Farrell: If it wasn’t for call-ups, we’d have won the league

Wigan and England star Liam Farrell says it’s vital that the Warriors start the season with a bang in 2016 – and says that the number of international call-ups the club had 12 months ago played a part in their sluggish start.

Farrell believes that had the Warriors found a way to get over their slow start they could have actually gone on to top Super League, but admits that it’s difficult when you have a number of players that have played international rugby and subsequently found it difficult having missed a chunk of pre-season training.

“I never thought anything of it until I was (involved) and you do miss a lot of pre-season, you’re quite a bit behind when you start,” Farrell told WiganToday.net.

“Obviously the more players you have in the England team, the harder it’s going to be – and we had the most of any team in the league.

“We need to make sure we find a way of starting pretty well because we’ve not done that for the last few years.

“However that is, we’re going to have to – if we’d have had that (solution) last year I think we’d have probably won the league.”