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kev p

Harry jepson trophy scores

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Does anyone know where harry jepson trophy scores can be found? League express yearbook used to show them, but has not done so for the last few years. Anyone got them all? 

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Hopefully this is enough?

2005 Bridgend Blue Bulls 34 - 18 South London Storm

2006 South London Storm 30 - 0 East Lancashire Lions

2007 St Albans Centurions 28 - 20 Coventry Bears

2008 Nottingham Outlaws 28 - 8 West London Sharks

2009 West London Sharks 24 - 12 Coventry Bears

2010 St Albans Centurions 56 - 4 Coventry Bears

2011 - Parkside Hawks 24-16 Accrington & Leyland Lions

2012 - London Skolars A 56 - 12 Northampton Demons

2013 - SW London Chargers 28 - 12 Gateshead Storm

2014 - SW London Chargers 64 - 4 Jarrow Vikings

2015 - SW London Chargers 46 - 10 Bedford Tigers

2016 - Wests Warriors 30 - 10 Northampton Demons

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13 hours ago, kev p said:

Do you have quarter & semi final scores also? These seem difficult to find. 

I got most of these from clubs websites/Facebook pages/Wikipedia there were a lot of 1/4 & 1/2 results there too (especially last 5 years or so). 

Prior to 2011? It was only semifinals. Quarterfinals were introduced in 2011 or 2012 I believe. 

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