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  1. Look, as a Saints fan, I enjoy Leeds' strife, naturally. But if we lost them from the top flight there is no disguising it would be an absolutely catastrophic disaster for the game of rugby league. Our biggest, richest, best-supported, most high-profile club. One of only two high-profile big cities in the top flight (Hull being the other). Also one of our very few hotbeds of talent production. We'd put all that at risk? I'm a fan of expansion, and I would love to see Toronto, London and Toulouse all joining the top flight. But at the expense of Leeds? Not a chance. Top-flight RL needs MORE clubs the size of Leeds. Not fewer.
  2. Thompson aside, this Saints pack have been soft as butter. Absolutely owned by Catalans. Every one of them is the ##### of a Catalans forward. They must feel humiliated and emasculated. I certainly would. Embarrassing.
  3. Not a chance of a comeback. We’re looking at a final result in the 40-6 region. Saints will get a consolation, but a mismatch of this scale doesn’t reverse in the second half. Saints are done and dusted. It’s over.
  4. Every Saints player should be publicly apologising to the fans for this. It’s a disgraceful display. Catslans are playing very well, but there’s no excuse for being incapable of making tackles. If I was one of the forwards, I’d be embarrassed.
  5. We’re in a lot of trouble. Cats are better in every facet of the game. Saints look done and dusted after 20 minutes. Catalans more energy, forward who are utterly dominant, better halves. Unless there’s a radical change around in fortunes, Saints are out.
  6. Roy Haggerty


    Such an enormous amount of hypocrisy surrounds this issue. 1. New club proposes entering SL 2. “That would be unfair! The only criteria for getting into SL should be promotion on the pitch like everyone else. New clubs should have to work up through the lower leagues first.” 3. New club works up through lower leagues. 4. “That’s unfair! They shouldn’t be allowed to get promoted for all these other reasons which don’t apply to anyone else. Just because they win promotion on the pitch doesn’t mean they should get promoted.”
  7. Roy Haggerty

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    This is a very fair point. For all the 'interest' from RL obsessives of the sort who hang around RL internet sites, the bottom line is that the combined attendances at the championship games involving Leigh, Fev, Fax, London and Toulouse this weekend are likely to be less than the single Sants v Hull match which, in theory, has comparatively little riding on it. This is, to rehash another thread, part of the reason why the SL clubs are taking charge of their own destiny. They believe that under Wood, the game has been structured and run for the perceived benefit of championship clubs rather than SL clubs.
  8. Roy Haggerty

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    You're reading too much into things. I'm a long-time stalwart of the London RL scene, amateur and professional, having first started playing for London Crusaders' defunct amateur 3rd team at Crystal Palace in 1992, played for East London (first incaranation) for several years, and was then one of the founders of South London Storm, and played for them until 2002 with the occasional second team appearance as recently as 2010! I refereed in the London amateur league for nigh on 15 years until moving out of London two years ago. I've been a season ticket holder at the Broncos, and watched them at Charlton, the Stoop and Brentford. I'd love nothing more than London to return to the top flight (although this time maybe with a bit more stability and support). My predictions were based solely on current league positions, with a starting assumption that teams will beat the teams below them as now. So I did predict London to beat Barrow, but Fev and Fax are currently above them. Sometimes there's no agenda - it's just a straightforward prediction based on a set criteria.
  9. Roy Haggerty

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    I can't see London beating both Fev and Fax. Maybe Fax because it's in London. Which would put Fax out of the top 4 and Leigh in. Essentially, I'm finding it hard to envisage a set of results which leaves Leigh outside the top 4. The only question seems to be which of Fev or Fax will be joining them, Toronto and Toulouse. Of course, we'll now see Leigh get beaten by Rochdale, Swinton and Sheffield, and the whole thing becomes moot anyway!
  10. Leigh will finish on 32 points. They have a very positive points difference which is only going to get better with 3 more wins. So any other club wanting to be in the top 4 needs to beat this total. Toronto are in. Toulouse (Barrow, Halifax and Dewsbury left) have a good points difference and need 3 more points. They should beat Barrow and Dewsbury, so they're in, irrespective of the Halifax result. Halifax (London, Toulouse and Rochdale left) absolutely have to win at least two of these. Rochdale should be a banker, but they need a win against London or Toulouse. Featherstone (Swinton, London and Toronto) will likely lose at Toronto and will likely win v Swinton. So they have to beat London to have a chance. London (Halifax, Featherstone and Barrow) have to win all three. Likely outcome of those crucial games where these clubs play each other, based on current league positions: Toulouse (W) v Halifax London v Halifax (W) Fev(W) v London Fev v Toronto (W) Finishing points: Toronto - 43 Toulouse - 35 Halifax - 33 Featherstone - 32 Leigh - 32 London - 29 Leigh or Featherstone would then qualify on points difference. You'd expect Leigh to rack up more in their three wins against lower teams than fev will in their two wins against upper teams. Also, Toronto have been handing out big thumpings in Canada, and Featherstone might be in trouble there. Couple of wildcards. Halifax play Toulouse in Halifax. Not impossible to see that as a Halifax win. In which case Fax finish on 35, and Toulouse are on 33, so both still seem safe. On the other hand, Halifax play London at London, and as London will be desperate next week, there could be a loss there. That would be great news for Leigh fans, as it would almost certainly put Halifax out of the picture, without putting London in it, with both finishing on 31 points, and Leigh on 4th without needing to rely on points difference. Of course, there might be shocks from the lower teams along the way, but it seems unlikely. Which means that for Leigh fans, they'll be cheering on London against Fax, and cheering on Toronto to rack up a big score against Featherstone. It would also be better for Leigh if Toulouse beat Fax. There is something of a delicious irony that Leigh fans will almost certainly be relying on the three expansion teams of Toronto, Toulouse and London to keep their hopes of a top four place alive against the 'traditional heartland' clubs.
  11. Warrington looked like a side without a halfback on the field. When they received the kickoff with 2 minutes left, they wasted several tackles running sideways instead of trying to get as close to the Wigan sticks as possible. Then Roberts tried a ridiculous drop goal effort when he should have used his brain, kicked into touch bear the flag to eat time and accept the draw, with an outside chance of a spilled ball giving them a final shot. Instead, he gave them seven tackles to get down the field into drop goal range. Even then Wire's defensive line should have been moving up fast - last set, no point leaving anything in the tank. But they hung back and gave Wigan ten metres per tackle easy. Shocking game management by Wire. A fair result, based on Wigan at least having a brain in their heads about what to do in that situation.
  12. Roy Haggerty

    How do we build support?

    I literally have no idea what you're talking about? The whole point of the post was that there's no reason connected to size or glamour of towns why most existing clubs couldn't or shouldn't be able to attract more support, enabling them to compete at a top level and generate extra interest and resource for the game as a whole. We're always making excuses in RL. Somehow the world is wrong because it doesn't see how great our sport is. Or RU are nasty to us. Or the BBC is biased. Or the locals prefer sitting on the couch. Or our town name isn't glamorous enough. There's always another excuse. Those difficulties aren't going to go away, no matter how much we whine about them. The simple fact is that some clubs are making a much better fist of overcoming those difficulties than others.
  13. Roy Haggerty

    How do we build support?

    I agree with your broad analysis, but it's worth making the point that Neither Wigan nor St Helens are small towns. Wigan in particular is a very large town. It's the 27th most populous town or city in England. St Helens comes in at 103, but that still places it comfortably in the top third of towns and cities. Both are bigger than such household names (and university cities) as Oxford, Reading, Lancaster, Norwich, Canterbury, Gloucester, Exeter, Cambridge, Worcester and Warwick. Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Manchester are four of the top six largest municipalities outside London, and we have teams in each. It's not necessarily the name which makes it glamourous, or even the size (Wakefield is a very large city - and Huddersfield isn't small). Success attracts success. My twitter feed is currently full of people who've never expressed the slightest interest in soccer, all banging on as if they're season-ticket holders at premiership clubs. Same thing happens once every four years for a bunch of athletics events which nobody ever goes to watch in between Olympic games. Make more people come to a club, and more people will want to come to a club to join them. Which isn't necessarily about the size of the town. I agree that there are towns which really are too small to create that sort of virtuous circle, but most of our clubs are in perfectly large urban areas with large populations to draw on. It's just that they're not drawing on them. Wakefield has roughly twice the population of St Helens, and draws half the crowds. That's not about the respective names or fame of the places.
  14. Roy Haggerty

    the way parents behave at youngsters games

    I reffed for 15 years all over the south, and there were generally very few problems at either open age or junior level. Occasionally you'd get an over-excited parent, but I would stop the game, go over and have a friendly chat about setting an example. The embarrassment usually shut them up. There was, however, one club which for quite a few years had a reputation of having a couple of loud and abusive individuals on the touchline, one of whom was connected with the club. I refused to continue refereeing until one of these individuals had left and gone and sat in the clubhouse a long way from the pitch. It was rare, and even the best-behaved person can get carried away on the spur of the moment. It's when it becomes a puce-faced spittle-flecked torrent that you have to do something about it.