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    Just seen this on the BBC. Of course the ground share should be stopped. It's ridiculous. Hull City should pi** off and find their own ground, after all, they get millions from SKY for their kickabouts.
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    Saw a funny tweet from Gareth Walker saying how this could all be sorted in 5 minutes if the teams allowed da Silva and Lee Radford a quiet chat in a private room lol
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    And a coach who can coach.
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    Personally I think one of the most important things DP has changed is the culture at Cas and this ultimately underpins everything else. I think the Cas of today is the fruit of what Powell started from day one at the club. We were terrible all round under Basil (No wonder as at the time our leadership players included the likes of Ryan Mcgoldrick and Rangi Chase - both of whom were notoriously bad trainers amongst other things). Rangi alluded to how bad the culture used to be and how good it is on his return recently. I heard at the time of Basil's tenure a number of Cas players would 'end' training early, start late and on occasions not turn up. DP's 1st season recruitment was key looking back. Chase out, Mcgoldrick had long since gone, Ferres out. IMO he also made 3 key signings in terms of culture change: Lynch -one of the hardest trainers in the game. Dorn - good attitude and all round bloke. Finn - see above 3 leaders, HIS guys who would help drive HIS culture change. This underpinned huge changes around training, prep and style of play. I think he has always had a vision for how he wanted the game played and has held to it, gradually signing players who he felt would fit this vision, had or could have the sills he needed and fitted the culture at the club. He's also done so very patiently signing young players to develop. He has created a style of play which I think differs to most other teams, when Cas attack they seem to put more players in motion and involve more players ie forwards ball handling. You can see plays coming but it's still hard to defend because so many defenders have to make decisions individually. He's also created a style of play that players enjoy playing which helps on the field but also with recruitment and retention. So far this season our defence also looks better - remains to be seen if we can keep this up. I also think conditioning wise we look in really good nick. We looked physically very ready even in pre season. IMO Cas's (relative) success is down to a combination of having the right culture, identifying/recruiting the right players, developing a difficult to combat style of play and have a team who enjoy playing rugby as a team. Long may it continue.
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    Myself Mick and Alan Varty (along with Alans wife) around three years ago in the local pub in Broughton West Cumbria. Mick and his wife were over from Australia on holiday and he came to the village to visit his old team mate Les Gorley (and re live old memories with a host of other Workington Town players who came from the village) Town were big rivals to Widnes in the late seventies, especially when it came to the Lancashire Cup, and Mick was often the difference between winning and losing . Fond memories of a great player and also a great guy. RIP Marra.
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    And while we're about it, a casserole with a pastry lid cooked separately isn't a pie.
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    He can moan all he likes - the council and not Hull City own the ground!
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    Dickin Sheffield always gives me a glow. The rotund one will be displeased this evening. ???
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    Well seems like I get a backlash for wanting to see Canadian players playing. They have a team that is going to walk this league, this is from a supporter of league 1 team. This is the time to blood Canadians, not when they move up the leagues & the standard is higher. Playing 2 per match isn't going to effect their performances & may actually help the Canadian development. but I guess it seems like many people don't actually care about seeing actual Canadians play this great game.
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    A very big thank you to the steward at todays match who found my wallet and handed it into the Hornets Office. The girl in the office says that she will point the steward out to me at the next home match so I can thank and reward him. I had got all the way back to Rawtenstall before I discovered I had lost it. I drove back over to Rochdale thinking I had left it in the Tesco Express. When that proved not to be the case I went back to the ground. The were just ready to lock the office up as I arrived and made my day when they said it had been handed in. The wallet contained all my Bank cards, Driving Licence Trade cards etc plus £50 or so. I was one relived happy bunny. Many thanks again to the steward. I will meet up with you at the next game I hope.
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    Hull KR fans have had their fair share of bad press over the years, but they were impeccable throughout the minutes' silence for Norman Smith............ Well done to them and thanks to Norman for some great memories. RIP, sir
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    There have been "suggestions" from certain sections of Huddersfield Town's support that when they are in the Premier league next year, their chairman will look to "kick the giants out" of the stadium, without actually realising that HTAFC or Dean Hoyle don't own the stadium and therefore it is not their decision to make. Ironically until this year the stadium had never been full for a football game, it still hasn't when you take segregation into account, although they have had 2 sell outs apparently this season. Most fartown fans i think would be happy to move out and let the football do it alone, providing we were compensated enough to buy and build our own facility. As for the pitch, Ray Fletcher, the long standing groundsman at the stadium has always maintained that football causes more damage to the pitch than RL., i think it's just a case of pampered footballers don't like getting muddy when diving and rolling around!
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    You have to allow time for the national anthems.
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    The KC is a cracking rugby league venue, get rid of the soccer club.Simples.
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    5 minutes?, I can't believe it would take more than a few seconds for da Silva to dive on the floor before "contact" was made. If he didn't like the set up then why did he agree to become their manager? Will probably be less of a problem when they're relegated at the end of the season anyway.
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    The Wolfpack are not the saviours, what they are is an approach unheard of in this country. They are building momentum before they have even played a home game. There are serious lessons to be learned from their approach, if they last one season, 10 seasons or a become a a cornerstone of the game they certainly will be teaching us lessons along the way.
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    Good, because one thing this game needs is someone who knows how to publicise and not be afraid of rocking boats to do it.
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    One of the worst performances ive seen in a long time. forwards bullied all afternoon, defence was abysmal and the team spirit we built our season on last season was nowhere to be seen. bear in mind this was against a team thrown together less than 8 weeks ago. The sporting equivalent of trying to thumb in a softy. Some soul searching needed in this squad, we cant have gone so far backwards since last season.
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    I know most folk regard Daryl Powell as a terrific coach but the transformation of some of the playing staff there and the confidence with which they're all playing is phenomenal. So how has this occurred? Andy Lynch, dumped from Hull FC shortly after Ellis came over, now playing fantastic at 35. Greg Eden, a laughing stock not long since, now having a great time. Greg Minikin, signed from York and shipped out on loan to Batley during last season, now odds on for top SL try scorer?. Luke Gale, normally more worried about his hair than his attacking formation, now strolling through defences. Zak Hardaker, Jake Webster, Paul McShane, Mike McMeeken, Gadwin Springer, Ben Roberts....most of these players have been rejects of a sort. It goes on and on, what's the secret? Great stuff, everyone's second team? I assume we're all looking forward to Thursday 6th April when Cas visit the Piedome, something of a mouth watering clash that one.
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    As much as it seems quite a controversial opinion judging by social media, this wouldn't bug me that much. I can see the logic behind it. Its not like it would be for a whole season anyhow. What alternatives are there? Elland Road - would be my first choice but probs not Hetheringtons money wise. Perhaps could be used for selected big games with only the lower tier open. WF stadiums - all far too small Huddersfield - probably alright as an option but doesn't have the RFL profitable stadium aspect. Valley Parade - wouldn't make sense when odsal is right there. Anywhere further out ie. Oakwell is simply too far out when Odsal is there.
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    Phil is a good mate of mine and had he not got injured in the 76 semi at half time we would of won the double
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    Hopefully Wakey will have more luck than Wigan in that respect.
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    I'd agree with that, we were terrific in parts esp Tyson, Lippy and Hewitt. Just a couple of errors hurt us and some sloppy defending at times. For the most part though superb performance..
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    Farcical statement Seeing the back of the clown will make me happy Seeing my team embarrassed wont
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    No thanks, like you lot, I need to get my laughs from somewhere - there were certainly none to be had at Odsal this afternoon!
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    Last 10 minutes of both halves killed us! Awesome game of rugby with everything but came away thinking we'd been robbed.
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    Well we played our " Get Out Of Jail Free " card there today alright. After an error strewn first half performance that somehow saw us with our noses in front at 14-6 in spite of 3 relatively easy kicks at goal all being missed I said to my pal " Well we can't play that bad again ". Well I was right, we were worse. I know the ball was greasy and I know we had a tough game last week and our opponents didn't play at all but the number of mistakes we made was unbelievable. We made every mistake in the " Dumb Rugby Handbook ". Probably the worst being were Danny Bridge threw a wild pass straight into touch after a scrum when we'd gone about 5 minutes with no ball at all. When we finally managed to put some coherent sets together in the last five minutes we actually looked like we knew what we were doing and managed to get two converted tries. Throughout the game we had no problem getting over the Oldham line, we just had major problems getting into their half. I reckon we must have scored every time we got good ball in their 25 but we didn't do it often enough. For large parts of the game we were out enthused by a hard working Oldham side who will probably go away thinking " How did we not win that one ? " Their kicking game especially caused us problems throughout the game. Pluses for Hornets were Danny Yates who looked really sharp and Josh Crowley who was our best forward. Not many of the other players covered themselves in glory in a poor performance. We need to learn how to build pressure and that in this league you don't have to score on every play. Our defence was good given the amount of tackling we had to do and we stuck at it until the end but that was a point we were lucky to come away with.
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    But the manure all over it helps the grass grow.
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    our 2nd try is an absolute peach http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/10799872/widnes-0-34-castleford
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    He doesn't waste his time texting.
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    The answer is simple - Daryl Powell is the best coach in Super League by a country mile. I think this obsession with off the cuff rugby, the so called "English style" as opposed to safety first does a disservice to Daryl Powell. At no point do Cas play in a way I would describe as unstructured or risky. On the contrary they have played to a highly effective set pattern in every game I've seen so far. The champagne rugby only happens when they've torn teams to shreds up the middle. Just look at the clever way they rotate their forwards, particularly Springer and Millington, in every game - completely predictable every time but it still works. In other words, they're only able to do the flashy stuff because it's built on an effective defense and a well thought out game plan. Not to mention his man-management skills which have seen players careers turned round and young guys reaching their full potential.
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    Awful everything about today just awful. Can't remember such a ###### game how on earth a team as poor as Bradford can score that many points speaks volumes about our performance today! We never looked interested which is the worrying part for me!
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    ok john,shouldnt have asked her,shes talking about chip shops in the 1980s now
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    Entertaining pre-season game between two clubs only four or five miles apart; Brixton Bulls 56 South London Silverbacks 18. Forty-five players turned out - great effort all round.
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    We're Rugby League fans. We don't want enthusiasm and partiality - bring back the calm and even-handed likes of Mick Morgan!
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    good restart , need to keep the kettle boiling .
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    12-6 Town Higginson try Forber goal
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    Just seen a Tweet from someone who's found the match on TV in Portugal. Blimey!
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    Silva is getting his excuses in early just in case the Targers get relegated.
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    IMO Walsh was a panic buy, but quoting stats of these imports just paints a picture of lack in other areas. Missing 10 tackles but completing 49 tells me he was involved. Where were the French defenders helping out one their play makers? What were French markers doing? Catalans got rid of Pellissier and Escare. Both are doing well now being well coached without influence of their CEO. As a pass holder for 8 years at Cats (not now) I've seen they haven't changed and Bernard's money has been great but his influence over coaching and recruitment has been wrong. IMO the squad is the weakest it's been for a long time.
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    Stats tell the true story: possession: Eels 57% completion: Eels 83% St G 69% run metres: Eels 1384 - 1126 line breaks: Eels 7-3 Eels ran harder and halfs played smarter of the back of it. Norman, Radradra and French were all outstanding while Takairangi, Moeroa, Ma-u, Mannah, Matagi all played to usual high-grafting standards. Eels have too much firepower, especially when Norman and French drift into the side of Jennings and Radradra. Everything just happens too fast.
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    What a fantastic league the championship is... you can't (excluding HKR) call any of the games. I expect Today's game to be another close one, hopefully with no last minute penalty kicks required. Perfect day... Roughyed's win, no injuries and Tyson not getting sent off.
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    Only once the football club have reached the conference league unfortunately
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    The sooner the soccer club move in with Middlesbrough soccer club the better for the sports fans of the City of Hull.
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    Apple pie with custard. What are you lot on about?
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    Teach rapists not to rape! Yeah but they do and for the foreseeable future will do... so make it as difficult as possible for them. It's pretty simple really. This has become such an emotive and political issue that even offering common sense preventative advice is now seen as victim blaming. I completely agree that there are accepted opinions that you cannot deviate from or your are a misogynist, transphobe, racist etc. This in itself isn't a problem as there always have been accepted opinions, it is an almost universally accepted opinion in the UK that we shouldn't treat somebody badly based on their sex, race or religion. This is a consensus that has taken a long time to evolve with some groups taking longer to adapt than others. We are now at the stage where virtually everybody would call somebody out for this. However, the left now has a wide variety of these accepted opinions yet they are often far from being proven, relatively modern developments and have nothing like a consensus of opinion. I'm thinking of issues like abortion, trans issues, gender identity as well as modern feminist and anti-racist movements that are far more political and dogmatic. I don't necessarily disagree with them on all of these issues (I do with some) but rather than engage and debate they've decided that they're right and everyone else who disagrees is a bigot.
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    The referees only influence the games because the players are either a. Pushing the rules to the limits to see how much they can get away with or b. Milking penalties in the other direction. If the players were more disciplined the referees would have less to do. I am of course aware that this occurs in all sports but in Rugby League we seem to change the interpretation of the rules to suit the players and coaches. Nobody wanted to feed the scrum straight so we let it become a farce, nobody wants to play the ball properly as it is too slow so we let them do whatever they like. The referees are influencing games far less than they could/should be because they could literally blow a penalty on every single play. Let's point the fingers at the coaches and players not the referees.
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    Before the season started after reviewing our fixture list if anybody predicted we would be second in the table after 5 games with only 1 loss (by 1 point). With the best defence and scoring 30 or more points in the 3 away fixtures everybody would have been mighty happy with the team. Yes a dissapointing result Sunday but we should be pleased where we are.

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