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  1. BrAdFoRd ShOuLd Be In SuPeR lEaGuE bEcAuSe ThEy GeT bIg CrOwDs
  2. Is that BT or something? I've got Sky and it doesn't say union on mine so..
  3. Do we have any highlights this week?
  4. Of course, just using Selby as I live here and see people wearing other shirts. Don't know what they wear in Tadcaster or Sherburn haha that streets might be awash with black and yellow for all I know!
  5. The problem is in York and where I live, Selby (which is about 14 or so miles south) is you'll see plenty of Leeds and Castleford supporters walking about, I've even seen a Widnes shirt milling about Tesco, however I hardly ever see anyone wearing a York shirt. So how do you tackle people living in York but supporting Leeds or Cas? Not sure of the answer myself, people will support who they want to support.
  6. More recently, 3,081 vs Catalans, 2,518 & 2,608 vs Toronto (who bring no away fans...) and 4,221 vs Bradford.
  7. Well this has gone WILDLY off topic
  8. Quite unbelievable to be honest
  9. Good job it wasn't windy.
  10. Your physio was in the referees ear, presumably trying to tell him a york player has hurt a poor little dewsbury player. Tell me when you've seen a physio going on at the referee about something? She spent enough time on the pitch as it is, you may as well give her a playing shirt.
  11. I already said I'm not arguing against our team, they got sin binned/sent off and fair enough, yet your team basically did the same thing and didn't. Harris made a break, your player tackled him and held him down so the rest of your team could get back on the line. The referee gave a penalty for it yet didn't produce a yellow card.
  12. I wont argue with the decisions against us but if you didn't see anything wrong with your lots performance than I suggest you open your eyes next time. Throwing punches, holding down in a professional foul manner, NUMEROUS head high tackles, taking out people off the ball, 19 leading with the elbow to take Brad Hey away from the line. And then he tries to goad the crowd by giving us a thumbs up. Well if you see him out and about give him this from us
  13. Never been so angry at a match. Cant be be bothered to type it all up as you all know and I'm sure someone else will do it for me. All I can say is their 19 is a w
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