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  1. New Swinton Lions home kit in the flesh .
  2. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But what would that achieve ? Everybody that I know connected with Swinton would walk away from the sport - directors, volunteers, & fans. So with that in mind, what your’e saying is that we should simply hand over 152 years of history , and our operating license, to Manchester Rangers, on the assumption that it might be a success? That’s not a brave decision , it’s an idiotic decision, and a betrayal of the highest order. If Rangers have so much to offer, and they are so well run, with thousands of fans queuing up to support them , then we wish them nothing but good luck in their bid to join the RFL. Any new fans introduced to the game would benefit all of us. But Swinton Lions is, and always will be , a separate entity. Thanks to a the formation of a talented new board, we have ambitious and sustainable plans of our own. Yes 26 years outside of our home town, but even against that disadvantage we have just announced record sponsorship , record replica shirt sales, best season ticket sales for 20 years, just launched an academy team, have plans for a reserve team, & have been lauded by the RL press for our outstanding & innovative media output, and praised by Toronto owner David Argyll for the best fans - in terms of numbers and passion - to visit Canada in 2018. We also have plans for a new ground in the Swinton area, and are planning a huge campaign to re-engage the community. And we are doing this against a massive disparity in central funding to clubs in the Championship. So not a club going backwards , or a drain on RL sources. Far from it.
  3. Always amazes me that people who purport to support the sport, think that the way forward is to belittle or even get rid of long established, well run, clubs. I’m really dismayed at some of the ill-informed , presumptious anti-Swinton nonsense written on this thread . As a director of Swinton Lions, I can state absolutely & categorically that we have NEVER lobbied against the inclusion of Manchester Rangers RLFC in the RFL. It’s none of our business. Some of you clearly don’t understand what Swinton Lions are all about, so if you’d like facts rather than heresay or made-up nonsense, please email me via the club (you’ll find my address on our official website) and i’ll invite you as my guest to a match next season , including pre-match corporate meal. I’d be happy to show you around and explain the plans we have for the club. Failing club Damien?
  4. No problem with free speech whatsoever Baron , but it cuts both ways. Free speech when delivered, by definition, can surely be challenged? Seems you’re championing free speech, but denying mine?
  5. “Gandalf” you purport to be a Swinton fan but you hide behind a pseudonym & everything you post is at best negative and at worst extremely mischievous. You consistently post such things about the club without a shred of evidence to back them up. Wasn’t my intention to get involved on another club’s forum, but I can’t let that comment (second paragraph) go unchallenged because it completely undermines the efforts that have taken place over the past 16 months.
  6. “Gandalf” what on earth are you talking about? The online shop has been set up to divorce ourselves from the previous kit supplier who controlled it. But aside from that to say there’s nothing on it, when it’s the principle tool for selling season tickets is a blatant misrepresentation. There’s also info regarding forthcoming 2019 replicas etc. How is any of this “shooting ourselves on the foot”?? It’s called giving fans an online option for purchasing season tickets and preparing ourselves well for 2019.
  7. With Swinton representatives on both sides quite a few Lions fans will be at Wrexham - myself included. Looking forward to a close game.
  8. We can confirm the game will take place at Heywood Road, Sale, on Sunday 14th October, kick-off, 3pm. All Workington fans will of course be made very welcome. Kind regards, Swinton Lions
  9. Swinton Lions Home & Away 2018
  10. There was a slightly late payment of PAYE/NIC which automatically triggered a winding up petition. The issue has now been resolved in full. There is no conspiracy story lurking around the corner. Steve Wild, Director, Swinton Lions RLFC
  11. I have every sympathy for the man in the middle, and usually I find it's amazing how much the officiating improves when I watch a game as a neutral. There's less excuse however for the video ref, and the business of awarding a try (or not) on the field before a referral, hasn't worked in the way it was intended. When video ref Mr Bentham awarded the Sheffield try early in the second half last week against Swinton when the ball had plainly been dropped, I almost walked out of the ground there and then. The whole exercise thereafter seemed pointless.
  12. Bottom 2 teams get relegated AFTER the conclusion of the bottom 8s series (i.e. after 30 league fixtures - not the regular 23).
  13. That's fair comment , and many thanks for the last sentence! Appreciated.
  14. 250,000 people living in Salford might look factual on Wikipedia but on the ground locally it's not as simple as that. The "City of Salford", although ancient in origin, traditionally comprised of the area closest to Manchester City centre, plus Broughton, Pendleton, Ordsall, Weaste, Irlams o'th' Height & Kersal. Even these areas are quite distinctive separate communities and it's difficult to pin down where the Reds drew their traditional support from. In 1974 the "City" was artificially expanded under local government reorganisation which also saw the creation of Greater Manchester with 9 satellite metropolitan councils. The "New Salford" controversially swallowed up Swinton, Pendlebury, Eccles, Worsley, Walkden, Little Hulton, Irlam & Cadishead. In those areas there are obviously numbers of people whose origins are Salford proper, and are happy to be termed Salfordians, but there are also vast numbers of people who object strongly to "Salfordisation" and would never ever consider themselves as from Salford. Especially as you might imagine in Swinton. Indeed I'm from Swinton, and I don't know anyone who doesn't regard themselves as Swinton first, and Manchester and Lancashire second - but never Salford. Many Salford people quite rightly like to point out that they are "Salford" and not "Manchester", but in the same breath would deny the people of Swinton their own heritage. The problem as I see it from the Reds' perspective is one of an identifiable community "on the ground". The new stadium is in a very awkward place geographically and the club has found it difficult to appeal to any given area. It's a question of identity, and like I say the club has struggled in this respect particularly since moving from The Willows. That said I have lots of mates who are genuine Salford fans, and I wish them all the best in preserving the heritage of their club. We all deserve that.
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