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  1. i note from YCFCs latest email "The SMC has invested in additional resource to man the Ticket Office and ease the strain on the phone lines." good, lets hope this applies to YCK match days too.
  2. first of many to retire at end of this season in this york side id say...its time for some young lads to be found (from somewhere!) to take their places
  3. the good lady wife looked at applying for this job when she saw it advertised but the scope of the work expected to be carried out for a pittance by one person was amazing. the stadium management/clubs need to get their hands in their pockets and employ the correct number of staff and pay them fairly for the workload required.
  4. one of the few leaders in the team, real shame if he leaves, id be givin him an improved contract and make him captain for next year. its players like him with passion and commitment that we need to be keepin.
  5. why would sponsors want to weaken a team that they sponsor by demanding underperforming players play? hardly makes business sense
  6. as both wembley and wimbledon dogs tracks are now closed i cant begin to imagine what sporting events you could possibly be refering to.....
  7. score flattered us. no team spirit, no ideas we have 4 pts and points difference in hand over oldham to stay up. oldham have away trips to haven and swinton which are winable but they will struggle to get any more points i think. id hope we could get 2pts when swinton visit us and possibly when haven come to york, but cant see us doin much else. so we should just cling onto our place in this league...then its time for BIG changes to personnel
  8. Bit like our ex SL signings…
  9. PS the ref was hilarious in his ineptitude btw. Not just his random calls but his terrible positioning
  10. Heavens to betsy. Where to start commenting on that!? Enjoyed my fish n chips in keswick and weather was good. Other than that the rest of it was pants. We are not a TEAM. Pure and simple. Nothing about our line up is settled. Nothing that occurs on the pitch seems organised. as i said several weeks ago unless we get a sudden turn around we r goin nowhere other than back down. But in all honesty i cant see here today gone tomoro wandering minstrels and a dads army of hand-me-downs saving the day.
  11. Australia % of population fully vaccinated 4.4% thats not really the NRLs fault i wouldnt have thought
  12. not as such, i was sent a link to a payment page via text. then paid by card on a webpage
  13. Tickets bought, was a painless process but you do need a smart phone or computer handy to complete the payment. Come on the kneets!
  14. our record on givin wingers a fair crack isnt a good one, personally i never thought judah got the games he deserved. perry has always played well for us, he's actually bothered, if hes fit it would be crazy if he didnt start on sunday.
  15. agree 100%, thats why we have to "reform our mindset". to play devils advocate '1 out rugby' with a kick to the corner isnt a useless strategy by default but it is you dont complete your sets, dont kick well, dont have line speed and dont defend. BUT even done properly its still boring as. i went to the bradford game and much as it pains me to say it the way they moved the ball and put pressure on everything we did was embarrassing compared to our leaden footed 1D approach.
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