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  1. Well written I'll give you that and a decent competitive 60mins game BUT it lacks some crucial detail in places, like the reason our scrum half decides to 'throw one', there was a clear reason yet you just decide to omit it, oh and the ridiculous decisions that gifted the game your way, oh hang on a minute Wonderof wood will be on claiming best ref in the league any minute now! Never mind losing fairly and squarely but that was a shocker.
  2. Yes we need to tighten up but three tries against 12 men plus a couple of let's just say shocking decisions were the difference, there weren't 22pts difference in those two sides all factors considered.
  3. Mash, yes I agree upto half-time really strong flowing game aided by the ref, however after 10mins of 2nd half we seriously had you rattled and on 64 mins a simply shocking refereeing decision cost us the win, at 14pts down with 15 on the clock couldn't see you scoring three times, a clear and worse obstruction unpunished followed by an American football pass to get your winger in the far corner let's you back in the game and the sin binning ended the competitive game. Still can't see how a player on his knees despite being in the ruck area gets cheaply bull-dozed from behind and it's not a penalty?? Could have caused a serious whiplash injury, Yes he then swings one at your lad but who wouldn't after that. Great away support from you lot as usual, still think you are beatable, will the 13th Meeting be unlucky for some? Hopefully you.
  4. John Thought Harris had a brilliant fame at fullback for us today, composed and great positioning when under pressure, good yards made when running it back as well.
  5. Best side over 80mins and deserved win, forward immense and largely nullified their pack and go forward and our line speed today was much better and stopped their playmakers. Really think we have found a new level of toughness that's been missing and good to see us bossing a team of their calibre. Well done Fordy changing things about, big difference today.
  6. I think we were the better side over 80mins and stopped you playing with some good line speed in defence, Ref was a shocker for both sides and gave some dubious decisions but it was even over the 80mins. Think you had more pace than us, just didn't seem to use it out wide and persisted with your forwards which were outplayed today up the middle. Yates looks a handful at scrum half but can't say many of your others stood out today. Hope you guys can stay up there.
  7. Well that's another one, why the hell is a final being played with home advantage for any team? Especially when overseas team involved. Which professional sport does that? You could think the RFL were trying everything to ensure Toulouse go up?....
  8. After watching RL in many guises of York RLFC I have to say the first few years of the Knights being formed with Steve Ferres and Roger Dixon fronting the Commercial side of the club were just brilliant, match day was an experience not just 80 mins of rugby, the ground started filling 40 mins before KO, there were entertainment for the kids before and at half-time, almost every game had a curtain raiser and away games we took on average 400+.atmosphere and camaraderie was great. If we could put this coach in Fordy and the squad we have this year with a couple of additions back with a strong Commercial team like that the club would be a different place. Just not quite sure where a suitable backer with vision will come from, might go to York City but not sure really if that's a step forward or not. Just want a professionally run competitive team to watch in my home City
  9. I really hope your team can win it next weekend in France, nothing against Toulouseo but the RFL have got this expansion lark badly wrong and would love you guys to ###### on their chips!! I thought Barrow were the best UK team we played all season and in the 8's Dallimore kicked us off the pitch at our place, if your pack can get on top I think you have a very good chance of lifting the trophy. Good luck, although all three Cumbrian teams in CH1 next year would make some cracking games.
  10. I hope they remain in hangover mode and your guys busted a few of their players, IF we play 80 mins of our best rugby possible then we could stay with them, on evidence of last few games we will be vast underdogs which could go in our favour, all depends how many of the 1st 17 can travel and who's fit.
  11. Gav With the backing both clubs have and hence strength of playing squad they have put together why don't the RFL put them straight into championship as oppose to them in CH1 where they basically thrash everyone, lots of problems for p/time players getting time off to travel to France etc etc
  12. Gav don't you mean if Tolouse don't win promotion? I think a lot of people ( me included) are somewhat hacked off that clubs like Tolouse appear to be given preferential treatment, personally I would love it if the Knights or even Barrow or Donny went up instead of the Frogs
  13. C'mon Fordy and the lads that make it over there next week, sounds like Rochdale really took it to the Frogs physically so our forwards will need to be firing like they were at the start of the season and get stuck in early in the game. If Rochdale can do it so can we!!
  14. Unless the Knights can pull a massive performance out and mirror what the Hornets have done, you just never know in one-off games, it's a big IF but possible.
  15. Despite the fact you've given the Knights a huge task next week just really well done today, really pleased to see the Frogs beaten when they thought it would be a cake walk into the Championship.