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  1. Bit of a weird one so far, doesn’t feel like we should be ahead but we are so will take that! Dixon not having the best of games at full back
  2. Interesting, one of the pictures on the York Press website shows part of the stand the camera was in and I count at least 25 people sat there. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/19275097.james-ford-praises-versatility-york-city-knights-dewsbury-win/
  3. Of course. My comment was tongue in cheek, as the bench and staff etc could be shouting, but surely sounded to me like there was at least 20 voices or so shouting, and they sounded very "crowd" like.
  4. Oh my god we're actually playing rugby!
  5. hahahahah soooooooooooo funny hahahahaha. Usually the sort of thing that would be in the press, but y'know.
  6. Don’t recall injuries to Marsh, BJB or Dixon?
  7. A fullback/winger. I can’t help but wonder why?
  8. I always used to say to a KR fan at work that we always played boring rugby but it seemed to work, well, it's stopped working.
  9. Interesting seeing as we seem to allow the opposition to gain 50/60m every set.
  10. Seems Twitter is turning and letting it be known how ###### we're playing.
  11. Do we do any training in attack? That's now only 12 points in 5 halves of rugby, 1 try of which was an interception, and the other the kick off the end of a set from an interception. Really not looking good at all.
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