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  1. In the semi, Lees has an exactly the same incident where he attempts a tackle and his leg makes accidental contact with Roberts’ head. He gets binned. Tomkins accidentally does exactly the same to Clark, and it’s just a penalty. This match being played under the Wigan version of the rules?
  2. Roy Haggerty

    London in Superleague

    If he's right, then that's great, because a strong London is worth so much to the sport. But it will take deeper pockets than David Hughes's. I hope those money men step up now, because otherwise, next year could be really messy for London.
  3. Just caught up with that (couldn't watch it live). That kick by McCrone, on the first tackle, when London were on the back foot and Toronto were in their 20 metres with just 6 minutes to go! Quite possibly the most crassly stupid decision I've ever seen on a rugby league field. Absolutely unforgivable for a man with his experience. To be fair, though, Toronto were awful. I've refereed amateur games with more passing and ball movement. Hell, I've played in some. The last twenty minutes, whenever there was a wide shot of Toronto about to play the ball, you saw the entire Toronto team in a straight line about 5 metres behind the PTB. No chance at all of a passing move. Only ever going to be one-man hit-up. The commentary team made much of London's defence, but they didn't have to read any attacking plays, or adjust their line to cope with dummy runners. It was just the same boring predictable attack every time. Until McCrone's absolute brain-fart! Well done London, although I think this will probably go down in the history books as yet another time when RL has come to a fork in the road and has headed off down the potholed farm-track to the abbatoir, rather than the motorway to the beach.
  4. Roy Haggerty

    London in Superleague

    Congratulations to London, who were the better team on the day. I still feel very attached to the London club, having spent many days reffing, watching or even coaching various teams at one or more of their various homes. I do worry a bit about whether they can scale up to SL. Hughes doesn't have bottomless pockets, and there's only a very sketchy fan base at this time. It's hard to see how they find the ground, the cash for the players or even the crowd to sustain them next year. Unless something really unexpected turns up, I fear next year will be a very long one for the Broncos.
  5. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone give as many penalties away in a single match than Adam Milner. What a penalty-machine.
  6. Astonishing just how much Cas are playing like Saints did yesterday. Terrible short kicks. Woeful last tackle plays. Uncharacteristic errors. Bit clueless in attack.
  7. Basically, yes. Psychologically fragile. No bottle.
  8. Will Saints won another big match in my lifetime, or are we going to just keep choking forever?
  9. Saints being kept in the game by some fortunate decisions now. But don’t worry, the choke is well and truly on. He’ll miss this.
  10. Another shocking last tackle play by Saints leads directly to the Wire try. Someone needs to give Richardson's head a clout.
  11. Saints defence looking good. But our attack is shocking. Blown two tries. Barba just shipping it on. Last play options woeful. And whatever Percival did to Taia which made Zen stop passing to him after round 15, he needs to apologise for so that we can attack down the left again.
  12. We are absolutely choking. Completed 1 set from 5. Penalties in the last 3 defensive sets. Awful. Another semi choke.
  13. I am a natural pessimist, and that, coupled with Saints’ terrible recent record in meaningful games, means I think we’ll choke and let Warrington win.
  14. Roy Haggerty

    Toronto's Home and Away

  15. Roy Haggerty

    Toronto's Home and Away

    To be fair, I'm very attached to the term "flat-cappers". Even going so far as to claim that I was the first user on RLFans back in the day (when everything was better, and you didn't have these new-fangled other expansionist websites coming along and spoiling the game's online discussion with their different formats). Question still stands: why do I keep reading people arguing that somehow blocking fixtures for TWP would be an advantage to them? To add to the original point, if TWP were required to travel every week, the they would clearly be at a much greater disadvantage than every other club, as the other 11 would only have to cross the Atlantic once (twice for the unlucky 'loop' fixtures), while TWP would be being asked to do it 14 times. So surely, if we're interested in fairness, level playing fields and making sure everyone gets treated equally, etc, then all should be arguing FOR blocked fixtures, so that one team isn't labouring under such a disadvantage, no?