps, get them into the schools this week. Free entry for U16s with a paying adult, not just under 5s. Get a megaphone and driving around Barrow announcing the game. Try and arrange a mini rugby game at half time etc - get 34 sets of parents there that may not ordinarily watch a raiders game. I'm not sure of the logistics/licensing requirements but can the club sell beer around the ground or is it limited to the bars? I remember at the Wigan game a few years ago, there were buckets of iced beer dotted all around the ground with sellers. Or emulate the Toronto experience, spend a hundred quid on a couple of gazebos and market the beer garden theme, selling something other than the kingstone press or lager on offer currently. Just a few ideas as time is of the essence so things need to be easy to sort. I think there'll be an increased crowd anyway, but every little helps.
  4. Presentations

    After the super 8s
  5. Presentations

    Just playing devils advocate here. I can see why Forster ended up with it. First year as a coach, lost all preseason games and turned it around to finish 2nd in the league after the regular season.
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Also Kalifa Faifai Loa (St George Illawara Dragons)
  7. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    In: Josh Mcrone (St George Illawara)
  8. Toronto take2

    Cresswell Loxam Wiper Stack Harper Dallimore Charnock Bullock Ashall Wilkes Crellin Morrow Aspinall Mossop D Toal Walker Deurdon
  9. Toronto take2

  10. Toronto take2

    Barrow have a full 17. Worry not
  11. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Can confirm they have 17 players guys
  12. york game

    Even something simple to get the kids and then a parent in. How about something like a free rugby ball for all kids under 10 who come with a paying adult. Just had a quick browse. A hundred balls would cost £270 plus postage. Get an extra 20 adults coming through the gate and that's the costs covered. If you gave the kids an opportunity to meet the players after the game and get their ball signed etc I'm sure they'd all hang around in the bar after the game waiting for the players etc who normally are around anyway.
  13. york game

    I completely understand that Lee. There'll always be a consistent number of folk like yourself who turns out regardless, but it's about capturing the neutral spectator that's 50:50 about watching. Barrow, time wise is my closest club, my little brother and cousin both play for the Barrow as did the old fella back in the 80/90s so there's obviously an affection there, well, as much as any Millomite can like Barrow ;-) but I'd say I'm a rugby fan rather than a fan of a club, so occasionally go and watch Haven or Town depending on the opposition. I don't want to sound more negative on the club but I do think more could be done in terms of attracting the casual observer
  14. york game

    For me personally it's a cost thing. To get a seat to watch the Raiders, it's £15 to get in, plus the £2 to get a seat in the stand. With no public transport on Sundays, that means I have to drive through from Millom and rules out having a beer watching the game. For a fiver more and 40 minutes longer in the car I can get through to Wigan and watch (what should be!!!!!!) a higher standard of match in a more modern stadium. That's not me having a dig at Craven Park, its just an observation. I realise the club has wages to spend etc and tickets are priced accordingly, but times change and folk are a lot more prudent with how they spend what's left of their wages. I get through when I can and I have to admit the Saturday night games were more favourable for myself. There's no real promotion from the club, at least what I see living in Millom to attract folk through the gates. Obviously too late for this season but things like arranging coach travel from Millom say, with pick up points along the way, Ireleth, Askam, Dalton etc on Sundays so that folk can have a beer whilst watching the game. I'm not saying the club can foot the bill but it may be worth a trial, charge folk slightly less than it would on the train and it might persuade a few more. On a gate of 900, and I don't know the ratio of concessions to full paying adults. if you say 600 at £15 and 300 at £10, that £12000 through the gate. Say for the home game against Workington, why not cut adult prices to a tenner and concessions to a fiver and have concerted effort to attract folk in. There are the fans in Barrow, go back a few years to the time when they were chasing promotion to Super League and there were in excess off 2000. They just need a reason to part with their money to watch the match rather than spend it on something else.
  15. Toronto Trip Funding

    Hi tmf. I'm not implying the fundraising is ridiculous. It's ridiculous that's it is needed. The RFL are becoming a joke. Below super league the game is farcical in terms of its structure