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The following has just been posted on Facebook by Chairman Steve Neale:-

Obviously we have had a couple of disappointing results and performances in our last two home fixtures but I think we need to put it in to context. We received £150,000 from the RFL as a promoted team whilst the top teams from last year received half a million plus and Leigh £1.2 million as a parachute payment. The RFL have had a strategy for years to even up Super League by only allowing the clubs the same funding and only spending the same maximum amount yet in our division we simply don't have a level playing field. This is a chosen strategy from the RFL all designed to make the middle eights competitive but to the detriment of our league. With a full squad we were so competitive early in the season but when injuries have occurred we simply haven't got the funds to go out and sign like for like replacements. Our squad has been stretched to the limit and our coaching team have done a brilliant job keeping it all together. With a week's break to recharge our batteries I ask you all to keep the faith and get behind the players. Many of our injured players are on the mend and will return for the Championship Shield. This will still be a season to remember if, with the fans backing, we secure our place in the division.

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Thanks Jane, Steve, nail hit head on. I could ask why is this allowed to happen? But I would only be accused of being naive and stupid. Let's not even ask how this impacts the bottom eight Championship clubs.

The second point is spot on. Yesterday was so disappointing but 24 hours gives us time to get over it, and I have, and if we can put a team out anywhere near what we started the season with, we WILL do it.

PS. I did like that Frog forward.

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At the start of the campaign we;d have settled for being 5 pts clear of relegation with home matches to play against Batley, Roichdale and Swinton in our final seven fixtures.

We must be realistic and overall this has been a good campaign thus far.  Ok, we all know that the wheels have come off in recent weeks but we now have two weeks to prepare for the final push for safety.  Can we stay up?  Of course we can.  It will be tough but we should be ok in my opinion.

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