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  1. Yaha - give that lad a brain transplant!
  2. I know I’m getting a bit of a stuck record now, but Gigot is absolutely a net loss for Catalans at the moment. Terrible decision making, and not enough contribution. Get him back to fullback!
  3. Tomkins pushes a tackler to the floor so he can play the hall - Hicks penalises him. Walker pushes a tackler to the floor so he can play the ball - Hicks penalises the tackler. There have been some fortunate decisions keeping Leeds in this match!
  4. I still can’t believe the ref gave that Shenton farce. Even the most amateur referee in the most amateur pub match knows that when a defender ‘intercepts’ the pass from dummy half, they’re offside 99 times out of 100. Just ridiculous. Patronising, sympathy refereeing.
  5. Smith - that’s why we sold him. Gigot - huge loss of form since last year. That last run where he was in the clear was painful to watch. Where’s his speed gone? Hull KR let that one slip away. Still, decent spirit from Catalans.
  6. Also, why do the Rovers fans boo after Catalans tries? There’s been nothing wrong with them. I understand not being happy, but the booing?
  7. What has happened to Tony Gigot? Incredible loss of form from last year.
  8. What you’re seeing here is why Saints chose first Richardson, and then Fages, ahead of Smith at halfback. He creates nothing. He provides no leadership or structure on the field, and his kicks aren’t even that good any more.
  9. Roy Haggerty

    Change of rules

    Yes. Because to do otherwise would be mad. Look, I'm a Saints fan, and I'm enjoying Wigan's agony almost as much as I'm enjoying our wins. I'd love them to finish bottom. But I'd be horrified if they were relegated (or Leeds). They're too important to be lost to a SL which still seems smaller than it did in the days when Bradford were drawing 10k+ crowds. We are not a big enough sport, and we do not have enough big clubs, to lose one of the very biggest in terms of crowds youth development, sponsorship and public profile. It would be a disaster. It's one thing swapping Widnes or Leigh for another club with similar or bigger size/profile/crowds/cash/players. But if the SL chairmen allowed one of the big guys to go down, they'd need their heads testing, and I don't think enough of them are that mad.
  10. The last decision where Saints got the feed was incorrect, as there was a Saints knock on first. However, only a minute or so earlier, Leeds had received the feed at a scrum in a very similar position when Makinson was deemed to have knocked on, which he clearly didn't, as the ball travelled backwards between his legs. Decisions are part of the game. Some go for you and some go against. The ones which go against you in the first 5 minutes are rarely remembered, while the ones in the last 5 minutes always seem vital. As Hurrell said, though, teams have it in their power to take the match beyond any erroneous decision: none of Saints' 3 tries in the second half will have pleased any Leeds fan from the defensive point of view. Cracking game, although I did swear and shout every time Saints forgot to put their hand on the ball when Leeds were carrying it. By the end, if I'd had any hair left, I'd have pulled it out.
  11. At 20 minutes we were 10-6 up and I remarked that we looked completely dominant in attack, but I was worried because that dominance hadn’t produced points - several bombed tries. Then it was like a switch was flicked. Every time Leeds beat us, it’s because they offload in the tackle, and Saints have never been able to cope with late offloads - I don’t know whether our players have unusually stumpy arms, but they’ve always seemed incapable of clamping the ball. Leeds are offloading tonight, and we are, once again, failing to deal with it.
  12. Saints defence is absolutely dreadful. The line is ragged, people not numbering up, dropping off tackles. Woeful. Truly woeful.
  13. Also, while we’re at it, why move Gigot, who was unplayably good at fullback last year, ripping us apart in the CC semi, for example? He’s seemed neutered and ineffective since he was moved from the back for Tomkins.
  14. Has Lewis Tierney ever had a good game? Is there really no better winger in the whole of France?
  15. Roy Haggerty

    Widnes problems

    This is tragic. I grew up on Saints v Widnes derbies in the 1980s, when Davies, Offiah and Tait used to regularly beat us. The rivalry was intense, but never as hostile as the Pies. That obviously died away as their fortunes declined, but I;'ve always had a soft spot for Widnes. They had a decent stadium, they had the crowds within living memory to be able to compete as a mid-table club. Yet they didn't seem able to pull those crowds back into that decent stadium. And what used to be a superb junior talent production programme seemed to stop producing talent in the right amount. This is, in my view, the inevitable consequence of having P&R between a fully-pro competition kept fully-pro by TV money, and a semi-pro competition without the TV money to sustain full-time professionalism. When people bang on about P&R, they always focus on the 'P' - the dreams, the right of the up and comers to pursue that dream based on their performance in the semi-pro comp. Yet there's never as much focus on the 'R', and the consequences for any organisation of a huge overnight loss in its income and profile. Leigh have come very close to shutting their doors too. That's the last two relegated clubs hitting serious problems, neither of them minnows, but medium-sized clubs with decent support and grounds. We don't have enough money in the game to be able to sustain automatic P&R based solely on on-field performances. The chances of catastrophe off the field for relegated clubs is too high. The chances of uncompetitive pointlessness on the field for promoted clubs is too high. We need to adopt a system which allows for proper planning for both advancement and retraction. We're not big enough to do otherwise. I know that tradition expects P&R, but we're going to cling to that tradition all the way to extinction if we're not careful. This is tragic for Widnes, but it has to, surely, be a wake-up call for our game to understand that we can no longer afford to let an attachment to tradition kill our clubs.