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  1. Glen Riley

    Been common knowledge for a while now
  2. Raiders v Toronto

    Not for me to say mate, I joined this forum 15 years ago before the invention of facebook and twitter so am happy using them all. I bet the majority of fans don't know about this forum, and I bet almost all of them are on facebook or twitter.
  3. Raiders v Toronto

    Thing about this forum is that message boards are old school and platforms like Facebook and Twitter are more easily accessble to the masses
  4. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

  5. Toulouse whose going

    Was speaking to Lou Scarr. She said 35 were flying from Bristol tomorrow
  6. Toulouse Game

    Only a visa issue is preventing him from being announced at Workington I'm told
  7. Toronto at home

    Not the best but not the worst either. A home game with the chance of getting a few through the gate if the weather's decent
  8. DALLY

    I'd say it's along the lines of a leg wrap Phil, see it every week IMO
  9. DALLY

  10. DALLY

    I cant he believe he got three games for what it was!!!

    Looked to have a cracking engine on him
  12. London Broncos Feb 26th

    Your beer goggles need calibrating mate?
  13. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

    I'm not knocking any of them mate. They're all good players. But Anonymouse saying that they should be having a big impact is a tad wide of the mark. There's 17 blokes in a team. They all need to work together
  14. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

  15. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

    Only got an opinion on 4 of those names. Penky- good player but at the end of his career Wilkes - good player but at 37 you're not going to get big minutes of consistent quality Tansey - hasn't played since 2016 Doran - didn't play last week for allegedly turning up for training rough. Not the attitude of someone who really want to make it. Whats 4 points between friends? At the end of the day, Hunslet played them at home, didn't have 3 hours of bus in their legs and didn't have the added effect of the amateur team getting themselves up for a challenge cup game.