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  1. millomite

    EGM - What can we do?

    John Can a direct debit be set up? Cheers Scott
  2. millomite

    More injuries

    Think we'll see Pownall and Burroughs on the wings maybe. Shane Toal will be a long term injury no doubt. Tough run of luck with injuries at the moment
  3. millomite

    More injuries

    Apparently so after his training for his new job finishes
  4. millomite


    Exactly right! Through mis-management and subsequent over spending they're doing themselves no favours up here from people I speak to
  5. millomite

    Club Statement

    You'd expect it to be a new chairman announcement. either that or Koukash pumping 5 million quid in
  6. millomite

    Club Statement

    Statement from the club at 5pm tonight
  7. millomite

    Club Statement

    Aye on the barrow rlfc facebook page
  8. millomite

    Team for Toronto

    They haven’t gone with 17 mate unfortunately
  9. millomite

    Team for Toronto

    Get a new source ;-)
  10. millomite

    Paper rumors

    Certainly not visible from his performances!! And from how everyone speaks of him, I'd imagine that if he was in discussions with a club, he will want to continue to perform to put himself in the best possible position.
  11. And they moan when folk don't turn out on the terraces for them. There needs to be an active involvement with youth and community clubs for a semi-pro/pro club to flourish in my opinion. Town and Haven's lack of consideration in this respect will cost them long term. 2 Town players in Ritson and McAvoy made the move to Newcastle, and when you consider what Thunder are offering, it's quite an attractive prospect. The chance to get away to a vibrant city with employment and education opportunities greater than those in West Cumbria.
  12. millomite

    Paper rumors

    And that's what we don't know, or can only speculate about, which isn't fair on the lad. Until something's released by either club just let him get on with his rugby rather than being concerned about message boards etc
  13. millomite

    Paper rumors

    Need to look at this realistically. Rugby is essentially a job for Joe, if he can get more money and more importantly the opportunity to play at the highest level in this country, then all the best to him. You cannot begrudge someone who wants to better himself. I know if someone offered me more money to do the same job I do now I'd jump at it. I think what's clear with Joe however is that it's not just about the money. He's put massive performances in for Barrow consistently over 3 seasons now and realistically we all know he should be playing at a higher level.
  14. Because Town and Haven don't invest in youth anymore and have all but lost the strong links they had with young amateur talent
  15. millomite

    Oldham reaction

    Barrow do it in similar circumstances so what' the problem?