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  1. Myler is the least of Leeds problems. He's been here two years and has had a rotating series of headless chickens as half back partner so has had to do everything himself - which isn't his game (although he was still player of the year last year). Play him alongside someone competent and we'll be able to judge. Leeds had made a move to make the RU club pay its way a bit more since Caddick sold it but the amounts being paid were still more than competitive - that £400k gave them a fully staffed, stewarded and operational stadium, a state of the art training centre, the services of a chief exec, a marketing director, ticket office, retail and myriad backroom staff. That's an absolute steal compared to if they had to somehow find their own independent resources. And Leeds even offerred to reduce this to £100k to give them a chance to survive. If they go, Leeds will have less operating costs and will probably reduce headcount a bit to reflect marginally lower workloads.
  2. Elland Road should only be used for big internationals and that due to its unique capacity/location mix. It's a terrible stadium and paradoxically awful to get to.
  3. There's always a bad weather back up option (ie road). But it assumes the President wants to take it.
  4. Tough crowd. I agree with Delaney FWIW on proponents of Medicare for All who want to outlaw or abolish private insurance. That makes no sense. A public option available alongside private insurance is the practical and pragmatic way to go.
  5. The game is still valuable even at a reduced TV deal and the TV distribution is 'only' around 10-15% of the income at the big clubs. It doesn't mean everything stops.
  6. Seriously? This is fundamental to your whole Brexit project and you still don't know what rules there are which we could have employed on people who come here to work?
  7. The Hetherington-Powell relationship goes a lot further back than his brief spell as Leeds coach, as I'm sure you know.
  8. Headingley is already the best option away from Blackpool. Unless Leeds get relegated...
  9. Bradford would be ok. But Manningham in Bradford... maybe not. Headingley is superior as a prospective Summer Bash venue in all respects
  10. Is it any wonder that the Leeds players look unmotivated? Several of them have been told they can leave if another club comes in for them. Watkins has been told the club wants out of his deal. Others have been told they'll never play for the club again no matter what so please leave. I know some of the above are reactions to poor performances but there has to be some chicken and egg there. Whilst I agree with some of the decisions and it's clear changes needed to be made, I'm deeply uncomfortable with how the club has gone about a lot of this. And I imagine it makes the club a tougher sell for prospective recruits.
  11. Underneath, they still have their repellent views - intolerance for anyone who isn't like them - on a variety of subjects other than just foreigners.
  12. Lowering ticket prices is a simplistic, one off gesture. It devalues the sport and the competition and I doubt the demand curve makes it more profitable. Keep the prices, which are reasonable in the British entertainment market, and work out why the prestige of certain competitions has fallen away.
  13. How quickly we can slip into totalitarianism, masked as common sense or patriotism.
  14. The navy has confirmed that a request was indeed made to obscure the USS John S. McCain from Trump's view.
  15. He wasn't ready for the job last time. He remains on exceptionally good terms with at least two members of the Leeds board.
  16. You must have lots of examples of grubbiness then.
  17. Sorry I can't see the spin you put on them anywhere in the Guardian article.
  18. "Let's put an end to this selective quoting of statistics. Here, I present my definitive selective quote of statistics."
  19. The uncertainty is caused by fear of what happens if there is an even vaguely hard Brexit. Brexiteers caused the uncertainty. Own it.
  20. Fortunately there are people who have a better understanding of Rugby League than you out there.
  21. Just scrolled through his tweets trying to verify something (I had a hunch just from the volume of misinformed outrage what his politics might be. I was right). Apart from being clearly thick as pig**** he's perpetually infuriated by all sorts of things. A total snowflake. But yes this is the sort of thing the police should wander round and have a chat about.
  22. Some posts are so devoid of facts or bear so little relationship to reality it's best not to even try and unpick them.
  23. When will leavers ever take ownership of what they have done to our country?
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