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  1. Forgive me if I'm wrong because I haven't watched it for a while, but last time I did the show is actually poor. It would need a massive revamp to be on nationwide at a reasonable hour. 1 camera on a Friday night in Wakefield with no commentary doesn't exactly scream high quality programming does it.
  2. How strange. Is the stadium definitely going to be open for the first game? Not heard anything and it seems to be running it close.
  3. Why are we playing Dewsbury away on a Wednesday night?
  4. According to BBC it's a 19:45 kick off. If that's correct does that mean our game is being played later than the usual 15:00 or is there gonna be a massive a gap?
  5. They played Batley after a Hull KR match and there was about 7 people there
  6. It looked like Tim was absolutely knackered at the back end of last season, was getting left on the floor at the tackle a lot leaving us short in the line
  7. Have you ever seen a messier play the ball lmao
  8. Some bloke on radio york twitter saying Ash Robson has had his contract torn up?
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