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    I'd prefer a straightforward structure that had roughly the same number of clubs in each division, playing each other home and away, and at the end of those fixtures, the old 'top 5' playoff system in place, the same in each division, leading to a Grand Final in each division to determine who wins the title. Grand Final winners get promoted to the higher division. Club at the bottom of each league gets relegated. Easy to understand, easy to promote, easy for clubs to plan their whole season ahead, the best clubs win the best stuff, the worst ones don't have to insult the intelligence of the paying public by playing for consolation prizes that few people care about. Plus, regardless of which division your club finds itself in, the knowledge that the structure is identical to all the others, so no whingeing about one being fairer than the other.
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    I'm sorry Bob but that's not right. The issue about travel is about broken promises and being misled. I'm not sure if it was the RFL or Toronto who did the misleading but it's not something that clubs should just accept without question. In Barrow's case I think their main point is about the whole lop-sided nature of the fixture list which is a perfectly valid argument. How can a fixture list be fair when a club goes away to another club twice yet some haven't even gone at all ? And I'm not just talking about Toronto, it is repeated throughout the fixtures. My own club play York away this week, which will be our second time visiting them this season yet we haven't played them at home at all, just as we've played Toronto at home twice but not away. Can you imagine the uproar there'd be if SL had a similar fixture list where, for example, Wigan had to go to Leeds twice but never played them at home ?
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    I was out there a month ago. I managed to get lunch (pasta, salads - proper food) for approximately $10 (£6.50) per day. We landed on Thursday afternoon and departed late Sunday evening. Toronto put a lovely meal on for us on the Thursday night so I didn't have to spend anything that night. Over the weekend I spent $80 (£50) on food. Not one member of our squad, or staff, moaned about having to shell out £50-70 on food. I cannot believe what I'm reading here I really can't.
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    There is obviously a conception among many that £3k is a pittance even to Champ 1 clubs, I can assure you it isn't, Barrow I'm sure arnt the only lower league club that have an INDEPENDENT supporters club who try and raise extra funds for their club (how dare they!) Barrow's board of directors havnt set this up, they don't tell them how to raise money they are just trusted to use the cash the best way possible, so if £3k is raised I'm sure it will be used to help fund a trip overseas. Maybe the wording of the fundraising article is having a dig at RFL/Toronto, but if those are the facts of what's happened who's to argue, although there are many that don't let the truth spoil a good story. Well done Barrow's INDEPENDENT supporters trust on trying to help their club.
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    Wolfpack fan here, totally new to RL (didn’t know there were two codes) and gotta say I’m loving it and trying to get as much knowledge about the game in as I can. One thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a lot of negativity around the RFL and how it promotes the game in general as well as the challenge cup. I think that if the Wolfpack gets drawn against another full time team in next year’s cup that the RFL should bring the game to Canada. Right now anything related to the Wolfpack gets a ton of media attention so why not leverage that by playing the game outside of England to generate a ton of media coverage globally and help expose the North American market to the game. The RFL won’t have to do any promoting (win in their eyes from what I’ve read) as the media will do its job and Eric Perez will work his magic on getting a buzz going in Canada surrounding the game. Also I really think that the trophy is pretty bad ass so I would love to see it in person. What say’s the M62 corridor?
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    Barrow have blamed their financial situation on having too many home games against expansion clubs that few of their own supporters want to attend. Some clown, who only gave his first name, even went to the effort of saying the expansion clubs shouldn't be in the division in a column in their programme. Is it any wonder people won't go and see the games when their own programme is saying the opposition aren't worthy of sharing the same pitch as them? It's idiots like that that are killing the sport.
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    I started reading this thread about Rugby league and finished it by becoming an expert on North American junk food, paper plates and where to get a good cup of coffee in Toronto. Lets get back on topic as some of the replies here have bordered on the farcial. The INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB, which at the moment is a group of ladies, decided to raise some money for the club. End of. Because THEY want the money to go towards the Toronto trip, not the club because they haven't mentioned it and didn't even know crowdfunding was taking place. So please don't slag barrow Rugby Club off because of it. Yes, they will accept the money i'm sure but look at it another way. That will free up money intended for the trip to be put to other causes. Some posters commented it should go to ametuar level teams or for youth development. For information, Barrow Rugby have put aside thousands of pounds on a youth development program that sees over a hundred kids up to age 16 regularly attending Craven Park training sessions. This had developed into a team playing in the national college league with the formation of an acadamy team and ultimately in the near future, a reserve team. Not many semi and full time pro teams can say that. So please stop slating a group of great girls, who incidentally did a great job in raising a lot of money for the Danny Jones fund and his family. End of rant. Back to playtime if you want.
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    Let me get this right. Players and staff are given the opportunity to travel to one of the great cities of the world. Flights and accommodation paid for, plus breakfast thrown in for good measure. They play in front of a crowd that's ten times what they're used to back home. The game is on TV as well. After the game they're given beer tokens by the Wolfpack and the chance to have a cracking time meeting the locals. Yet because they have to spend a few quid (let's be generous and say £50) on food, the whole trip is criticised?! The university accommodation is fantastic. Beds are comfortable, the showers are good. WHAT THE HELL DO PEOPLE WANT? A 5 STAR HOTEL?! I cannot believe what I'm reading here I really can't.
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    My 2 cents worth on this matter: a) I think its great that there are some Barrow fans working in support of the club even if perhaps some aspects such as the wording are perhaps not so "refined". b ) If the terms of Toronto entering the league were to fully cover food and board for the visiting players, they should step up and do so. Truthfully, all other arguments aside the costs are really a negligible addition to their budgets vs the goodwill and public perception gained by doing so. c) Whether the terms did or did not actually include such (although I have no reason to doubt Bearman) TWP easily could still make arrangements for set price meals at discounts at a great many eating establishments - thousands of them in Toronto would happily consider such arrangements, especially if some nice press came out of it. d) Barrow did get the short end of the stick this year in home and away scheduling, and I have no doubt it has hurt them notwithstanding the unexpected gate they got. Were I TWP management I would be acting in such a manner that issues such as this were headed off before they ever became public domain. If they did not entirely understand the fragility of much of this league financially prior to entering, they certainly do now and they should be heading off issues like this - really, as former executive management myself in more then one transnational I would have done so in the blink of an eye.
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    This has quickly become the most insignificant and pointless topic I have read on these forums. If we could get the Supporters Club to say a few hail Marys and promise not to raise any more money for their club would that be enough to bring an end to this inane drivel.
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    Three years ago I'd never seen a full game of rugby league. Now if I've got a free Sunday afternoon I'll be listening to Batley v Swinton on the radio while refreshing Twitter for the latest scores. There's no sport like it. The players are as brave as lions yet have the grace and dexterity of olympic gymnasts. The supporters are magnificent. Everyone pulls together in times of crisis. Yet the governance at the very top, and certain individuals like that cretin from Barrow, are killing the sport. They simply cannot grasp the fact that the sport will cease to exist without the likes of Toronto and London being successful. Rugby league has a rich and famous history but unless it drags itself into the 21st century its days are numbered.
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    Traditionally Hull Fc are West Hull with Hull KR being East Hull. As the city is divided by the river hull this has acted as a handy boundary marker over the years. Both sides of the city have always had a slightly different character with the west side of the city home to the fishing industry and the east side home to the city's trade docks and heavy industry. The community's that grew up around these differing conditions were somewhat separate, so; even aside from the two rugby teams Hull has always been a 'divided city'. However, over time things have changed. Hull endured the worst WW2 bombing of any British city outside of London. Large swathes of the city were devastated and over 90% of the cities housing stock was either damaged or destroyed. The upshot of this was that vast numbers of houses (largely in the form of council estates) were thrown up after the war to house the dispossessed and so people moved to different areas of the city. Couple that with the slum clearances in the 60's and 70's (after new, even larger estates were built on the city's outskirts) and the decline in the fishing industry; there was a whole lot of people movement. This continues to this day. So, although Hull FC command a greater amount of their support from west Hull; they draw support from all over the city, and the same is true for Hull KR. There are areas like the Hessle Road area in west Hull and the southcoates/Preston road/ Marfleet area of East Hull that are probably a 90% - 10% split, but most other areas of the city are more evenly matched (although as a Rovers fan I will admit that Hull FC have always had the larger fan base by some distance.) I'm a Rovers fan and was brought up in East Hull but have largely lived in west Hull as an adult. I hope this is in some way helpful.
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    The shields do feel meaningless and just fillers till the end of the season what we do about that I don't know, could it be replaced with a combination of both shields and make it a knock out comp? Would that grab more teams attention as everybody would be starting from a clean slate, and have some sort of chance of winning something after what would have been a disappointing season? The only 8s that definitely grab a bit of enthusiasm / drama are the qualifiers. The Super 8s this season also seem worthwhile as 2nd-4th is up for grabs for plenty of clubs, something that didn't really happen before
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    How about comparing to the Kiwi players who got caught in possesion down under its an absolute farcical situation.
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    In the interests of clarity could you rephrase the title of this thread to "Barrow SUPPORTERS raising money for Toronto trip"?
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    I agree with this. The salary is not a bugbear for me either. The question is whether he is leading and driving the game forward in key areas. He is falling short in some very significant areas in which he has clear control. His style isn't going to change. For example, in the mid 1990s there was a women's game during the premiership finals at Old Trafford. Twenty years later we are playing the women's Challenge Cup final at a local amateur ground and have launched a women's SL and literally told no one. The game can't afford to put its feet up on issues like this and England RL. The parade will pass by and catch up is a horribly difficult game to play.
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    Castleford a drawing a good percentage of their crowd from outside the town (e.g. Knottingley, Pontefract, Selby, Methley etc.) These are also crossovers for other local clubs. It is not cut and dried in terms of boundaries.
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    The issue is that for a club like Barrow (they have been Challenge Cup winners in the past) that £3k shouldn't be a lot of money to find even though it is. Same for the likes of Rochdale I mentioned earlier raising money for Winners medals last year. These are clubs playing in a professional environment - they need to act like it. Although this is done from a supporters group - where have they got the idea that the club is struggling to pay for this trip. Barrow should say thanks for the donation, but we are okay - we are going to use this towards community development - not to feed their players There's a mix of clubs below SL, some with ambitions to reach the top league then others who just want to exist it seems, then you hear Bearman quoting a chairman who wants to lose as not to be out of pocket - who exactly are running these clubs? What benefit to the sport are they? League One clubs get £50k (iirc) in Central funding from the league, while the top NCL Clubs get about £1000 towards travel costs, NCL clubs have many more active participants (juniors, players, parents, coaches, supporters etc) than some of these professional clubs. - I know where I'd invest more money for the good of the game
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    Admin of a company with a turnover of £25 Million, and Wood gets paid £314,000 per annum. That is way out of line with what people get paid in industry for running companies with much higher revenues than the RFL. To accept a "Light touch" admin style from someone who is so well rewarded, is unacceptable. The company I work for, based in the UK, has 6 times more revenue than the RFL, and 500 more employees, yet the Chief Exec gets paid £160K her annum plus bonus. Do you think he would get away with a "Light touch" admin approach. I don't think it's excessive to expect more from the RFL Leader. A bit of forward thinking, maybe even a bit of charisma, a man who works well with the media, says the right things in front of the cameras, and gives a generally positive picture of our game. Is Nigel that man? Absolutely not. The game is being short-changed by having this man in place.
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    Strange that Cas fans should be different to every other set of supporters in the last twenty years. Everybody understands that the main prize is to win the GF. To state that you would be happier winning the lesser prize is kind of weird.
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    The negativity of RL fans really pisses me off sometimes. Rather than rejoice in the first real expansion attempt in years, people would rather ###### and main about not getting fed a burger when someone has just paid for them to be flown 4000 miles for a stay in one of North America's great cities. What is wrong with people?
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    Their promising younger players will get snapped up by Super League clubs. Out of the rest, I'd only really be interested in Jonny Campbell.
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    Agreed to an extent but from Toronto's POV they've literally performed this entire logistical undertaking by themselves across two continents from scratch, both for their own players, staff and administrators for the entire year and also for the visiting teams on 11 occasions, they've sourced the finances, sponsorships, business connections etc to make it work from an both an on and off-field POV and they've done it entirely by themselves with no help or guidance from anyone. You can understand why they would maybe assume that the visiting teams would be capable of using Google to find somewhere to get a cup of coffee.
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    Current CRL President Paul O’Keefe is based in Vancouver. BC if memory serves only had one Wolverine fixture whilst Eric Perez was President from 2010 to 2015. BC has a stronger domestic competition than Ontario at the moment so deserves its games, though it is somewhat inopportune not to exploit Wolfpack mania in Toronto. The biggest asset BC has is coach Andy Blackburn, a Leeds man and well-respected coach in both codes. The Jamaica trip is awesome and I’m really pleased for their first open age international Test Match and hope it will be a resounding success and becoming a regular tour destination. Having the crunch USA game in Toronto will still bring in the crowds. I've had it confirmed by the Ontario Rugby League that the Wolverine game will follow the Wolfpack game and kick off at 7:30 pm. I haven’t managed to get an answer if this game will be ticketed or be packaged in with the Wolfpack ticket. They may well be taking exposure over potential gate revenue, perhaps with a percentage of total revenue instead.
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    I enjoyed it! And I say that because I enjoyed it not because Nige told me too. To not watch a film, or do something you enjoy, because you might agree with someone, whose politics or opinion are different to yours, is a bit sad!
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    This is semi professional sport. At the start of the season EVERY club has to decide how to "invest" its very limited resources. The Board have to decide if this season " they are going for it" or preparing for a push next season. If they decide they are going all out, they have to work out hom much they can afford to pay players, take a punt on how many win bonuses they will have to shell out for. They factor in al the outgoing costs and they base everything on another punt of how many people are going to come and pay. EVERY Rugby League in this country does that. Get any part of the equation wrong and either the club goes bust or someone stands the loss. Below Superleague ( and indeed even in Superleague) ALL clubs are constantly on a knife edge.There is no safety net. I was at the meeting when we voted to admit Toronto. We voted on the basis that as in the previous season when we went to Toulouse ALL costs would be covered. Subsequently we found out that that was not the case. I do not know of any club that factored a trip to Toronto into their budget let alone 2 trips. I have heard club chairmen admit that there are times when they secretly hope they lose as they cannot afford to pay out for win bonuses over and above the guesstimate they allowed for. Thats the reality of the economics of the game. NO club has spare money. Some clubs have done really well hosting Toronto others not so well. I applaud the Barrow supporters that started this initiative and I am pleased to say I have contributed. Can I plead for everyone else to chip in too?
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    Well done, very commendable. I am sure that all members will be pleased to see some of the income spent in this way. It is great to see this sort of tangible benefit from all efforts and contributions; some time ago there was a suggestion that a set of accounts was being prepared for the members to be reminded of the positive effects of their input - have these yet been circulated?
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    one 8's defeat to the best team in the comp by far and now there is nothing to play for ? you question man management while at the same time you have thrown the towel in with 1 win and 1 loss and 5 to go ?
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    Heres some others that are so long ago only Eric Wood and Mike Ashton will remember them!! We played 3 friendlies in 1952 and 1953 at a ground called "The Oval" inside Stanley Park, Blackpool. The games were against Salford (twice) and Huddersfield. The games were to drum up support for the soon to be elected to the rugby league, Blackpool Borough club. "The Oval" was originally going to be Boroughs home ground but they made an 11th hour decision to play at The Stadium, St Annes Road and stayed there until about 1963 when they moved to the purpose built Borough Park. We played friendlies in 1945 (v Wigan) and 1947 (v Salford) at the Giant Axe Ground at Lancaster, both attracted good crowds and both were lost narrowly. I think we also played at least one pre war charity game there too. We played a league game v Leigh at Holden Road Athletics Grounds, Leigh on 8/2/47 which was their temporary ground for a single season whilst Hilton Park was being built. They played at a ground called Mather Lane pre war where Barrow would have visited regularly. Another ground we would have visited regularly until their demise in 1939 was City Road, home of St Helens Recs. The amateur club Pilkington Recs are a direct decendant of this once successful pro club. three more grounds in the Capital were also visited in the 30s. Firstly the White City Stadium (close to QPRs Loftus Road) was visited by us when we played London Highfield in April 1934. Acton & Willesden who played at the Park Royal Stadium, Acton got a visit on 12/10/35 and we played Streatham & Mitcham twice at the Mitcham Stadium in 1936 (one of the games was farcically in the Lancashire Cup!) Finally we played Llanelli (Welsh amateur league club) over two legs in the first round on the RL Challenge Cup in Feb 1951 winning both legs comfortably but Ive no idea what the Welsh clubs ground was called.
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    Just for you Bob8/Evil Homer. Not even the merest hint of the phrase "absolute rubbish" in there.
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    This is one of the outstanding issues from the referendum. There were assurances from the Leave campaign that subsidies would be maintained. Essentially, we would keep the CAP. There are a few reasons to doubt this will happen: 1. It seems deeply immoral and undermines African agricultural economies. 2. The USA may not accept it. 3. The British Government might hesitate to afford it. The deeply negative Project Fear people will point to points 2 and 3 as major factors. Whereas, point 1 has become a really major, pressing issue for some Leave supporters in a way that it never has been previously.
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    Broncos: good. Cronulla: *$%&*!$!!%$&# (broken filter) On the advice of my legal team, I will refrain from discussing this game or any other Cronulla game until the end of the season.
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    Legend is often overused but not in his case.
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    Sad to hear. R.I.P. Chris Hesketh. A true Salford legend.
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    The more you tighten your grip, the more Parksiders will slip through your fingers...
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    I am going to treat myself and again visit the hallowed turf of Steboneath Park,Llanelli. It seems the club has had the first press publicity in the Llanelli Star newspaper where,just as in the online programme for the last home game groundsman/groundsperson Eddie Donne was praised.Fully deserved. I want to praise Andy Gay and Connor Farrer et al for remaining loyal - and playing while an apparent financial meltdown was happening around them. An opportunity for the 2nd successive victory - and against a side who have beaten them twice this campaign. I now learn that not only does a rail station serve those wise enough to want to visit Steboneath Park - but the National Express coach service can deliver people even closer to the excellent facility. Try it and see... Home win.Glorious weather.Brilliant pitch.Superb day.The coach and players are pretty good as well...
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    People who walk through town reading a book or on their phone. I've stopped diving out of the way for them now - 2 phones down in a week. One day i'm going to drop the shoulder and smash them, stand over the top of them and scream play the ball son!
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    Some people wander into the stadium wondering what's happening and get counted before they realise where they are. Compared to where they have been in the past, they are doing very well. They have made 'giant' strides.
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    The Netherlands coach Kane Krlic started his coaching career with us (North Derbyshire Chargers) in 2008 - he's a very good coach.
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    The thing is, we all know the fixtures in the league allowing for the 8's for all teams at all levels is a bit carp (for instance we've played the All Golds 4 times this season, all away) and especially for club's finances. Anyone who expected the integration of the Wolfpack to happen totally and utterly seamlessly and without some teething troubles has been, IMHO, dreaming a bit. Toronto coming into the league at any level has been great for the game, and ok it may have had a few bumps on the road but overall I think it's been a pretty successful start. All that's needed is some common sense at club level (a little bit of time researching prior to ANY trip goes a long way), a RFL-wide lessons learned session and everyone concerned to pull together to iron out those bumps on the road for the rest of the season and beyond......
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    perhaps they dont HAVE to raise the money. maybe they just WANT to. nothing wrong with that. maybe also its an easy win to jump on the current "Bame the RFL" bandwagaon.
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    Leeds cover the city apart from a small enclave of rebels in the south but Darth Hetherington has a plan to deal with them.
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    No pressure on Bradford is my big worry Why are we down if we lose this? One more win than Swinton and we're safe, a lot of defeatist stuff on here, keep the faith
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    And here's me thinking you were part of the literati BSJ when really your as common as muck like the rest of us!
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    The only decision at the last clubs meeting was to abolish the cup comp. Options for the league format are being worked on. It depends on how many teams are to be accommodated with various scenarios possible.
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    Favourite meal: steak and chips Favourite holiday: Benidorm Favourite drink: lager .........................................................................
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    I can`t think of a single Town coach over the years when every player agrees with the coaches methods , i my self have had bosses at work who i haven`t seen eye to eye with , but you just get your head down and carry on .Thinking a new coach is going to come along and everyone will be happy is pie in the sky , there are always cliques within teams .We have been unlucky in a few games and should have finished higher , we have played with one of the smallest packs in the league , something which needs addressed next season , without a big injection of cash we are where we are .Some of us from time to time , me included , have wanted to see more of our local players included , but sometimes they have come up short , Gordon Maudling however has proved if you are good enough and consistent enough you will nail down a place in the team . Something for all the fringe players to think about .
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    When we went out there last month Toronto put on a coach that collected us from the airport, took us to the stadium and back then dropped us off at the airport on the Sunday evening.
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    What junction on the M62 do I turn off to get to the ground?

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