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  1. Yep we need some spark from somewhere. Not sure how we find it though. When you look at players we have had in recent years who provided that bit of the unpredictable Benny, junior, jbf, and ash all spring to mind. Also, defensivley I think our wings are weak at present. In Fordy we trust...this is one if his biggest tests of his coaching career I feel. Up the Kneets!
  2. York council are confident new stadium will be ready by Sunday...
  3. 2/3rds of the pop is unusable as the tunnel at the back is fallen to bits so capacity will be about 6k?
  4. Seriously crackers if it is right....
  5. The thing that worries me is how we have finished our games off this year. 4 games played, and the last 15 mins of each game has been poor. Which has never been the case b4 with fordy at the helm. ( I know we can say in the friendlies we had experimental teams out by the end but even so) Sunday's game is a pivotal game for the season for me, we need to get everyone n anyone down to B.C. to roar on the Kneets, Come on york!
  6. Heaps of errors from both sides, from what I have seen so far this year I don't think our new signings have improved the side one jot. We looked leggy n tired in that final 10mins, which is not what weve come to expect. Still time for things go click into place though. Fordy will see us reet I'm sure. Keep at em York.
  7. Loads of errors again, several tries missed that should have been scored, a load o fights, 60w bulbs in t'floodlghts, connor now missing our first home game. all just 6 days b4 a trip to france. In my book thats a shambles. I agree our preseason fixtures were all wrong. We should not be playing teams from the same league in a friendly pre season and we should not have played last weekend at all.
  8. What a shambles. Pre season has certainly helped stop any over optimism as regards the coming season. How we turn things around in 6 days for our biggest test of the season I'm not sure.
  9. £15/10 tickets still available on bulls website
  10. Yup, best forgotten that one. We've made lots of changes in personnel and it looks like things are not clicking yet. Connor seemed very frustrated all day by how things went. Lots for fordy go work on.
  11. 9/2 Toulouse to top the table, 6/5 york to finish in the top 5 Get on while betting is still legal!!
  12. Yep that was a really promising performance today, Johnson looked very lively, and I was impressed by our two new lads on the wings. Jubby looks the real deal. The trialists (no idea which was which) all looked very assured and showed a few nice touches. I'd be surprised if they don't progress. Suddenly we seem to have the strength in depth we will need in this league. Onwards ever onwards!
  13. At last some rugby! Seems ages... Sure to be a good game, lots of new lads to watch, fordy has finally had a bit of cash to spend, how will they all gel together? excited to see the young uns we have on trial as well, heard good things about a couple of em...really lookin forward to this season Onwards ye mighty Kneets!
  14. Guys hospital rugby club (union) 1843
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