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At the crossroads

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25 years and counting since we left Swinton and little sign of s return. Lots of talk from various regimes since but that's all it's ever been. 

Still more talk now..

My own personal opinion is we should accept we won't return and build the club in that knowledge.

I am attached to Swinton RLFC and not necessarily the town. I would prefer them there of course but it's not a deal breaker. I was driving past the White Lion yesterday and reflecting on this. The pits have gone, little amateur rugby in the area, no town centre as such, no community spirit. WTF is there to come back to in reality? 

Are there really thousands of dormant Swinton fans desperate for our return ? I don't remember great crowds in the last days of Station Rd.

The club is caught in a catch 22. Admit we won't return and lose the 'Swinton or nothing' supporters or continue the 'we will return ' mantra which will make it difficult to attract new fans.

The free entry for the Toulouse game was a case in point. Good idea but who was it aimed at? Were we trying to attract new people from the Sale area. What for? To say 'welcome, come join us' but by the way our long term plan is to shaft you and move back to Swinton..

It makes little business sense.

We do need our own ground or at least a stake in one somewhere. A ground allows us to generate money.

Personally I like the Sale area and would stay put. The area already has a rugby background (albeit RU) but strangely people can and do watch both as I do.

My point is we need a coherent strategy. Call a fans meeting even and let's all be honest and truthful (fans as well) as to where we are heading. 

This club can be successful and retain its history. But that doesn't mean living in the past or kidding ourselves about the future.

Sorry to ramble on..


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I think it has gone on for far too long for anything to happen.I don’t think we will be back either and how many times have others tried and failed to get us back to Swinton,and ironically the same plot of land?

The fact is that the day that the then penis of a chairman decided to sell Station Road was the day that it was confirmed that we would never return.He knew that selling the ground would ensure that we would never return and I for one hope and pray that his terrible decision to do what he did plays on his mind every day of his life and I hope he realises the damage he has caused.And I hope that God punishes him as he gets older and hopefully in declining health.

And I make no apology for my comments 

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As a matter of interest, Rob, if you substitute the words 'Swinton' with 'Oldham' and 'Station Road' with 'Watersheddings', I think that many Roughyed supporters would agree with your heartfelt comments. I know that I do, just as my late father also did.

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We are in a catch 22 , most of the loyal fan base is in there 40's at the youngest up to there 70's and over ,so the clock is ticking for sure . its not all doom and gloom  ,we have shown a slight increase in attendaces for the past 4 or 5 years .not sure where these people are comming from ,its not enough to keep us at this level at present . But i feel a name change would do more harm than good 

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