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  1. Best case scenario I can see is we get back on track for our match against fax at start of July. Then if we got rid of the playoffs we could complete all postponed fixtures by first week in Dec, then delay start of next season till March?....maybe
  2. ....unless things pick up this could well end up a vital fixture!!
  3. A fair few positives to be taken from yesterday but overall still lots to work on. We need to play to our strengths, I don't think trying to smash down the middle all day long is goin to work in a league of this quality.
  4. So one team drew and the other won...yup that makes sense?! Golden point is just daft
  5. Absolute joke today, constant buffering, tried all sorts of things but just the same. Worst its ever been for me
  6. I agree entirely with this. Enjoy the game, some you win, some you lose, refs make decisions, hundreds of em every match, a few will be wrong, most will be right BUT the decisions been made n shoutin about it won't change it. Personally I think the standard of reffing has increased markedly in the past few years lets asume a ref is biased aginst some team or other (which I v much doubt but lets run with this idea)...shouting dogs abuse at him for 80 mins aint likely to ease his bias any is it? Get a grip No ref, no match
  7. Which November? At this rate Cas will have their new stadium open b4 ours
  8. Rather than just the names maybe put all the players in the bag and shake it up?
  9. Just read the press comments from fordy. I watched yesterday from the terrace stand (much better view than the seats, thats why the fax fans use it most). Jubbs "try" was a clear double movment and carr did wonders to get anywhere near the try line from where he picked up the ball with the fax defenders all round him. I saw nothing in the first half that could fairly be described as a chance not taken. Faxs (i think) final try was an obstruction tho.
  10. Yep wallis had a mare, and he did again Leigh as well, its annoying to see a winger of oakes quality turning out for dewsbury tonight, did we try to get him on loan again? I've no idea. I also agree with Deano we've recruited badly this winter I'm afraid. I don't see what green brings to the team at all, Johnson and Connor may be best mates off the pitch but on it its like they've never met. Kienhorst is a trier and shows glimpses goin forward but defensivley he's been iffy. Washbrook and Clarkson have been anonymous. it's been a lot of changes and things can take time to gel but at present the problems seem far deeper than that. There was visible discord out there today, We are not a team at present. I'm looking at this season now as a case of our only priority is stayin in this league. That's all. Then regroup in the off season and go from there.
  11. Bet365 have york @ 6/4 to win
  12. I'd make us favs for Sunday so will hav a bit o that
  13. Ate in there once, never went back. stuck to tables, floor and seats....lovely
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