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  1. Take your luck where you find it. Great play. Tell you what, Lomax should have opened some eyes tonight. He’s been the most creative player on the pitch.
  2. Wayne Bennett is the RL equivalent of when the soviets used to prop up dead leaders in the viewing box to watch their parades.
  3. Drop goal territory. Get your incontinence pants out, lads.
  4. By Christ, that looked horribly close to gouging.
  5. We look much better when running forward and passing laterally, than when we run laterally. Plenty of time, though.
  6. Great game. Great, great game.
  7. I don’t agree with that. There are still ball-playing back-rows like O’Loughlin and Wilkin who are very different to a prop. They offer a third pivot which can be useful in attack.
  8. Well well. I think I might feel aggrieved with the officiating if I was a Kiwi. But intriguing match. We have to sort out our halves and hooker for the next test. Can’t offer that little again.
  9. Lovely try by Gildart. Superb footwork.
  10. Hodgson really is having a shocker. But our biggest problem is in the halves. Poor kicking and no direction in attack. We need something new.
  11. Definitely a penalty. A penalty try is a very generous decision imo. Still, keeps the game going. We do need better direction from the halves and a better kicking game. And our defence needs to stop back-pedalling every time Johnson gets the ball.
  12. Roy Haggerty

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    The bottom line is not that we don't have enough professional clubs in the game to have three pro leagues. It's that we have not three but four unevenly-sized levels of club security and performance, and the gulf between each level is too great to comfortably or usefully co-exist in a single division. Leaving Hemel out, this year we had 16 fully professional clubs. Saints, Leeds, Hull, Wigan, Warrington, Wakefield, Castleford, Huddersfield, Hull KR, Catalans, Widnes, Toulouse, Toronto, Salford, London, Leigh. Then you've got 21 semi-pro clubs: Halifax, Fev, Batley, Sheffield, Dewsbury, Barrow, Swinton, Rochdale, Workington, Whitehaven, York, Bradford, Doncaster, Oldham, Hunslet, Keighley, Newcastle, Skolars, Coventry, WWR (amateurs really), NWC But really you've got four groups: 1. Secure fully pro outfits with reasonable finances, support and player development: Saints, Leeds, Hull, Wigan, Warrington, Castleford (maybe - finances always ropey in Cas), Catalans 2. Full-time potential, but lacking one or more of finances, support and player development: Wakefield, Hull KR, Huddersfield, Widnes, Toulouse, Toronto, Salford, London, Leigh, Bradford (probably) 3. Potentially strong semi-pro, but unlikely to be fully pro again: Halifax, Fev, Batley, Sheffield, Dewsbury, Barrow, Swinton, Rochdale, Workington, Whitehaven, York, Doncaster, Oldham, Hunslet, Keighley, 4. Weak semi-pro/amateur unlikely to challenge strong semi-pros: Newcastle, Skolars, Coventry, WWR, NWC Any club from one of those groups playing a club from a group above it is unlikely to compete. Occasionally a club can have a really bad year (Leeds have had two in the last three seasons), or a really good one (London have definitely overperformed this year). But ultimately, those groups are pretty constant. It is much easier for a club to slip down the groups than to come up - see Bradford. Although you could argue Bradford remain a group 1 outfit currently on an extended vacation to the lower levels. Currently, SL is split between groups one and two, with the divide being both obvious and persistent. Championship is split between groups two and three, with the divide extremely visible this year. League 1 has been split between 3 and 4. You can quibble about whether Newcastle is now firm enough to be classed in Group 3, and whether Bradford really does still have the potential to sit in Group 2, but the principle remains the same. I'd love to say "here's a neat and workable solution", but I can't think of one. Two large divisions combining all of 1&2 in SL and 3&4 in an extended championship would probably be best, with one or two clubs yo-yoing between SL and the Championship. It would require fixture tinkering, but the Aussies manage that. A more insurmountable problem would be that the clubs in 1&2 who are already in SL would be very unlikely to want to split the TV pot 16, 17 or 18 ways, instead of the 12 it is now. A second alternative would be to have three small divisions of 10 each, and then create new "fourth division" regional leagues below that - League Two South and League Two North, for example. You'd still have a class divide in the second semi-pro division between the clubs from groups 2 and 3 above, though. Also, it would make it almost impossible for clubs like Newcastle or Coventry to establish themselves as anything other than the dominant force in their regional Tier 4 leagues.
  13. In the semi, Lees has an exactly the same incident where he attempts a tackle and his leg makes accidental contact with Roberts’ head. He gets binned. Tomkins accidentally does exactly the same to Clark, and it’s just a penalty. This match being played under the Wigan version of the rules?
  14. Roy Haggerty

    London in Superleague

    If he's right, then that's great, because a strong London is worth so much to the sport. But it will take deeper pockets than David Hughes's. I hope those money men step up now, because otherwise, next year could be really messy for London.