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  1. How many more?

    My understanding is you can borrow some from the next years RFL budget if needs be, which is what is rumoured to be the case for Whitehaven
  2. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    If the first teams came back into the division it'd be a lot better but there needs to be some sort of enticement for that to happen
  3. Todays article: This might sound a bit far fetched, but does anyone know the limitations in terms of putting a Raiders Reserve grade team into the Barrow & District league? I don't know enough about the ins and out of pro/amateur policies but it just seems like their could be a whole host of benefits for both the club and the amateur scene. Obviously one of the clubs concerns is the cost of running in a reserve grade competition. If it was plausible, running a team in the Barrow and District league wouldn't cost anywhere near as much as travel would be minimal and I'd imagine you'd get decent crowds. The league itself is ideal for those graduating from the U19s structure into Open age rugby, as many of the teams in the Barrow and District leagues are made up of young lads out of the Under 16s and players coming to the end of their career helping the young lads out. This type of level would be ideal for young raiders players, who will still be developing physically, to play against Open age teams without the speed, strength, size etc of a super league reserve side. You could argue that the games would be one sided, but I'm sure the amateur teams would raise their game against a Barrow Reserves side. I know from personal experience playing or Millom, when you saw the likes of Pat Trainer, Mike Whitehead etc were going to be playing, you definitely upped your game. For me the key benefit would be the engagement with the local amateur teams you would gain from it. You'd be putting money behind the bars of each of the clubs and on the gate I'm sure when the Raiders Reserves were playing. The Raiders coaching staff would also have the added benefit of keeping an eye on the local playing scene on a weekly basis, for kids who make have slipped the net or been late bloomers. In addition you'd get good crowds at Craven Park for the home games (either as curtain raisers or on alternate weekends with the first team) which would be easy to manage given the close proximity of the teams the reserves would be playing against. I think it could really reinvigorate the local amateur scene, as well as giving the young raiders/players lacking game time an opportunity to get some match fitness. It may even encourage the local first teams to come back from the conference, north west mens league etc if the raiders could improve the overall standard and running of the league. Like I say, an out there suggestion which may be impossible. I think it's worth consideration though
  4. How many more?

    Would you not enquire at Barrow if the club you'd just helped get to a promotion play off offered you less money?
  5. How many more?

    Nothing to do with Haven offering them less than last season?
  6. How many more?

    As I said, Riley to Barrow
  7. 2018 Squad

    Could have told you about Wilkes too. You hear a lot at work haha
  8. 2018 Squad

    You'll see him soon enough
  9. 2018 Squad

    Mickey Higham is not coming to town
  10. 2018 Squad

    Or Dawson. They were all in Muffin break in Workington Tuesday night
  11. 2018 Squad

    No he's not
  12. 2018 Squad

    I've announced it above. If I'm wrong I'll play for town next season for free. Or half of Phil Joseph's wage. Whatever's easiest
  13. 2018 Squad

    Newton, Miller and Dawson have signed for town. Haven couldn't offer them what they got last season so God know what they were on. Apparently asked barrow for too much
  14. ncl constitution 2018

    I'm hoping it's an error
  15. How the NCL could look next season

    Yes we got relegated from division 2, not sure why we're not showing up