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  1. Don't worry about the weather it's Keith hill you need to worry about He'll have the last say
  2. Has returned to Mayfield
  3. Only 260 at the game surely that can't cover all the costs
  4. Good side kells especially at there place will be a good hit out for hornets
  5. Both thrown out
  6. Rochdale Mayfield are playing Rochdale hornets today at Mayfield sports centre 2 o'clock kick off
  7. Game is definitely on kick off 2 o'clock Should be the a good game
  8. Mayfields game will finish about 430 plenty of time if you want to get over to Spotland
  9. Mayfield are to host hornets on saturday 24th Jan 2 o'clock kick off at Mayfield sports centre should be a good one get your self down
  10. 22-0 to hornets at half time turning into a half decent team
  11. Signed for Gloucestershire
  12. 32 0 up hornets
  13. 18 16 to hornets
  14. its because its there last year at school its always been the same
  15. mayfield won 26 10 in a good game bit feisty at times