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  1. Haven't watched much SL recently, but watched Leeds vs Wigan a few weeks back and he was really really poor. Knocked on about 4 times in 20 minutes in the second half.
  2. Tried to tie in my photography with on location video along with relaxing music, let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/zjligtGrocw
  3. Not that I'm disappointed with the signing but the hype up for something we all already knew got me grumpy Good stuff though, wonder who his wing partner will be
  4. Have we signed Ryan Atkins then or what?
  5. I will never not read epitome "eppy-toam" so it should be changed I reckon.
  6. Obviously the norm is to have a play by play and a colour commentator adding bits here and there. But on Sky it seems to be about 15% play by play, 10% colour, 75% waffle.
  7. Haven't read that anywhere? Anybody got a source on that one or is it just chinese whispers?
  8. Surely not, we have nothing to gain from it unlike before where we could have at least got a big crowd for the fixture and made a bob or two
  9. Believe me, as an employee of Tesco, my colleagues and I are totally ticked off about them removing the arrows and such. However, in the past couple of weeks customers were disregarding them anyway, and as one of only a couple of people in store who would actually say something to customers, I was getting to the end of my tether being a verbal punching bag for people who can't follow simple instructions. I don't know about the store you're referring to but ours hasn't completely scrapped the queue outside, just upped the number of people allowed in store. My biggest annoyance though is removing the specific queuing aisle. We had ours down clothing which is basically dead all the time, but now they can queue at any till they like, which means they're queueing down the aisles, making it impossible to fill.
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