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  1. ArthurO

    The Law Cup

    Well. That wasn't the result we were hoping for ! What went wrong ? ? Or should I say, "What went right?"
  2. Barrow 18 Roughyeds 22
  3. Watched the game on 'Barrow TV' ? ? Well done to the Roughyeds. First game of the season. Gets rid of a few cobwebs. We made a good start then seemed to ease off. The Barrow lads put up a good show and, with a bit more luck, would probably put some more points on the board against us later in the game. If I had any real criticism of our lads I would say they were slow in getting up off the floor after they'd made a tackle and as such we were penalised too many times for 'laying on'. Can't afford to do that in the Championship. But a win's a win. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Has Garry Schofield had anything (positive) to say about us, yet ? P.S. Wishing a Happy New Year, Happy New Decade and a Happy New Season to all the fans, the manager, the team and anyone associated with our beloved ROUGHYEDS !
  5. ArthurO

    Good Tidings

    Ah, yes ! The famous 'Twin Towers' of Wembley. So near yet so far ! I've lost count of the number of times over the last 65 years that I've supported the Roughyeds that I've walked away at the final whistle of a cup game, heartbroken. But always thinking to myself, oh well, may be NEXT year we'll get there. Let's hope that 2020 is finally THAT year ! Fingers crossed, we live in hope. Meanwhile, I wish a Very Merry Christmas to all my fellow ROUGHYEDS, the Team, Matt Diskin and indeed everyone associated with our Great and Famous Club. P.S. I haven't actually lost count of the number of times over the last 65 years we haven't got to Wembley. It's 65 !
  6. Sadly another great Roughyed from years gone by, leaves us. Thanks for your service, Frank. R.I.P.
  7. Welcome and thanks for joining us on our forum, Pierre. I haven't a clue what Stevo has said but, as a fellow Roughyed I'm sure he speaks for all of us. The best I can think of in French, Pierre is: 'Avez vous une cuppa' ?
  8. I agree with you about John Cogger he was a joy to watch and never gave anything less than 100% in every game he played. Not so sure about Bob Lindner though. He arrived in an expensive 'blaze of glory' supposedly as the 'World's best Forward' at that moment in time. But I don't remember doing anything special or setting our world on fire. In fact in one game he played at Wakefield he seemed to spend most of his time out on the right wing for some reason, rather than getting stuck in with the forwards as he should have done. If I remember correctly he didn't stay with us long, before he went back to Aus. ?
  9. Happy carefree days indeed ! Whether home or away, every game was an 'adventure'. But, never in a million years did I think that within a few short years of this photo being taken (1990 ish ?) we should fall, so far and so fast into near oblivion for so long. I'm sad and I'll NEVER come to terms with what has happened to us and our beloved Watersheddings.
  10. Mine was a 1960 Austin Mini (NEY 406). I bought it in 1969. Cost me £45. A front wing was rotted and one headlight was higher than the other. The sills were solid fibre-glass. The battery fell through the rusted 'well' in the boot. The subframe collapsed. I painted the roof with white Dulux paint and it rained on it. That gave it a vinyl 'textured' appearance. The hinges rotted off the quarter 'wings' and the doors wouldn't close without slamming them. There was holes in the footwells and you could see the road surface through them. Everything that could fall off it, did do. A bit like a circus clown's car. It was completely unroadworthy, but it was my first car bought with my own money and I loved it !
  11. And sadly 121 years later history repeated itself. When they write a history of Oldham in the future they will say "The housing estate to your left was Watersheddings, once the much loved home of Oldham RLFC. In 1997 they played their last ever match here (on a cold, frosty and foggy winter's day) against Swinton RLFC". If only we could turn back time ? ?
  12. ArthurO

    The Final

    Could the Golden number have been 18-14 ? ?
  13. ArthurO

    The Final

    What can I say that hasn't already been said ? Roughyeds. Luv ya forever.
  14. Well. Now we know. Whatever the result against Hunslet, if we're going to go up, we're going to have to do it the hard way. Those early season results e.g. Workington at home, have come back to haunt us.
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