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  1. millomite


    You've been promoted in the process too :-) Wigan Warriors Transition Coach, Darrell Goulding: “James has been very impressive this offseason, in his approach to training and a series of eye-catching performances in our preseason games. It’s a great opportunity for him to build on his hard-work at a strong, well-coached Championship side. I’m sure he’ll excel for Workington and we wish him well.” Read more at
  2. millomite


    It was £3 to get in. I'd guess upwards of 1500 but haven't heard a confirmed figure yet It'd have to be at Millom. I'm biased of course, but, and these are bold claims to make. Our pitch is better than Craven Park. Our change room facilities are better than Craven Park. Our club house probably holds more than the Raiders bar.
  3. There’s a few of us haha.
  4. It’s a pub called the Devon
  5. millomite

    challenge cup

    Hopefully the trains are running and you could all come through on the train and enjoy a few beers in the club
  6. millomite

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    About a quid from nearby Haverigg
  7. In recent times I think Wath Brow have to be up there: Beat Workington 13-12 (2003) before losing 18-6 to Batley in the fourth round. Beat Dewsbury (2005) 32-30 before losing to Toulouse in the fourth round Beat London Skolars (2009) 14-12 before losing to Featherstone in the fourth round Just beat by South Wales Scorpions 22-24 in 2012 Lost 16-32 to Toulouse in 2016
  8. millomite

    2019 Away Shirt

    Or the fact it was easier to get all the mud out of the black kit haha
  9. millomite

    Steve Neale NWEM

    For the benefit of the club, it makes sense for us all to have a twitter account which follows the Barrow RLFC twitter account. If you're reluctant/not keen on using twitter I understand the apprehension. however, it'd take 5 minutes of your time to set up an account, follow Barrow rugby and that's it done, you become a statistic which will contribute to increasing the funding received. You can even make your account private etc so no one sees you on there etc. Plus you'd get the benefit of having a notification on your phone whenever the club posts on social media. The same can be said for Facebook. Like it or not, that the platform of the modern era. A vast majority of local businesses don't have websites, but rely on facebook to promote their business.
  10. millomite

    2019 Away Shirt

    Does anyone know if its made by the same company as last year? They were awful in terms of the fitting, getting it over your head was a nightmare
  11. millomite

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    In fairness to those young lads, with no disrespect to Barrow, the opportunity to test yourself at a super league scholarship side should be what they’re aiming for
  12. millomite

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Crellin def is. Not sure about While, think I just saw that somewhere on the forum:
  13. millomite

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Amended Not sure, there was a post on here saying he was retiring because of his back
  14. millomite

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    From what I can get from this post and others on the forum, I think there's currently 25 signed up. I've done my best guess at positions below. Fullback Theerapol Ritson Luke Creswell Wing Stargroth Amean Shane Toal Centre Jake Spedding Declan Hulme Deon Cross Tom Loxam Half Backs Jamie Dallimore Lewis Charnock Ryan Johnston Jake Carter Prop Gareth Hock Tom Walker Ryan Duffy Glenn Riley Hooker Nathan Mossop Wartovo Puara Back rowers Jarrad Stack Danny Morrow Jonno Smith Matty While Dan Toal Bradd Crellin Martin Aspinwall
  15. millomite

    Official Club Statement.

    In the event of an abandoned game what would happen? Is there a limit on the minimum number of players required on the pitch?