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  1. The Saints fans chants really driving home that “family game” image
  2. Harsh obstruction maybe, but also if he isn’t stood exactly in that spot, then he makes that tackle so idk
  3. I'll stick to Andy on BBC RY thanks.
  4. And now we have neither of them.
  5. Apparently so, can’t keep up with these loan comings and goings
  6. Our attack seemed a lot better but good lord our defence, especially on the edges really is woeful. Maybe someone with a more tactical knowledge of the game can help me out here.. But when we, eventually, throw the ball wide, it’s 2 attackers on 4 defenders. But when the opposition get the ball wide it’s 4 attackers on 2 defenders?
  7. Aye, let’s hope the lads put in as much effort into playing on Saturday as there was put into making that promo. Not expecting to win at all but please some effort would be lovely.
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