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  1. yea good luck to him, great goal kicker n he has some pace when he pins his lugs back n all. in fordy we trust, onwards n upwards, the side we turned out this year never gelled in the few matches we had so change was needed n it seems big change is at hand.
  2. it was the only thing of note he did in the match, maybe he should concentarte on playing some rugby now he has the chance.
  3. pitch for cowboys match looks a right mess btw
  4. broncos moving the deckchairs on the titanic, deardon the new bandleader
  5. another poor end to a set from cowboys, thats whats killed em here
  6. lots of effort from nql but little quality where it matters
  7. i wonder if theres any prize money payment we'd forfiet by not playing?
  8. i wonder if we'll play the CC match or not, no indication as to the current club view on the club website. clubs have till the end of July to say if they will play their next ties or not.
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