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  1. Last season there was a "Live Stream" option that would appear at the top along with the predictor and match centre. but it's still not there. Managed to find it no bother on the app but I'd rather not watch it all than watch it on my phone.
  2. Nearly impossible to find the stream for the Toulouse game on the desktop site, only found it thanks to the RFL twitter with a direct link bit.ly/2UcB3VN
  3. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1239/warriors-start-2020-with-a-win Also funny that the photo used on this article is of Zak Hardaker celebrating his disallowed try
  4. The pictures clearly exist as we saw them in the team line ups at the start of the show. Ridiculously amateur.
  5. https://twitter.com/marklowen/status/1222891759698509824?s=20 BREAKING: Italian news agency @Agenzia_Ansa reports that according to the first tests, #Coronavirus is NOT present on the cruise ship at Civitavecchia.
  6. Better to prevent than to cure (which there isn't one yet). I was having anxiety about the whole situation but I've done some ACTUAL research and not reading scaremongering twitter posts from diseaseguy420 and I recommend others do the same and only read factual information from reputable sources. The fact that it's new is probably the scariest thing, and the media jumping on it to generate hits. There has been 20 "epidemics" in the past 10 years and I'd wager that people have only heard of about 2 or 3 of them, merely just because they're not been reported by the media. 5000 have died in DR Congo since November because of a measles outbreak that's still happening but are we scared about that, or do we even realise it's happening? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_epidemics#21st_century
  7. Also 7/8, guessed 2 and got 1 right.
  8. Didn't go the game so can't comment on any niggly stuff during the match but just watched the last 5 minutes of the match or so on Bradford's YouTube and it is hard to defend Connors red card. Flops on the man on the ground with a swinging arm, lays on for an age (words may be said at this point), then gets up and starts throwing punches.
  9. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1226/dragons-sign-folau RFL STATEMENT: "The RFL confirms that the registration of Israel Folau with the Catalans Dragons will not be prevented. This is a difficult decision, as the RFL places a high value on the sport’s reputation in prioritising Inclusion and Diversity – and deplores the player’s previous comments. However the moral responsibility for deciding whether to sign a player sits with individual clubs. The player has not been charged or found guilty of any criminal offence. However distasteful his previous comments, we don’t believe that, under our current regulatory framework, these can prevent his participation in the sport. We have sought and received reassurances from both the player and the club regarding future behaviour. The RFL has taken and will continue to take action where any player breaches expected standards of behaviour while registered with a club, and comments that conflict with our commitment to Inclusion and Diversity across the game will not be tolerated. SUPER LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN ROBERT ELSTONE: Super League deplores the homophobic comments Israel Folau has made in the past, which squarely contradict our sport’s core values. I have sought the opinion of informed voices connected to our game, and the majority share my disappointment that one of our clubs has chosen to sign him. There is a strong feeling that the decision to sign him lets down many people connected to our sport. I made Catalans Dragons aware of those views. However, Super League does not have the authority to veto the registration of players and is satisfied by the due diligence carried out by The Rugby Football League. Israel Folau is a free agent, who has the right to work, and he has not been charged or found guilty of any criminal offence. Catalans Dragons has assured Super League that strict guidelines are in place to prevent the player from repeating his comments. They have also assured us that his contract will be terminated immediately should he do so."
  10. Oh but it is Just want to clarify I'm not saying it should be on your radar, but that it is on mine. Even though I live in a tiny village.
  11. Not exactly a sparkling preseason. Let's hope it is just preseason and not a sign of what's ahead.
  12. Its sending my head fully loopy. All logic has gone out of the window and instead of settling for professional and experts statements, one sensationalist post on Twitter sends me sick. Does anyone else have mad paranoia on this or do I just need to calm down? (Easier said than done)
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