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  1. well done lads, dewsbury put up a good show there and are a capable side on that evidence. thought salter had a good game and wynne and dean look classy young players with a future. best performance by washbrook in a york shirt that (but not sure it was really a POTM performance). marsh was the best player on the park for me tho. onwards n upwards
  2. ...lets count us chickens when they've 'atched!
  3. that were better! well done to all concerned. when we play rugby we r bloomin good. little in the way of opposition today tho so that took pressure of defensively. onwards n upwards
  4. up until last season the kneets teams under fordy were greater than the sum of their parts as they played for each other and for the badge. last 2 years thats not been the case, we have players with far more experience and individual ability but they are not playing as a team and some of them look to me to be just goin thru the motions. where has the heart gone?
  5. york game plan A 1 out 1 out 1 out 1 out 1 out o'hagan kick it dead
  6. anyone with speed just runs thru us.
  7. 124 and we still wouldnt come up with an idea
  8. awful from york. we keep playin like that for the rest of the season we play league 1 next year, simple as that. i agree 100% deano, lookin like a bunch of 'has beens' takin the money for doin nowt. our line speed was zero that half.
  9. a must win match id say, its bin a long time since we last won a league match
  10. i cant recall a single chance we created in that match. TO will b promoted
  11. if u dont complete sets you dont win any match, we look gassed now but we have made things simply impossible for ourselves.
  12. we can win this if we can cut out the silly fouls and finish our sets properly, we will finish the stronger with TO 2 men down....up the kneets!
  13. fifth tackle horror show from kneets
  14. a solid if uninventive performance. i agree kirmond hasnt shown anywhere near what hes capable of yet, hopefully he can shortly. a big plus this season tho has been green for me, he looks much sharper and hungrier than in our few games last year....hopefully kirmond can turn things around in the same manner
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