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  1. Brilliant news that Cams staying.... crack on the mighty mighty Kneets.
  2. Sheffield Toulouse Widnes(H) Halifax Barrow(H) Bradford Swinton Apart from the barrow game id make seagulls 2nd fav for all their other matches
  3. If i remember right they did have a few trotting meetings in the 50s at stainforth dog track, previously mentioned in this thread.
  4. Yep, hard games coming up in the next few weeks for all those who have to play the mighty mighty Kneets!!
  5. When one sheffield fan complained what did the other three say?
  6. If you look at our numbers 1-17 with the xception of ash (injured) chilts(1game back from injury) and benny(retired) they are our team for vast majority of our matches. We actually have a very settled team this season. A core set with fringe players alternating.
  7. Jeez that was ....er....er...um...actually come think of it what the heck was that all about. I agree dewsburys attitude was abysmal and I don't think ive ever seen a physio goin doolally at a ref like that b4. It has to be said that in among the cheap shots Dewsbury did play some of the best rugby we have seen against us this year, looking at the 2 matches they have played against us this year its hard to understand how they r where they r...unless u take into account their attitude. Today the most "one eyed" reffing ( to use Fordy's words) let them get away with it, decent refs clearly don't. well done the knights, very proud of em as ever, they stuck at it when the chips were down, played themselves to a standstiill and won despite it all. Here's hopin Connor is ok, and a big plus for me was the way Liam Harris stepped up today, he did some daft things but he did far more excellent things, I thought Dixon and stock also deserved credit for their efforts today as well, they continue to make steady improvement. Well done Kneets!
  8. Seems like a suicide note from the press, I'd have a punt the majority of folks who still buy it buy it for the rugby/football, nowt much else in it these days
  9. I agree, our run to the end of the season looked a tough one when the fixture list came out n it looks no easier now. The good news is that at the moment we seem to have a full squad to pick from. Sundays aim has to be a win with no injuries. Onwards ever onwards thee mighty kneets!
  10. Is it possible to watch this back on twitch? I got the app n its just full of kids videoing computer games....what's that all about???
  11. Bit tricky to comment on a match that was reffed so ineptly. I think this cup is doomed as nobody seems to give a toss about it, least of all the rfl. Lots of positives tho to take away from tonight, good to see Carter back and chilton was good defensivley and as he's only been back in training 2 weeks he had a good run out tonight. At the end of the day I felt it was our weight disadvantage that counted against us, also maybe we should have thrown the ball about a bit more, we had a lot of pace on the pitch but never utilised it. and finally...Well done batley, that was a cracking drop goal!
  12. No worries, we might not have vaivai, but we do now have Cam-the-man....we've got Cam the ma-an!
  13. Brilliant to see chilton back on the team sheet!
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