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    V Sheffield

    Good post but it was Trout the younger I believe who set up the try. Highlights are on you tube.

    V Sheffield

    It's the last 5 minutes BSJ. By that time we were a man short due to inept officiating. Sheffield had to throw the kitchen sink at us to salvage the game. They had an extra man. This week wasn't down to hanging on it was down to ###### officials and nobody will tell me otherwise. Kibula got sent off for nothing yet Finn kicks through on the last and nearly gets his head knocked off late and the referee waves play on. We have been masters of our own downfall but not today

    V Sheffield

    Totally agree Nick. The lads gave everything apart from maybe one (remain nameless). Jack Smith's handling of the game today was appalling. TJ's weren't much better. Whatever went on out there today one side got heavily penalised, Dewsbury. If you get a balance from a referee, consistency, then fair play, but Smith played them into the game. I am not saying intentionally. He just doesn't have the required skills to be an official. On 3 occasions on tackle six he penalised us for holding down which were very contentious. Moscow 01 you were obviously watching a different game
  4. Collecting broken, mishaped and ones with no holes polo mints off the production line at Rowntrees. They were then melted down and made into polo mints again. Putting lids on shaving sticks on a moving production line for 8 hours a day.
  5. I fancy our chances today. Halifax are conceding points for fun and apart from Leigh at home they have struggled to get over the line. We'll be in front by 8 with 15 mins to go and today we will hang on. Plus the Finn factor. Fax 14 Rams 22
  6. Always remember going to Huyton and there being little scallys outside the bar charging 5 pence to take the tops off your beer bottle with their teeth.?
  7. I think this was the game where Adrian Rushton dropped the ball over the line. All he had to do was put the ball down and he showboated and dropped it.
  8. Most of mine are in the 1970's. 1973 Dews v Wakefield Trinity (Challenge Cup 3rd Round) Crown Flatt. Beat a star studded Trinity in front of an absolutely packed house. 1973 Warrington v Dews at Wilderspool. Championship play off semi. What Murphy, Gordon, Ashurst, Whitehead, Nicholas etc were going to do to us. We were never going to lose that game. Fantastic day! 1973 Dewsbury v Australia at Crown Flatt. Did that really happen. Can you imagine saying that now. I still think my son doesn't believe me. The great Artie Beetson on display. 1970's not sure of the exact year, beating Wigan at Central Park 9-7 in a night match. Nigel dropping a goal from halfway to win it. 1970's once again not exact on year. Beating Widnes one sunny afternoon when Nigel wasn't playing and Dick Lowe kicked god knows how many goals from all over the pitch. 1980's I think, playing the best Hull side ever at Crown Flatt in a cup comp. We lost but put on a great display. They had Leulai, Kemble, Evans, Crooks, O Hara, Topliss, Norton etc. Great memories
  9. Big bonus points with Finny are that he takes the ball to the line and draws the opposition and knows how to time a pass. His positional kicking is also superb. He also has that ability to be able to calm a game down, which we are currently desperate for in the last quarter. He looks slow but thinks quick which gives him a deceptive ability to create space. Defences stand off him allowing him time.
  10. I also remember us throwing the ball over the back fence against Sheffield prior to a dropout from under the sticks and the referee giving Sheffield a last minute penalty for the so called offence to beat us. Can't remember the referee on that occasion.
  11. It was I believe. He had is own personal rule book nothing to do with RFL regulations.?
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