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Bob Crowther

Team Warnings

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Not being the least bit cynical, but I do think that the new ruling regarding issuing a full team warning, is there to be exploited.

Why not just send a man off as normal for an offence. Strangely enough, prior to this new rule, the yellow and red card were very rarely seen. A player can be dismissed and then "doubtful" decisions can be made in order to reduce the team strength, a little further.

By the way, what would happen if a team was reduced to say seven players in a matter of minutes?.

Scrap the rule and instruct the refs to have the guts to discipline a player as per normal.

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I don't think there's that much change. There have been team warnings for a lot of years. This new ruling just allows the ref to give one without stopping play.

Remains to be seen how it works out but I don't see any great controversy in it.

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