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  1. millomite

    Official Club Statement.

    In the event of an abandoned game what would happen? Is there a limit on the minimum number of players required on the pitch?
  2. millomite

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    I wouldn't be so sure. Remember Barrow finished higher than anticipated in the league this year so will have won a little bit more prize money than originally expected. Plus some income from Bullock to Wigan, as well as no longer paying his wedge of the wage bill, as well as some of the other players on decent salaries leaving
  3. millomite

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    No different to this season though, the difference is they have guaranteed championship status for next season. Hopefully Town make it to BTW.
  4. millomite

    Big signing Monday. ?????????

    On raider fb page now
  5. millomite

    Big signing Monday. ?????????

    Someone on here knows their stuff ;-)
  6. Bussey is a grub in every game he plays. Last man in. Leaves his legs in players heads when they’re getting up to play the ball etc. He’s a d!ck.
  7. millomite

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    No club or it’s supporters can moan about the crowd at the final. Every club is struggling, never mind fans having to travel from another country.
  8. millomite

    Carl Forster

    There's more interest in the amateur game around here than the semi pro game though. Look at the crowds at Kells, Egremont, Brown, etc and cumulatively on any weekend I bet they at least match the semi pro crowds.
  9. millomite

    Carl Forster

    Could be the best thing to happen to rugby league in west Cumbria for a lot of years. I'm a fan of neither Town nor Haven really, just follow Cumbrian results, but if Haven were to disappear it could ultimately benefit the sustainability of town. Sure there'd be stay away fans, but over time, if there's only one semi-pro team to watch, I'm sure the floating rugby league fans would switch.
  10. millomite

    EGM - What can we do?

    John Can a direct debit be set up? Cheers Scott
  11. millomite

    More injuries

    Think we'll see Pownall and Burroughs on the wings maybe. Shane Toal will be a long term injury no doubt. Tough run of luck with injuries at the moment
  12. millomite

    More injuries

    Apparently so after his training for his new job finishes
  13. millomite


    Exactly right! Through mis-management and subsequent over spending they're doing themselves no favours up here from people I speak to
  14. millomite

    Club Statement

    You'd expect it to be a new chairman announcement. either that or Koukash pumping 5 million quid in
  15. millomite

    Club Statement

    Statement from the club at 5pm tonight