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  1. Realistically, it's very difficult to see the stadium being finished and ready for the RLWC in Oct 2021. There's two years and 7 months to submit the planning application, obtain planning permission, identify contractors, begin construction and finish the work. That's a lot of work. If you look at York's stadium as a comparable build, the planning permission which was submitted in December 2014, passed in March 2015 with construction beginning over 2 years later in December 2017. There’s obviously a lot of split feeling/opinions towards the new stadium up in Allerdale which I’d expect to drag the planning application and approval process out somewhat, and given that hasn’t yet been submitted I’d be seriously impressed if approval was granted before the end of this year. That would then leave 22 months for construction of the stadium, which when you factor in all the contractual stuff and possible delays, doesn’t leave a lot of time to get it built. Before folk start moaning that I'm a Haven fan etc, I'm not, I'm a rugby league fan from Cumbria. I'd love Town to have a new stadium, it'd be great. I just think there's a lot of work to do and even more hoops to jump through for it to come to fruition in time for the RLWC.
  2. No there was a load of us just jumped on the bus. Was really easy
  3. Last year we met in the melting pot for a few before heading just around the corned to the bus station to get to the ground. Theres a ten minute walk from closest bus stop to the ground, but the bar in the ground was decent enough
  4. millomite


    Folk need to be realistic. Before the season kicked off the Raiders, like every team outside of Toronto, Toulouse, Leigh, Widnes, Fev and Halifax, would all be classed as relegation fodder. Not because they’re poor, but because it’s going to be that tight in that bottom half of the table come the end of the season. York and Sheffield have started like a house on fire, but most folk wouldn’t have predicted where they are currently. There’s been a big influx of new faces which will need time to adjust to the systems Cresta has in place. There’s no doubting that’ll come, as frustrating as it may be. From the first games it’s clear that discipline and ruck speed have been the two areas which need tidied up but if we are aware you can be sure that Cresta is aware. Thats why we are writing about it on a forum and he’s coaching the team.
  5. When does the 12 point deduction kick in?
  6. Sure it was mate, remember seeing something on FB
  7. millomite


    You've been promoted in the process too :-) Wigan Warriors Transition Coach, Darrell Goulding: “James has been very impressive this offseason, in his approach to training and a series of eye-catching performances in our preseason games. It’s a great opportunity for him to build on his hard-work at a strong, well-coached Championship side. I’m sure he’ll excel for Workington and we wish him well.” Read more at https://www.wiganwarriors.com/news/2019-02-15-worthington-heads-to-workington-on-loan#vO4UPD8weCZp5YTM.99
  8. millomite


    It was £3 to get in. I'd guess upwards of 1500 but haven't heard a confirmed figure yet It'd have to be at Millom. I'm biased of course, but, and these are bold claims to make. Our pitch is better than Craven Park. Our change room facilities are better than Craven Park. Our club house probably holds more than the Raiders bar.
  9. Hopefully the trains are running and you could all come through on the train and enjoy a few beers in the club
  10. In recent times I think Wath Brow have to be up there: Beat Workington 13-12 (2003) before losing 18-6 to Batley in the fourth round. Beat Dewsbury (2005) 32-30 before losing to Toulouse in the fourth round Beat London Skolars (2009) 14-12 before losing to Featherstone in the fourth round Just beat by South Wales Scorpions 22-24 in 2012 Lost 16-32 to Toulouse in 2016
  11. Or the fact it was easier to get all the mud out of the black kit haha
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