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  1. It’s a strange set of photos mind, not a single person in them just a screen. A bit bizarre.
  2. In the form he was in then yes. Same with Mikey Lewis who seems to have been forgotten about, he was sensational at times before he got injured.
  3. Welsby is the utility really, covers FB, centre and stand off. So in essence you have 1 extra option in each of those positions.
  4. Realistically we only have about 5 Cat A clubs (Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Wire, Cats) then around 10 Cat B (rest of SL plus a couple of Championship clubs) clubs and everyone else is Cat C. So not a lot will change really.
  5. That's the case below SL but I believe SL use a different system (or at least they did, might have changed though). For SL play offs the surplus revenue from all play off games goes into a pool - i.e. home team can keep bar and hospitality revenue and deduct costs of staging the game (staff costs etc) but any profit from ticket sales goes into the pool. Even the GF receipts (after staging costs) go into the pool. Then the final pool is paid out pro-rata to the 6 teams who made the play offs. It used to be pro rata'd so that each progression gained you 10% more of the pool - i.e. Winners 35%, Runners Up 25%, Losing semi-finalists 15% each and Losing 1st round 5% each.
  6. There was an article in the Guardian a few weeks ago where some ex Wolfpack players were saying they still haven't received any of the money owed to them after the club went bust. Lots of promises of payment over the last 2 years but no money has materialised and they are going to take legal action against Argyle...... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jul/29/toronto-wolfpack-rise-and-demise-unpaid-players-and-a-cautionary-tale
  7. Probably just embarrassed about somehow managing to finish 3rd in a 2 horse race
  8. You can’t help but like Batley as a club. No frills, no star players, no daft “SL by year x” statements. They just go quietly about their business every year and consistently over-achieve. Very pleased for them today. As for Fev, surely McDermott must be done there now. Making the final must have been the minimum expectation with that squad.
  9. Yes he could but wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of rebuilding ? He isn’t the future, it’s time to put some faith in the young lads and let them develop. I’d have him in the squad as a mentor and back up option but Walker must be the first choice 7 if we are serious about developing a team.
  10. Superb signing, bags of potential and will be a handful for teams at this level.
  11. Matty Henson confirmed for next season.
  12. Why not ? I thought the council funded his role as Community Outreach Manager ?
  13. Can't see Jamie leaving due to the fact that he also has a job that is linked to him being a Town player which supplements his playing income.
  14. Hopefully we can tempt Ciaran Walker back to the club.
  15. Anthony Murray has just been announced as Chris Thorman’s replacement as head coach at Workington on a 2 year deal.
  16. Cumbria squad has been announced.... Kyle Amor (St Helens), Luke Broadbent (Whitehaven), Andrew Bulman (Whitehaven), Brett Carter (Barrow Raiders), Jake Carter (Barrow Raiders), Luke Cresswell (Barrow Raiders), Jamie Doran (Workington Town), Conor Fitzsimmons (Workington Town), Ellis Gillam (Barrow Raiders), Sam Halsall (Wigan Warriors), Harvie Hill (Wigan Warriors), Tom Hopkins (Barrow Raiders), Ryan Johnson (Barrow Raiders), Liam McAvoy (Whitehaven), Gregg McNally (Rochdale Hornets), Jacques O’Neill (Unattached), Tee Ritson (Barrow Raiders), Connor Saunders (Barrow Raiders), Ryan Shaw (Barrow Raiders), Brad Singleton (Wigan Warriors), Perry Singleton (Whitehaven), Stevie Scholey (Workington Town), Curtis Teare (Whitehaven), Jordan Thomson (Workington Town), Brad Walker (Wakefield Trinity), Tom Walker (Whitehaven)
  17. I agree with much of this. I think his coaching left a lot to be desired. A good coach gets the best out of what he has available and adapts the playing style to suit the players he has. I saw none of that this year, we had no size upfront yet still played down the middle a lot and got battered. The late great Jack Gibson used to say if you are outmuscled in the middle then you move the ball side to side at every opportunity to get their big guys running laterally in defence to tire them out. Against us they just had to hold a position and we ran straight at them. A good coach also brings about improvement in both the players as individuals and collectively as a team. You can still be improving even while losing games, but quite honestly I think that apart from the London home game our performances went into decline rather than improving. Some of that was no doubt down to confidence but again a good coach can motivate his lads to get them up for it even in defeat. People have said he had one hand tied behind his back due to budgets, and that is probably true. But even so sometimes its about how you use the budget you have. Did we really need to sign so many lightweight forwards ? No disrespect to the likes of Weetman and Lightowler etc but I'm sure we could have done without 2 of them and brought a good prop in on their combined wages for example. I am sure he worked hard and was trying his best, can't fault him for effort same as the players. But sport is a results based business and ultimately his time was up. Who next ? We have tried the "big name" coaches and has it really made much difference ? I would go for someone from the local amateur game - maybe someone like Ryan Campbell at Seaton who knows the pro game and the club. Either way it has to be someone who can rebuild the bridges with the local amateurs and get the best locals wanting to sign for Town again.
  18. That’s correct, remember the club’s last statement where they said crowds of about 900 was actually only about 500 paying fans after taking out all the above plus sponsors and complimentary tickets.
  19. Thunder going part time and Betts leaving were both officially announced a fortnight ago so your reliable contacts aren’t exactly in the know.
  20. 4 overseas players compared to none could easily account for most of that given the minimum that overseas players have to be paid is about £22k each.
  21. Riley could be very useful if we can get a good pre-season into him and get him fit.
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