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  1. Phil Artis Seem to remember on one team sheet as P ARTIST
  2. RIP Keith and condolences to your family. Keith has been watching the Rams for as long as I can remember. I started watching around 1967 and seem to remember seeing Keith then up at Crown Flatt. Will be greatly missed.
  3. For some reason I don't think the game was covered on radio Leeds. It was difficult to get updates on the score at Dewsbury today. Even flash scores had the game delayed kick off for the first 20 minutes.
  4. Didn't go last week and neither this week for the very reason I am not being entertained. 40 plus years of watching Dews and sadly other Sunday alternatives are starting to appeal. Sorry Glen but you need to walk away for the good of this club.
  5. Looks like Sheffield are in the mire. Discuss!
  6. Not squeaky bum time yet Nick. Still 9 games to play yet before it gets to the nitty gritty. But we ain't looking good at the moment.
  7. It wasn't Crookes fault it was the man with the ball, Ryan Hepworth. Regards Hepworth I look forward to the day he actually breaks a tackle.
  8. The only positive is the half back we let go was chronic today against Fax. If Thacks is worth 50k what price Murrell??
  9. We're in serious trouble after this weekend. The Dewsbury penalty machine rolls on. We never learn. Crookes, Adamson just won't clear the ruck and Sykes will not stop giving the ref a hard time. Had we have cut the penalties out today we would have won the game. 8 games left and we can write off Bradford, Leigh, Batley away and Fax and London at home. That leaves Worky away and Oldham, Swinton at home. Are you confident of winning those three. Not just you BSJ, the Dewsbury faithful? Only 3 teams below us. Worky probably doomed but Haven and Oldham are capable on the day. We scored two great tries today (Grant/Sykes) but the other two had a big slice of luck. Very disappointing!
  10. I thought we lost the game in the first quarter. We just couldn't find a way in. Most of this was due to some questionable decisions from our friend Mr Roberts. What a pathetic performance for the full 80. I commented before the game when I noticed him warming up that we were in for a treat. That aside , Fev were fitter, faster, stronger and ran on to the ball at pace from deep. They were excellent in defence and we only looked like scoring once when Granty stepped into touch out wide. Apart from Faz and Scotty Hale (defence) our forwards are woeful and very rarely set a platform for the backs. Sykes and Kain have the class on attack but never have the time or space. One thing consistently puzzles me. When an opposing player gets tackled they always attempt to get to their feet quickly and play the ball. This usually leads to a pen for holding down or markers not square or puts them on the front foot. Why do we persistently lay on the grass until its totally clear and then make an attempt to get up as though we're just getting out of bed? Momentum is everything in this game and we ain't very good at generating it.
  11. Didn't even notice Brown on the pitch?
  12. First twenty minutes you blew us away and looked superb apart from us giving you a try. But I thought we fought well without 2 subs being out of action for most of the game and at 36-30 it looked as though we might just get something from the game. But i think even to a neutral the referee was absolutely pathetic. Decision of the night was Grady obstruction from the short kick off, ridiculous. I have never known him ever question a decision and when he did he got 10 minutes. Batley deserved the win, without doubt, but why do we have to persevere with referees who are completely out of their depth?
  13. From 1 to 17 we were superb tonight. Just surprised Browny got MOM. Thought Sykes and Groat were outstanding. Sykes goal kicking and the drop goal were superb and he seemed to find some freedom tonight. Adamsons charge down and dropping on the ball was a match winner. Fantastic night lets hope next Friday is just as good.
  14. Squad announced. I don't think Glenn is taking this lightly and we look at full strength apart from long term injuries.
  15. The way you are playing there's no reason to say you won't be there at the business end. It may not be a brief moment.