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  1. It's hard to have enough time to give us enough credit when he was so far up Toulouse's backsides
  2. Can anyone shed some light on how a Toulouse player tackling a York player while he's trying to play the ball is a penalty to Toulouse?
  3. And then have to travel to Toronto twice in 3 weeks. (providing we win the semi)
  4. Really don't want to finish 2nd, 2 trips to Toronto would be a killer.
  5. Dont want to finish 2nd. 2 trips to Toronto, no thank you. Finish 3rd, lose to Toulouse, beat Leigh/Fev at home. Let Toulouse go over to Toronto, knacker em out and beat them in the semis and yeah, easy..
  6. Referee in the defensive line on the try line and that's where Leigh score, hmm. Just after a Leigh player does a Greg Bird impression buying a dump tackle penalty.
  7. Elbow to the head of a prone player - sin bin Shoulder to the side of the head followed by an elbow to the head while on the floor after the high tackle - sin bin ?????????????????
  8. Is he the one that got sent off at Sheffield for swinging an elbow while getting tackled?
  9. Should we make it past the first 2 rounds it looks most likely that it will be a trip to France followed by a trip to Canada straight after (assuming it's the very next week) which is a mighty big ask for anyone, nevermind a part time team such as ourselves.
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