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  1. Wow. You must know me personally. I don't just love criticising I make my living globally doing it with some of the planet's leading organisations. The one thing most of them have in common is looking for complexities before they arise and planning accordingly. It's the very reason they survive and become leading players in their particular sphere. Whether it's SKY, The RFL, Tenants etc is irrelevant it is an issue which would have been foreseen and avoided with sound planning. It is only minor, I agree, but it once again adds to the back catalogue of poor decision making by the people in charge of our sport and once again portrays RL in a poor light.
  2. Just to put this in perspective imo. It once again shows the inability of the RFL to meet deadlines. This is a professional sport and as such when a statement is made ie. "Fixtures for the Championship shield will be released on Wednesday 26 July", then that is the day they should be released. Had the RFL put out a statement at regular season end "Super 8's & Qualifier fixtures will be released on Tuesday 25 July and Championship Fixtures one week later", that would have been far more professional. Other than the Halifax/Toulouse question re 4th place and Dewsbury/Rochdale re 8th, the RFL could have calculated fixtures to cover theses scenarios and adopted which ever when the final whistles blew. The RFL have been aware all season that Rochdale, Swinton, Oldham and Sheffield play on shared grounds and that Toulouse is in France. School holidays should not interfere with a fixture list and once again we all know when UK holidays start and we all know the play offs have always been scheduled for this period. We are not talking rocket science here. It literally involves the affairs of 8 clubs. Oldham RLFC, Stalybridge Celtic, Swinton, Sale RU, Rochdale, Rochdale AFC, Sheffield & Wakefield Wildcats. I can just imagine after the final whistles went on Sunday the scene in Red Hall. " How the hell did Halifax qualify ahead of Toulouse? and how did Dewsbury manage to get 4 home games? Plus "I don't know whether any of you guy's have realised but we've got 4 teams playing on shared grounds. We should maybe have had a look at this earlier".
  3. I think it's a massive leap of faith by your chairman. Great to see a young English coach given a chance with Fev but I really don't see why John Duffy. Maybe had two stand out results this season but so what. I agree Swinton play with flair but losing 25-30 every week ain't gonna cut it. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Good luck JD.
  4. Love it! "Score flattered them tbh". If total dominance and destroyed means 6 tries to 4 and didn't get your noses in front until 60 mins then so be it. Dream on!
  5. To say it was Gareth Moore's first game for us he certainly showed in glimpses what he can do. Made a big difference. At least 3 kicks on the last to contain the Bulls behind there own line. 40-20 and knows how to bring a man onto a ball. Well done Gareth and welcome aboard
  6. Good thing is Graham we still have to play them another twice. Another 4 points guaranteed.
  7. We do. But one big positive was our second half display. Normally we collapse. Yesterday we improved.
  8. "Batley have many issues but being relegated doesn't look like one of them unlike the Rams!" Keep putting in performances like that and who knows?
  9. It's one of those RFL's rules. If a player genuinely cries off at the last minute you can change the squad. I think I am correct. Open to challenge. But I personally don't think Moore was going to play and Sykes was always destined to play the role he did.
  10. Maximum 3. Hooley yes. Ollet and Hayes? not sure
  11. Apart from the first couple of minutes of the second half we were the better team and thoroughly deserved the victory. Upped the pace in both attack and defence and Sykes made a huge difference when he came on. UTR
  12. Oh dear!!!!!! At least you got the non existent correct
  13. Who do you want to kick goals for you? Walker probably the best was out injured. Southernwood & Brambani can both kick goals. Unfortunately not today. Second half Rams upped the ante and Batley kept coughing up the ball and lost. Farrell has moved across the valley and is a patch on the player who we had. Lillycrop runs like a gazelle but doesn't pass (probably why we let him go) and very rarely breaks a tackle. Smeaton not the player he was at Fev. Sorry guys but I think you have a lot more disappointing days to come. Last season was a one off and Kear was in the right place at the right time. Why do you think he left? We are going through a massive transition at the Rams and struggled for most parts today but when Sykes came on he controlled the game. I don't think there was anything wrong with Gaz Moore, I think this was all part of Kelly's plan and it worked.
  14. Has Douglas gone to Fax? Just noticed comment on Gareth Moore thread. Shame if he has good lad.
  15. Worth going to see Fairhursts last ditch tackle on Caton Brown. Who dumped Keegan Hurst early in the second half? Never seen Hurst put down like that before. Lot more agression last night. Speed out wide killed us and Finny is pure class. All in all I came away pleased even though we lost by 48 points. Good crowd as well.