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  1. We are talking about 2 different issue the wORLD cUP NOW (YOU) in the future ( Me). I have no problem with you Excellent English and I converse in the French RL forums in French! -
  2. yOU DO not understand- i wrote about future rfl developments Not this world cup! are you just using google translate!
  3. They might watch England v scotland I assume you did not look at the map, and know very little about RL history. I would pay 30 euros to watch it !!!
  4. This IS so true! The linkage to NW and NE and Scotland can be clearly seen with a detailed map- pity a person is not appointed now to plan future projects at RFL. -FIRST item in the inbox -internationals and developing the game in this region.
  5. also it was a double header-some might have gone home after the women.s game.
  6. 23,638 at Bolton - highest-ever crowd that has watched England v France in England according to Aaron Bowers
  7. BBC 1 CHANNEL 115 press red button on your remote control- live panel will appear
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