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Bah humbug

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat and he's not the only one. The time has come to give santa my wish list.


For me


a) An invitation to spend Christmas and a night of passion with Nigella Lawson.

B) A sex education book to remind me of what I'm supposed to do with a)

c) A sack of prezzies that sounds like bottles of something sloshing about rather than socks, grundies or Christmas jumpers.


For the Rams


e) A win over the dogs on BD

f)  A big fast Fijian centre  ( my prediction here is that the Rams will sign up Nigella, and I'll get a night of passion with A big Fijian centre :( )


For Piggy's mate


 Christmas dinner with BSJ and indigestion on Boxing day.




 Christmas dinner with PM and a celebratory drink on BD - oh, and a book on how to cure cynicism.


For Coolie - A new set of Boxing gloves in preparation for PM next season.


For wilsden Ram


A new toolset - his old ones must be worn out.



For DocM/Lone Drinker etc.


I) A book on the life and times of Walter Mitty and fifteen new ID cards for 2014.


For Glenn


j) His first trophy on BD.


For All the Rams fans, and our mates over the valley - A very merry Christmas and a happy new year or Bah humbug if you subscribe to my take on it. 

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Miserable old git!


Calling me a cynic - I'm a misanthrope. Get it right!




































Merry whatsits to you too.

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