Bodene Thompson pleads case of Toronto return

Bodene Thompson believes Toronto will prove their value to the sport if readmitted to Super League.

Thompson, who remains contracted to the Wolfpack but is currently with Leeds for the season, says their issues are down to former owner David Argyle and not the franchise itself.

The forward Warrington Wolves forward argued the case of the Wolfpack, saying clubs will have a different perspective on Toronto if they visit the club.

“I think that it’s just unexplainable how good the crowds are,” he said.

“One of our team-mates posted a pictured from the first game and then the Grand Final last year and every game was like that. The fans are just crazy. Getting rugby league on new eyeballs is going to generate a lot of good things. Getting that sense of rugby league to a different set of eyes, you can’t put a price on it.

“Nobody wants it to go under and they haven’t been paid, we haven’t since June. They still want it to go forward because I think you have to be in it to know it, but when the clubs come over to play it’s just crazy, the expansion, I can’t dwell on it enough, it’s going to be massive for the game. They all still back it because they want it to be work and it will be significant.”

Thompson believes there is an unfair perception of the Wolfpack.

“I don’t know how people view Toronto but I think it has been viewed wrong. David’s a public man, he likes to be in the media. But I think if teams came over and just see how it is run, the game day, how the fans are, how they interact, it’s a different type of interaction. It’s one of the biggest sporting cities in Canada. They do things different and it’s amazing how they do it. I think fans from other clubs look at it as a holiday and they still get to watch their favourite team.

“Everyone has been doing it tough. It’s fortunate that a few of us players can go to other clubs for a short stint and some boys that have jobs and are working where they can. But there are boys that are struggling, that don’t have jobs or a club to go to. But saying that, I’ve got to reiterate it’s not a Toronto Wolfpack problem, it’s one sole person that hasn’t paid and lived up to our contractual agreement. I know it is harsh to say as he’s put in so much money but it’s just sad what’s happened at the end.”