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  1. If a team is leading by 12 points and the other team scores twice, they won't be leading anymore. So, it's right.
  2. Also Bailey Antrobus http://yorkcityknights.com/club/antrobus-signs-new-deal/?fbclid=IwAR0xobdKrAuvy_6nUx6Fd8ZTzg5vO4VMiBEQXINKoHZvb_LmZ8qx2eWZynA
  3. God forbid anyone have a differing opinion
  4. I’ve thought this but didn’t wanna say anything incase I got absolutely lambasted for it. No point analysing todays game too much but for me, Ogden offers absolutely nothing I’m afraid.
  5. Was having this conversation with some people at work in the week. it's a particularly hard sell for the sport saying, "yeah well, its a playoff semi final right, but they're full time international athletes, and our blokes are probably at work at their actual job right now then play at the weekend."
  6. When he's on the pitch he's brilliant.
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