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  1. Cas one of em by any chance? Hope so!
  2. Excellent day out, bit parky but good entertainment at a very fair price. I have to say I was really impressed by the crowd turnout today, lots of folks seemed to be sampling league for the first time which has to be a great thing. As I walked in I overheard a few comments such as "so what sort of rugby is this?" and " so is this a b team cos of the world cup?" And any RL match that has women in saris taking selfies by the pitch is a winner in my book. Lots of positives to take from today.
  3. Thank u, great to be on the positive side of the equation at long last! Up the Kneets!
  4. I saw the other day that Martin offiah was doin some celebrity summat on channel 4 I think it was. RL players of the 80s/90s are still household names....are any from the sky era??
  5. Good luck to Harry in pastures new. A grand lad.
  6. Simple fact is the sport is short of players at present, so needs must. Hopefully summat constructive like the reserve league can do some good and boost numbers, are there any plans to have a York reserve's again? Hope so cos I think its badly needed, if we are aiming to be a top end championship team long term.
  7. Why do we not have video refs reviewing penalties, this game is being strangled by effing reffing
  8. When I watch a grame of any sort if I spend my time looking at the crowd n not the game its cos the game is bobbins. If its a good game who cares whos playing? I saw 3 games on tv on Sunday, oz grand final, league 1 play-off, newc utd v Man utd.... I enjoyed the 2nd one far more than the other two
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