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  1. Absolutely brilliant!! Never seen fordy so animated as he was in the tailend of that match and what a true sportsman that guy is to go over and applaud the fev fans b4 taking the plaudits from the main stand. He is a legend. Well done to all york players today they are magnificent adverts for hard work and dedication and well played to Fev who deserve to make the playoffs on what I've seen of em this year. Onwards ever onwards the mighty mighty Kneets!
  2. Sad, ill miss the old hole in the ground
  3. Disgraceful behaviour by wolfpack, if overseas teams are going to play in our leagues one of the conditions must be that clubs guarantee live picture coverage of each home match. One camera broadcasting to livestream or Facebook would hardly cost owt. I am beginning to wonder if the wheels are dropping off the wolfpack, with the problems with the owner and now less cash about....can they even afford to get promoted??? Is there any chance of someone in the stands pointing an iphone at the match n putting it on Facebook....??
  4. Yep, same, 9th... Dual reg deadline is 12th aug
  5. The system is badly flawed as it uses league position to determine home team throughout the rounds. It's a no brainer for team 2 to lose the first match as they also get an extra match and thereby extra income. League position should only give home advantage in the first round, after that if teams meet again the winner of the previous match should have home advantage. It may well end up with neither toronto nor ANOther wanting to win the first match!?! We could be heading for the most farcical match ever....
  6. The telegrafnRRgus explain why bulls need a new coach..... "There were angry scenes on the touchline with Kear convinced that York had played the system. He said: “Their guy goes down behind the posts and York have used all their interchanges with 13 minutes to go. “He walks to the sideline and then all of a sudden the doctor runs down and starts signalling for a head knock. “If we’re going to abuse processes like that then we might as well not have them. It’s poor. “Maybe we need independent doctors to decide which is a head knock and which isn’t. Then perhaps interchanges will be used a little more conservatively. “I think the RFL have got to really have a look at that. “We were saying to the players ‘stay in the grind’. They had used all their interchanges, so you stay working at it. “We had one up our sleeves because perhaps we played the game to the laws. “It was a tough game. York base their games on completions, grinds and working you down and they do that very well. “But it annoys me when the laws are bent like that.” Kear added: “I think the best team lost, the team that played the most rugby and created the most chances. “York had the majority of the possession – I think if we’d had as much ball as the opposition, we’d have come away with the win. “Five tries to four perhaps tells you that but the scoreboard shows that York have won.” .....only bit of sense in there are the last 3 words!!
  7. Tbh the ref wasn't good but he was better than some of the whistlers we've had this year. Which is damning with faint praise... Absolute belter of a game today, fair do's to bradford they probably played the better rugby for spells today, but we are the mighty mighty Kneets, so we won! Kaboom!!
  8. Brilliant news that Cams staying.... crack on the mighty mighty Kneets.
  9. Sheffield Toulouse Widnes(H) Halifax Barrow(H) Bradford Swinton Apart from the barrow game id make seagulls 2nd fav for all their other matches
  10. If i remember right they did have a few trotting meetings in the 50s at stainforth dog track, previously mentioned in this thread.
  11. Yep, hard games coming up in the next few weeks for all those who have to play the mighty mighty Kneets!!
  12. When one sheffield fan complained what did the other three say?
  13. If you look at our numbers 1-17 with the xception of ash (injured) chilts(1game back from injury) and benny(retired) they are our team for vast majority of our matches. We actually have a very settled team this season. A core set with fringe players alternating.
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