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Watch out folks Sundays game is a 3pm kick off not 2pm as the Raiders website WAS saying. 

It has been updated now to 3pm.

See you Sunday! 

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The good points:-

1. Some excellent play from the backs showing lots of potential with a full-back who certainly knows when to join the line and some accurate miss-out passes.

2. Brad Brennan can be a major influence as he demonstrated how he can either run it in, act as a foil or simply turn and pass the ball on - good hands for a big bloke.

3. Mainly very good defence - a couple of slips but overall not bad at all.

The not so good:-

1. STUPID BLOODY PENALTIES AGAIN - when will Toal, Morrow and the like learn. All of the Coventry tries came off the back of soft penalties.

2. The distribution from acting half back is at times painfully slow and not always delivered with sympathy for the receiver - same problem last couple of years surely it is something that can be worked on at training

3. Why oh why do we have Toal the winger taking the ball up in the middle of the park? I know paragraph 14(b) or whatever of the coaching manual says it helps the forwards but when the forwards are in position behind the ball surely they,not a lightly built(relatively) winger, should be driving it in. It just gives their forwards an easy tackle and Toal a visit from the physio.

4. The moans about the ref from the same old voices - he had a decent game today. Both sides got away with encroaching offside but I thought he let the game flow when he could. It was Barrows' discipline which was the problem (see point 1). PLEASE give it a rest.


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Not a bad game. I think Coventry will upset a few sides this year as they brought Barrow to their level.

Slow play the balls killed Barrows attack and they had a pretty decent defence. Their attack was decent in areas but often knocked on in vital plays. 

But a win is a win. A youth lads are coming on well. 

Roll on Keighley!!

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