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  1. Ireland international hooker who came through the Wigan academy system and was an England schools international. Played for Leigh and Workington. Signed for Ottawa but when that fell through came back to Workington and was an integral part of the promotion winning team this year. Very good player, still only 23 and lots of potential.
  2. Very easy to write on an internet forum, much more difficult to do in real life. Many of these clubs aren't just constrained by their finances but also by their facilities.
  3. It always makes me laugh when people talk about marketing in reference to the Championship and how clubs should market the games better. It may be relevant to the bigger places like Newcastle and Sheffield but do people not think that in places like Featherstone, Whitehaven, Dewsbury, even Leigh, that the locals aren't fully aware they they have a team and where and when they play ? If they wanted to watch RL they'd be doing it already. The only marketing that is effective at that level is a winning team, the bandwagon effect. Look at the crowds both Barrow and Workington pulled in L1 this year as an example. But I guarantee you that should either team be really struggling next season then crowds will be less than half what they were getting this year. The fairweather fans won't go and pay to watch a losing team no matter how many fireworks you set off.
  4. Especially on a freezing, wet Monday night in February and March.....
  5. Just generally feel disenfranchised from the game and disillusioned with what it’s becoming. Sad after 47 years of playing and spectating but that’s life. I’ve been to Oz, NZ and PNG with RL but it just doesn’t get the blood pumping anymore like it used to. Some will say the game now is great but I think it’s too robotic, too sanitized and has no character anymore. Or characters.
  6. Me too, apart from internationals I refuse to attend any RL event that my own club aren’t involved in.
  7. No, just pointing out that he is a rubbish winger, the type favoured by some SL coaches due to their size but with very little pace or agility.
  8. Wouldn’t have mattered if Yaha wasn’t such a big useless lump. A decent winger would have been horizontal by the time Makinson got there and scored anyway.
  9. Credit has to go to Chris Thorman for guiding this very young team to promotion. For many of them it’s their first full year in the pro game and also Chris’s first year as a head coach. Brilliant achievement all round and a very good nucleus of young local players to build from.
  10. On the 2 incidents involving Yaha :- The referee was correct not to award a penalty try as the initial contact by Makinson was on Yaha’s bicep so his momentum was stopped by a legitimate hit. His arm then bounced up into Yaha’s head and was correctly deemed to be accidental contact with the head hence a yellow card. I can understand the call for a penalty try but if the initial contact that halts the player is legal (and it was) then a penalty try can’t be given. At the other end, Yaha slid into Naquama knees first without any attempt to make a legitimate tackle. In fact his arms were down by his sides. The contact with the head may have been accidental but, as per Makinson’s tackle and as we have seen all year, accidental contact with the head is a yellow card. Moore chickened out by putting it on report.
  11. We are now viewed as a low rent sport unfortunately. I was chatting to a senior member of Newcastle City Council the other day, he told me how much the fee was that they paid to host Magic in Newcastle. He said the council couldn’t believe how little they have pay to secure an event that brings upwards of £15m to the local economy.
  12. Prior to that at 1pm you can watch Workington v Doncaster in the L1 promotion final free on OurLeague.
  13. Could be worse, at least it’s not those Huddersfield cow bells.
  14. The other code’s international board have recently issued instructions that full contact training must be limited to 15 minutes per week spread across at least 2 days.
  15. Betfred’s head office is in Warrington at Birchwood Park but Fred Done is from Salford originally and lives in Worsley.
  16. Any win is a good win at this stage and we ground it out well. Game management needs improved and we need to be a bit smarter in respecting possession but we got it over the line and that’s all that matters. Some great performances today by the likes of Fitzy, Caine, Cus and Dec and some dodgy ones too (big Alex was terrible in first half). Two weeks to work on the issues though and come out firing for the final.
  17. In playoff games the result is all that matters and we ground it out. Wasn’t pretty in the second half but who cares ?
  18. Has to be a better deal than last time or it’s not worth it. The Co-op sponsored it but as part of the deal clubs had to give 1,000 free tickets away each game. Which would be fine if it was to 1,000 new or lapsed fans but all that happened was that existing fans who would normally have paid ended up with the freebies. A lot of clubs lost money on the games getting hardly any gate income. Some clubs tried things to make it work, e.g. I recall Oldham letting everyone in for £1 at one of the TV games and got 4,000 there which sounds great but financially it’s the equivalent of 300 full paying spectators, and of course very few of those people came back and paid full price.
  19. Betfred League 1 Player of the Year Jamie Dallimore (Barrow Raiders), Jamie Doran (Workington Town), Rob Massam (North Wales Crusaders), Tee Ritson (Barrow Raiders) Betfred League 1 Coach of the Year Anthony Murray (North Wales Crusaders), Richard Squires (Coventry Bears), Chris Thorman (Workington Town) Betfred League 1 Young Player of the Year Charlie Graham (Keighley Cougars), Brad Holroyd (Workington Town), Phoenix Laulu-Togaga’e (Keighley Cougars)
  20. Hurry Up Harry - Sham 69 So good to have equalized
  21. Surely for a game in France it is the responsibility of the FFR to arrange TV coverage and shouldn't be reliant on UK based broadcasters ?
  22. Despite the fact we have beaten Keighley home and away this season ? The last few weeks Town have been playing without any props due to injuries. This has had a big impact on performances as we were not the biggest of teams to start with. If the 3 front rowers are back that Chris is optimistic about then I expect our performance to improve massively on recent weeks. For example, in the second half against Hunslet we had a threequarter playing prop, the other prop was a second row and the hooker was Gabe Fell who is a full back. No wonder we have been getting outmuscled. But if the regular front rowers are back then its a different ball game.
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