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  1. Game Today

    Any news regarding whether game will be on today?
  2. Stadium naming rights

    How about "Sponsor name" 1973 heroes Stadium. Just a thought.
  3. You also forget Roger Millward and John Holmes. Schofield had an eye for backing up a great break and finishing it off. Creative as a stand off not in the same class as the 2 I mention. But we all have different opinions.
  4. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I know it was only the Boxing Day game and no reason to panic but some worrying signs yesterday IMO. Still very much dominated in the tackle, we were slowed down but no urgency to quickly play the ball. Speed away from the ruck was lacking. No dummy runners. Batley forwards dominated but they were taking the ball at speed. Our lads were stationary and constantly pushed back. We are desperate for a strong mobile prop to lead the pack. As I say early days yet, but yesterday was opportunity number one to start testing out fresh plays and new methods. We have 2 more warm up games and away we go. Let's hope for a big step forward at Huddersfield.
  5. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    I liked Dalton in his Rams days but he didn't have the speed I expected when we signed him. Excellent finisher in the last 10 metres though.
  6. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I hope he performs better than when we had him last. Wasn't that clever in a Sheffield shirt either. I never understood why he had to do a skip from a standing start before setting off on a run. Just run onto the ball at speed. He needs to study video, if there is any, of John Bates and Jeff Grayshon in their pomp. I don't think John ever took the ball when stood still.
  7. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I must admit BSJ my thoughts as well. Who knows what NK will conjure up having had a full pre season. But imo I feel we need another centre, prop and second row. Preferably with some aggression. Not a lover of Hallett ( Poor defence) and Toby Adamson leaves a big gap (Strong running with an eye for a gap). Jack Teanby and Toby Everett are big lads but not in the mould of say Tommy Lillycrop, running at speed, quick ball play and ruffling feathers. Current squad is just OK but injuries to Moore/Guzdek leaves us wide open. We also have Rob Spicer/Paul Sykes/Michael Knowles who will be prone to longer recovery after physical games. Not writing us off at all but we do need a few more heads before I am convinced we can challenge the big boys.
  8. One for the old folk

    Sounds like a great idea. It's in six 10 minute parts. Each one a gem. Episode 5 is Geoff Fletcher's prime part. Donny v Huyton.
  9. One for the old folk

    Prompted me to watch "Another Bloody Sunday" again on You tube where Geoff is featured. It's a must for all RL supporters who haven't seen it. Great character who will be sadly missed.
  10. Larne Patrick

    Gone to Leigh
  11. Agree JP regards first 8 minutes. Cas looked like they were the real deal and I thought game on. But that was it . All downhill from that point on for Cas. I must admit though when Ryan Hall kicked the ball in mid air on the last tackle and Leeds ended up scoring from that play I did think that it wasn't going to be Cas's night. Could have gone anywhere but it didn't
  12. I think Luke will be first to admit that it wasn't his best game in a Cas shirt. But Cas have played all season on the forward momentum giving him time to bring players on to the ball. Quick play the balls etc. Tonight the forwards didn't turn up and never gave him a chance. How many runs did Eden, Minnikin, Webster, shenton etc get. None. Cas totally outplayed up front and that set the platform.
  13. Luke Gale is pure class but working behind a pack of forwards who totally underperformed gave him no chance. Even Millngton was running in at half pace. The class of Cas wasn't allowed to flourish because their pack was completely outplayed by the Rhinos pack. Maguire had a field day behind the Rhinos pack tonight. Not one of the Cas forwards turned up tonight. Full stop.
  14. Cas lost the plot for me when they put a weak side out against Hull. Every other team in the play offs played full strength all the way through. Intensity lost. Plus the fact Hardaker missing for the most important game of the season. Poor display tonight, to say the least, but poor decision making also by the club at a crucial time. The whole of RL , i am sure along with me, wanted Cas to perform tonight and win but you can't come up against a club like Leeds in a GF half cocked. The signs were there against Saints.