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  1. Well. There's a long, long, way to go but It's a good start and a step in the right direction.
  2. Dave. This season has been nothing less than an unmitigated disaster. But, can you, as the font of all (ORLFC) knowledge statistically speaking, tell us how does this season compare with (say) the disaster of season 1969/70 where we also finished next to the bottom of the league ? And/or, as a matter of interest, was there any other equally bad season during the history of our once 'illustrious' club ? In other words, Is this as bad as it gets or sadly have we ever been worse ?
  3. Sadly, with the way things are going right now, it may be more relevant to say "Are we going to play next season ?" rather than "Where are we going to play?"
  4. Creative ? ? Invent a time machine and take the Roughyeds back to the mid 1950s.
  5. and the number of 'four letter' words that I could use on that particular subject, would be immediately banned by the moderators !
  6. And to make matters even worse, Dave Butt is a Hairnets supporter !
  7. Hardly surprising that, is it ? There is little or nothing to be 'positive' about. This has got to be one of our worst seasons, ever, and sadly the future of the club does looks 'bleak'. What more is there for anyone to say, that hasn't already been said ? ?
  8. 'The former Harlequins RL, Leeds Rhinos and Toronto Wolfpack boss' Well, he's got certainly the credentials but this is going to be his most difficult job, to date. It'll be a proverbial 'miracle' if he can pull it off ! Fingers crossed.
  9. I'm old enough to remember season 1969/70 when we also finished next to bottom, one place above Blackpool Borough, having only won one game all season. But, the difference between now and 50 years ago is that the following season (1971) there was a complete change of club management i.e. a new Committee, the appointment of a great coach, Graham Starkey, and the quality signings of Frank Foster and Cliff Hill. There was a big 'investment for the future'. As a result. the turnaround in our fortunes from 1971 onwards was remarkable. But, arguably, the biggest reasons for success after the disaster of 1969/70 was that we still had our own beloved ground at Watersheddings i.e. a solid base on which to build a sense of 'belonging' and our success both on and off the field brought back the enthusiastic, income-generating, crowds Sadly for us, the reality is that 50 years later we are now 'nomads'. We no longer have a ground to call our own and success, if any, in League 1 won't bring back big crowds together with the subsequent finances to enable us to 'invest in the future' as we did half a century ago. In my opinion, our future does indeed look bleak. I really hope I am wrong.
  10. One game from superleague ? Don't remind me. Sadly, it was yet another one of many 'I was there' memories. And if I remember correctly, Widnes beat us at Spotland and then declared bankruptcy the very next day ! OK ! As for 'Fordy', I didn't realise that he was off to USA. It didn't mention that on the Leicester Tiger's (BBC) news site. It just says that he's 'leaving'.
  11. Our previous coach, Mike Ford, is now leaving Leicester Tigers and being replaced with Kevin Sinfield. Does anyone think 'Fordy' might be interested in the gaff again i.e. take pity on us, even if it's only until the end of the season ? ? Or would he be too 'expensive' ?
  12. Can I be the only person that remembers 'Adele' from all those years ago ? She had 'strong' reservations about Hamilton and his ownership of our beloved club. As I recall she was much derided at the time. But, in hindsight, maybe she had a premonition of the future and the perilous position in which we now find ourselves ? ?
  13. Yes ! WE are sure. Does that answer your question ? ?
  14. The only positive we can pull out of this sorry state of affairs is that, next season, we can look forward to some cracking local derbies against Swinton and the Hairnets. In front of crowds of possibly more than 50 people (and one dog).
  15. I often think I must have done something really bad in a previous life, to be reincarnated as a Roughyed supporter.
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