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  1. Andy I’m away on business so cant make tomorrow ‘’knight’, would love a copy of this, could you reserve one and we can arrange payment/collection cheers Andy
  2. Guys as a long standing York RL fan I can only voice my personal opinion regarding the further delays to our new Communiy Stadium announced this week, for starters it’s nothing new! Dissapointing, annoying, head scratching.........all of these yes, BUT remember........... -York City Knights are in the best most professional shape of their life both on and off the pitch - We have a brilliant professional Chairman, General Manager, back office team and loads of volunteers - We have a top class coach in James Ford -The team are geared up to be competitive in the Championship, Sunday’s result beating and nilling a very good Barrow Raiders side being good evidence, albeit one game at a time -We have an ever growing fan base with some of the best supporters in RL, we are always looking to attract more though! -We are in year 2 of a 3 year plan and at least meeting if not exceeding all goals so far -We have a clear Goal and Vision and Values - We are the only North Yorkshire based professional RL club and have 150 years heritage in the City - We have created a superb pathway for local players to play professional RL - our ladies team now play in SL - recently we became one of the founder member clubs of the Learning & Disability RL to be launched at end of May - We have a well established brand which is constantly gaining traction in the City and surrounding areas - We WILL get our new stadium at some point which despite some fans not wanting to move will create so many more opportunities for the club to flourish that we all MUST understand how significant this move will be to the future of our brilliant club I love this club and everything it is doing, and I’m not alone in that I could go on but will end with keep the faith, stay on the Knights crusade and we will get there!!!! #upthekneets Cheers Andy

    York Game

    Haxby Knight job done I think ?


    Guys, being newly promoted is nothing to do with it, I’ll give you a clue, ‘fitness’, Fordy has our lads very fit and it will get us through games at this level, just like it did last year. You have some real quality but honestly from 30mins onwards they just didn’t look fit. I rate Jonno Smith a lot from his days at Crusaders and Rochdale, he was your best player today but looks 2 stone too heavy. Long way to go for both our clubs and no easy games as you know. Think you missed Dallimore a lot as his kicking game is great, not sure too many sides would have stood toe to toe with us today, immense performance.

    York Game

    Irrelevant as the try was given
  6. You’ll still bring a really tough side, can’t say I’m sorry to see Dallimore not playing he kicked us off the park last time, however Knights a much changed side since then, middles will be a bone crunching battle I’m sure. Alway enjoy the banter with you guys, please bring as many over as you can muster, don’t forget U16s are free, spread the word.
  7. Looking forward to meeting a few of your fans again on Sunday over at Bootham Crescent, hope you are travelling in numbers like you usually do. All set up for a cracker of a game. Any thoughts, predictions on the game and likely result? Bring it on on the Knights are ready and waiting, don’t forget all U16s are free entry so bring all the kids as well. Cheers Andy
  8. How far off your first choice 17 was this?
  9. Well I expected a much tougher game than that, half your team didn’t look interested at all today, your half backs and Watson were the only players who can have any credit, the rest were embarrassing.
  10. Listen to Kears post match interview, what a spanner he is
  11. Brilliant result Workington Town well done to beat the Bulls twice against all the doubters, league title wide open again now with 4 games to go and should be a cracker up at yours in two weeks time.
  12. Brilliant defensive display today, probably the best all season, at first thought Hunslet were poor but to be honest we were just too good, totally in our hands now, however 4 cup finals to play and we’ll do it. Fordy enjoyed that today yu could see it in his face com about 60mins in. The season just keeps getting better and better BUT won nothing yet .
  13. Well yes we’ll see come September as you say your place not a good ground for us, however there was a gulf between them two sides today. Not sure what you are Paying Moi Moi but he’s not worth one good run and probably maximum 20 mins game time, could not bust a bag of flour today!
  14. You must have had a crystal ball out Simon, we absolutely smashed them up the middle, Moi Moi what a joke now, just taking a purse.
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