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    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Totally agree Coolie. Nice lad but lacks aggression. If he ran onto a ball at pace you would imagine he would clear defences. But he doesn't and rarely breaks a tackle. Needs a lesson maybe from Tommy Lillycrop on how to run onto a ball and show a bit of aggression. Who knows Batley maybe able to get the best out of him. Good luck Toby.
  2. 2 teams promoted from Champ 1. Team who finish top. Teams 2 to 5 play in play offs . Winner of play off final gets promoted. Loser of play off final plays bottom team in Championship. So both Rochdale and Swinton can still survive.
  3. Nobody is relegated yet. Both Swinton and Rochdale can still survive.


    As a business it is a must that we raise our prices. It does not have to be a dramatic increase but even a single pound on gate prices would bring in extra funds over a season. I also think that season ticket prices should rise. We have had it good for a few years now and I wouldn't argue with a slight increase. We have a superb ground with cracking facilities and in comparison to some of the venues we visit we are selling ourselves short. I won't mention the venues but you know who you are. 😂

    Championship and League 1 & bookies

    Bet 365 do championship games. Don't usually put odds on though until mid Sunday morning

    As relegation looms

    According to today's report you may still survive.

    Batley A

    Pretty clear to me from the replay. Iggy shouldn't have reacted but in fairness didn't even connect. Difficult to hold back though when someone has just deliberately stuck their elbow in your face. Farrell's elbow was a yellow card offence. Was touch judge called Magoo by any chance?
  8. "Quite fancy Sheffield to win at Leigh." You were close 😂
  9. I will not be consulting yourself for any tips in the near future 😂
  10. YOUNG UN

    One SL scalp taken

    Fantastic result tonight for the Broncos. Well done Danny Ward and the team. Last minute Sammut drop goal. See you next season Widnes
  11. As much as this is from the RFL site. I think you will find when the fixtures come out on Wednesday that there is no semi final unfortunately.
  12. YOUNG UN

    Now for the final tests

    No shield semis this year. It's pretty much nailed on Fev v Leigh. They can't be caught.
  13. YOUNG UN


    Agree BSJ. 17 points will be more than enough. Swinton and Rochdale will be hard pushed to get the 3 wins required to overall us now. We are only 5 in front of them but in reality that will look like a massive gap for both those teams. I will be intertested to see who comes up automatically from League 1. York currently about 70 points adrift in points diff but still quite a few games to play.
  14. Going to be an interesting afternoon. Could be worth a trip up to Barrow