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Championship & Championship 1 All Stars

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The All Stars teams for both Championship and Championship 1 have been named. The teams are :-

Co-operative Championship All Stars 2010:

Royston (Halifax); Campbell (Batley), Nanyn (Leigh), Catic (Barrow), Worrincy (Halifax); Jamie Rooney (Barrow), Finn (Featherstone); Dickens (Featherstone), Cook (Sheffield), Hesketh (Batley), Grayshon (Featherstone), Doran (Widnes), Dale (Featherstone)

Co-operative Championship One All Stars 2010:

O'Connor (Oldham); Munro (Blackpool), Waterman (York), McHugh (Hunslet), Pryce (Hunslet); Roden (Oldham), P March (Hunslet), Hobson (Blackpool), Wood (Rochdale), Dudson (Scorpions), Stack (Workington), Ashall (Rochdale), D March (Hunslet).

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Good to see O'Connor in the CC1 team, best fullback in the division by a mile. A club legend already for me. Roden is well deserved too.

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