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    York City Knights Away

    Well yes we’ll see come September as you say your place not a good ground for us, however there was a gulf between them two sides today. Not sure what you are Paying Moi Moi but he’s not worth one good run and probably maximum 20 mins game time, could not bust a bag of flour today!

    Sunday's match

    You must have had a crystal ball out Simon, we absolutely smashed them up the middle, Moi Moi what a joke now, just taking a purse.

    York City Knights Away

    Well they didn’t

    Sunday's match

    Great result today, we well and truly beat them up the middle, lots of cracking performances today, Cockayne, Scotty, Hawksworth, Robbo, plus usual Ellis, Spears everyone gave 110%they all did on a very hot day. Town were woeful because we didnt let them get into the game and as for Moi Moi, honestly he should be paying them to let him play, ran on kissing the badge (I suspect he keeps his wallet in an inside pocket just behind it!!.) with a little more patience we’d have put 60+ past them but that perhaps being greedy. Apart from their try our defence was immense, some of the hits were sickening. Onwards as no way games ow, every team wanting to beat us and anlong way to go.

    R8 Hunslet

    Spot on Peter, definitely not creating enough from the halves nor following Ellis with his excellent breaks, someone needs to be on his shoulder. Will do us good and help keep the feet on the ground, thought Hunslet looked a decent side with ball in hand and cut us wide open for two of their tries, they’ll only get better so will be in the mix I think.

    Harry Tyson-Wilson


    One to look out for

    Wouldn’t drop Brad Hey or Joe Bachelor for him

    Pre season matches

    Great show by the Knights today against a strong SL side. Defensively we look very solid and fitness is good just need to get the attacking plays going and sharper passing to speed things up a little. Very impressed though well done.

    Barrow v Whitehaven

    Well done Barrow, thought you were the best team last season so well deserved and hope you can go up and stay up, we'll just have to beat our bogey side in the Championship when we finally get there 😉 Hard luck Haven, brilliantbshowing after playing 108mins last week against us. Cracking crowd as well
  10. ANDYPK

    2018 Squad

    Andy Ellis now signed on again, Joe Bachelor for me the player of the season, fantastic spot by Fordy to pick him out of a Coventry side and developmhim as he has, immense this season as a rangy second rower with great running ability out wide.
  11. ANDYPK

    Season Review.

    Simply awesome season, highs and lows and I remember sitting in Huntington Sports club at Fans Forum 1 thinking if we finish in the top 8 that's a result! What the club has achieved since December on/off the field is remarkable and next season with a few squad changes I really feel even more positive. Would we have taken promotion this year if it came along? Yes of course we would, however many of us thought it's a year too early so here's to 2018 season and more success for the YCK. Thanks for everything this season.
  12. ANDYPK

    Player for next season

    I'd take him at York, classy experienced player and showed well in his games for us this season.
  13. ANDYPK

    Haven game

    Haven fan, great game for the neutral, two sides going at each other for 105mins and two sets of fans stood in the torrential rain with plenty of banter. Game could have gone either way, your lads took their chance in the end so congratulations. We left gutted and a long drive back but so proud of our club, the players and all concerned at YCK, we had no club in December so what a brilliant season. Feel excited about next season. Just a note to your fans as well, banter was getting a bit close to boiling over on the open terrace at some points in the game, however at the end of the game having many of your fans coming up to us shaking hands and saying how well we had done reminded me of why I love this game, great fans today on both sides. Good luck next next week at Barrow.
  14. ANDYPK

    REPORT | York 21-21 Dons

    Thought your lads completely outplayed us today and were very good and scored some great tries. Huge improvements from the last game at BC. If im honest we'll take the point and the play-off place, however you will feel robbed.
  15. ANDYPK

    Sundays squad

    George not much positive rugby played today I'm afraid. Game was there for winning and Keighley wanted it more.