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  1. Had a bit of phlegm this weekend so informed my superiors. Seems Tesco's take on a "continuous" cough is more than 3 dry coughs per hour for more than an hour.
  2. Yep, I've been on the door every night between 8 and 10. Had a few grumpy sods but most people get on board and understand why we're doing it. Just wish people would remember that you should still stay 2m away while in the shop. Still have some people trying to lean through me to get to stuff, not on at all.
  3. Tesco are paying colleagues 10% extra per hour for like the next month or so
  4. Just been sent this by a colleague. Tesco in Hull this morning. JOKE.
  5. It'd be easier for them to go round the shop than try and find what they want on a grocery delivery.
  6. It is not clear whatsoever what an "episode" is. If it's so clear why don't you enlighten me.
  7. What part of "I've already done it" didn't you understand?
  8. I've already done it. It's still clear as mud as to what "more than an hour" or "three EPISODES" means Tickly throat, 2 coughs maybe every other hour. I asked her if she was voluntarily coughing to clear her throat or if it was some uncontrollable urge and she said it was voluntary.
  9. It says the exact same thing on there.
  10. Anyone care to clarify on this as the Mrs has got a tickly throat and is doing a few coughs here and there.. "This is a new, continuous cough and means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or having three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)." Does that mean an hour straight or having a cough every hour and a half? Also, what constitutes an "episode"?
  11. Dont understand how in the 2nd scenario person D is allowed out 1 day after person C developing symptoms?
  12. Hypothetical situation. I start coughing tomorrow, I self isolate, I can't get tested so no idea if it's Covid or not. (Say it isn't) I go back to work after however long, but in another months time I start coughing again. Do I need to self isolate again?
  13. Had a text the other day to say my appointment had been cancelled and I'd be getting a phone appointment, which is fine. It said it could be at "any time during surgery hours" so thought I'd just ring up and check if it was still going to be the same day. 72nd in line. I'll wing it.
  14. More than half the cases in one area, no wonder there's such stress on hospitals in the area
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