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  1. Remember it well. Fantastic day. Wakefield with Neil Fox and all. Stevo was that confident of beating Bradford in the semi he apparently had already told club officials to ensure that the Wembley programme producers ensure his name was spelled with a PH and not a V. Spoke to him many years later and apparently he wasn't impressed with Nigel's reaction after he got stiff armed by Bernard Watson in the semi. It was mooted in the dressing room before the game that no matter what Bradford threw at us we had to man up and not show any signs of buckling under. Nigel was flat out for a short period and Stevo wasn't impressed. The rest is history. Crwod for the Wakey game was recorded at 15,000 but me dear old late departed Dad always said it was nearer 20,000.
  2. Quite simply he's what is called a penalty milker. Professionalism. Referee wasn't smart enough to realise.
  3. I thought Brown your prop was MOM. He got you at least 5 penalties at play the ball by old manning the ref.
  4. Yes rugby aside. It's my first visit to Wakey for many years and how this ground is allowed to host SL is beyond belief. The Gents takes you back to the 1960's. I can't imagine going for a pee when they have 1000 plus. Good job the crowd was only 450. That's another story. 450 for a home game Sheffield. Pathetic.
  5. Yes Neil has lots to ponder after tonight. I don't know whether Schoey and Pryce were still heavily involved in tonight's set up but if so now is the time for Neil to make his mark and take the reins. I agree the ref wasn't the best but we need to learn fast and stop coughing up possession, conceding silly penalties and play with aggression. Sheffield out muscled us in every department, they know how to slow down our play the ball but they play the ball quickly. We don't do that and we need to learn how and fast. Why was Potts playing? Please don't put him in again. Browny is starting to shine and Douglas is a good lad but sorry disagree regarding Stringer. Shadow of his former self and stops when he takes the ball. Didn't expect to win tonight but neither did I expect us to get a stuffing being only 4 down at half time. It's going to take time and Morrisons poor recruitment has put us behind the 8 ball but I'm still convinced Neil will keep us up.
  6. As Chris the Ram says I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul Delaney back in the fold.
  7. I certainly think Schofield has a future in the game in a coaching capacity after his success with the second team. I don't know about Prycey, it's still early days for him. But Ned is now head coach and although he has shown his appreciation for the aforementioned I do believe he will want to bring in his own man/team to assist. I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see maybe a former player from Ned's former coaching spell at the club coming in as assistant.
  8. Now we have won the game and can reflect, one incident baffled me. How did TT not score? Gap as wide as the Humber estuary he set off like a gazelle from a standing start and was held up? Never mind TT we won but it looked harder not to score.
  9. I asked the same question today and apparently it is Scott Hale
  10. Oops!! Just to add nice little pick up from Bet365. 20 points start nice.
  11. You missed a real solid performance Nick. Defence was superb today containing repeat sets for Batley time after time. It was obvious for all to see the lift in spirit in the players. Scored a fabulous try after passing not seen at the club for two years. Batley really looked out of sorts and I can't remember how many times they passed the ball to nobody. Great start for Neil Kelly and the lads. Onwards and upwards. By the way James Glover MOM and truly deserved.
  12. Still 22 games left before the season end. Plenty of time yet if he can work some magic. Hold on to your hat it could be a bumpy exciting ride. 18 points would have secured safety last season. We only need 10 wins!
  13. If Neil can still spot the required player at the right time, as was his forte, then we could be in for some fantastic RL. Players like Paul Evans, Brendan Williams, Brendan O Meara, Richard Agar, Barry Eaton and not forgetting Daniel Frame. We also had some class wingers who could score from anywhere and more to the point got plenty of chances. Mouth watering.
  14. Let's put it this way. The players will know who is running the show. There will be no hiding place. Perform or get your coat. He will bring the best out of the lads we currently have and our style of rugby will once again be entertaining. I think every one of us who were around 16 years ago will openly admit we were gutted when he left. Welcome back Neil. I for one am a very happy man.
  15. He did. Scored 188 tries for Leeds. Most prolific winger they have had at Leeds over the last 20 years.