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  1. why does this happen to players, when they join york, on a regular basis?
  2. hingaro & marsh; or sicknote & AWOL... i know who id have
  3. ref was just making it up as he went along. we made too many mistakes to win any game but the effort was spot on yesterday which is good to see. BOH does more silly things than good things and we are a better team without ellis, oh and joe brown had a good game out of position...maybe a marsh return to the halves isnt such a bad idea in the current circumstances
  4. at the start of the season i for one had higher hopes for us than 6th
  5. hear hear we have decent hard working players running their blood to water week in week out, yet the outcome is pants rugby. the current playbook has one entry in it. it needs chucking in the river.
  6. 31 degrees forecast for 8pm, it will b hotter than that inside the stadium. madness to allow this game to go ahead
  7. spot on, we create no space what so ever, how many tries have our wingers scored this year? hardly any i can remember, not cos they are pants but cos they have zero space to run into. time and again this year we have seen edwards get the ball with a foot or two between himself and the line and hes not even on the outside. our line do not engage the defensive players, do not draw anyone in and good sides just sit and wait for us as we slide the ball out and achieve nothing.
  8. none of em. harris is ok at times but he seems to lose confidence when things dont go right, when hes full of confidence and buzzing then hes a cracking player but there isnt the consistency. the other two just dont deliver anything at all. BOH has had way too much time spent on him, and ellis is like an american football kicker, does nowt other than kick for goal. we need new blood for next season
  9. ...most kicks didnt even make the corner, straight up in the air and blown back on the wind incidentally, i was sat next to a couple on sunday who told me it was their first visit back to the stadium since early spring when theyd, by no fault of their own, found themselves in season ticket holders seats and been forced to move in quite stressful circumstances, they had been so upset that it had taken them till sunday to get the courage to return. mistakes by stadium staff do impact the people involved and affect attendance at a time when every 'leisure pound' is being carefully spent.
  10. probably has to have his boots made by same people who make Desperate Dans boots, one whole cowhide to make each giant boot
  11. our kicking game was way off plus we gave their quick lads far too much space to run into, also can not recall much in the way of offloads, well done barrow - best team on the day
  12. he plays such a key role in the team when hes on the pitch, so it disrupts things massively when hes not there, id sooner have someone who wasnt as good but kept fit. we need consistency in the halves and we havnt had it now for over 3 years. we have a solid hardworking pack, we have quick inventive wide players and the best full back in the league, we just lack that central certainty at 6/7 to make us a top class outfit
  13. dito the above 100% (saved me some typing), only thing id add is i thought Ellis looked way off whats needed for this level as for the womens game, thats was a superb effort, really entertaining and hard fought. 2 cracking teams. TJS had a brilliant game. heres hoping the saints lass who was stretchered away after the match is back fit soon, looked a nasty one. and one major gripe...surely in all that fancy dan new stadium they can find somewhere to use as womens changing rooms!
  14. same price (£20/£15), they sell em out the back o a van at the back of the stand, rather than pay at the turnstile ...apparently thats the modern way!
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