Aston coy on Sheffield Eagles future

Sheffield Eagles head coach Mark Aston has hinted that his future might be away from the club.

Aston, who has been the club’s head coach since its revival 17 years ago, saw his side lose in the Championship Shield Final at Bradford on Sunday.

Speaking after the match, Aston was coy about what was next for both the club and himself.

“I need to get on holiday for a month or two,” he said.

“There are things happening with the club and I’ve got to look at what it entails for Mark Aston. I started this journey 17 years and I told them to go find another job a month ago which breaks my heart. I’ve got a nucleus of players here I can build and develop, but I had to tell them they need to find another club potentially. A lot depends on me as to what is left. If we can’t keep hold of these lads, it’ll be harder than it was 17 years ago.

“I’ve been heavily entailed for the last 17 years as a board member, so do I need to step away from that and get on the field? There needs to be changes, our chairman has left after 17 years and he’s been outstanding, he’s been a pillar of strength.”

“The issues we had were out of our hands and the fans have raised £20,000 to keep the club afloat. Without the fans we’re nothing. The reasons they put their bodies on the line is for the fans and we want to show them we do care.”