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  1. Some posts are so devoid of facts or bear so little relationship to reality it's best not to even try and unpick them.
  2. When will leavers ever take ownership of what they have done to our country?
  3. Surely the DW Stadium is the logical choice? Assuming the owners haven't completely thrown their teddies out of the pram over the RLWC thing. And if it's not being re-seeded.
  4. This would be Neil Hudgell, the man who designed the RFL's disciplinary process?
  5. Someone else who "can't be bothered" finding out what it is they're voting for?
  6. It's been fact checked to death but when will Brexiteers ever learn with their simplistic guff about "sovereignty": We are part of the EU. We set the rules. It is not an evil empire imposing stuff on us, we're sat around the table and get a significantly disproportionate say in how our mutually-beneficial trading arrangements work. Unlike, say, the WTO.
  7. I don't think you can even remember why you're dog whistling any more.
  8. Am I right in thinking that every time Reeta Chakrabarti uses her "giant touch screen" there is a BBC intern in a back office somewhere wielding a mouse to match what she presses on a graphics package to do the magic?
  9. Quite a thing to see a politician glory in their complete lack of any political agenda. Still pushing the Brexiteer lie about the EU will suddenly realise that they have to give us an amazing super-special deal now that 30-odd% have voted for these nutters.
  10. Do you ever post anything grounded in reality? You don't move the gantry to face the fans, you sell tickets for the TV arc. If SL had any idea what they were doing they would have done this, like the RFL have done before (to some criticism at certain events if I recall). Have you any idea how TV works? At Headingley Sky's trucks take up half the South Stand car park, it's physically impossible for them to have moved it, even if the north stand had any power during the build.
  11. I'd be interested observations from someone with a bit more credibility tbh.
  12. Plenty of unbiased observers in this thread then A second half collapse, if you can collapse from a four point lead, is inevitable unless Agar has worked miracles on this Leeds team's mental fragility in the past ten days.
  13. How many times. It was a Super League decision as they now run their own comp. It was the RFL who conceived (Nigel Wood) and developed the concept into a success.
  14. Price assaulting him is becoming a recurring theme. I like it.
  15. Turnout doesn't prove who is voting but this thread is interesting if you want a hint of how tomorrow night will unfold -
  16. Exactly this. It's about whether SL is without its best rating team going into contract negotiations.
  17. The hotel I'm staying at had this on in the background this morning. I wasn't paying proper attention as it seemed to be a lot of shouting people playing the victim but did someone at some stage refer to "whistling Dixie"? A loaded term to say the least but I didn't get the context.
  18. They're not "high interest" but they're not free. The arrangement meant the borrowing was measured against LCC's credit rating rather than against a technically insolvent cricket club and an RL club which, albeit liquid and very profitable, operates in a rather unstable sporting environment. If Leeds, directly or via the new joint venture set up to operate the shared stand owe half or probably more than half the £45m cost, repaying even the capital bit (dressed up as a lease) over 30 years or whatever it is is a big chunk of cashflow. Fortunately Headingley generates lots of cash, and will generate more now, but it won't be easy when the RL side is demanding more spending than Hetherington was ever willing to budget for in years past.
  19. Oh well, one for next time maybe. It would have been interesting to try and re-insert myself into a party which my parents were members of and which I used to vote for every election. Alas they left me (and the centrist pro European constituency I grew up in) far behind.
  20. Leeds aren't likely to go bust with relegation, as long as we make a speedy return (and even if we don't the owner would have to put some money in, which they would do to at the very least protect the value of their investment). Don't know about "a Whinos fan in the world" but I know a few Leeds fans and being saved by off field machinations is not palatable.
  21. The only reason other SL clubs would look to save Leeds is the impact them not being there could have on the value of the upcoming TV deal negotiations. I don't think there are any Leeds fans who would welcome such a move, and I'm not sure even some at the club would want it.
  22. Lib Dem members who join in the next couple of weeks get to vote in the upcoming leadership election. So is it possible to sign up to become a Conservative member and try and elect the least fruitcakey of the MPs who gets through to the public ballot?
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