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  1. splitting hairs ! you are missing the point -if you finish top of the league that is it for the season -as my wife points out-if somebody gets a second chance in football they would laugh at you.
  2. Why do we have a play off series? every year my wife asks when the league has been won! Would man city/utd v chelsea/x plays off matter? I know the answer because we always have done! but perhaps she is right! times change-extra cost of play offs to spectators moan,low attendances same teams winning-getting a second chance to beat the league leaders!-would things be different or better?
  3. Just watched Sky trailer on twitter ,powerful stuff! -this is a major breakthrough not seen this quality from Sky since 1996!
  4. If you treat google as a tool just fine! Article appeared in the high- brow national paper- le Figaro that must be as rare as hen's teeth
  5. Easier still copy and paste into google translate
  6. Still waiting for the 2013 world cup DVD now thousands of pounds to be made on each video by creators on ytube via short ads at the start -provided you can build up subscriber numbers!
  7. re read l'independent direct davies pulledl in two defenders if offical dragons live must be right! thanks
  8. hi bojnour toute le monde! going crazy 44 mins mead essai maloney transforme 47 kasiannio marque maloney transforme 50e : Essai pour les Catalans ! Et quel régal ! Avec Tomkins dernier servi par un excellent Folau. Un essai inscrit à la vitesse grand V côté droit et ponctué sous les perches. Ma-gni-fi-que ! (always sounds better in french) transforme dracs 28 -Wakfield 8
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