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    I was out there a month ago. I managed to get lunch (pasta, salads - proper food) for approximately $10 (£6.50) per day. We landed on Thursday afternoon and departed late Sunday evening. Toronto put a lovely meal on for us on the Thursday night so I didn't have to spend anything that night. Over the weekend I spent $80 (£50) on food. Not one member of our squad, or staff, moaned about having to shell out £50-70 on food. I cannot believe what I'm reading here I really can't.
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    Barrow have blamed their financial situation on having too many home games against expansion clubs that few of their own supporters want to attend. Some clown, who only gave his first name, even went to the effort of saying the expansion clubs shouldn't be in the division in a column in their programme. Is it any wonder people won't go and see the games when their own programme is saying the opposition aren't worthy of sharing the same pitch as them? It's idiots like that that are killing the sport.
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    This has quickly become the most insignificant and pointless topic I have read on these forums. If we could get the Supporters Club to say a few hail Marys and promise not to raise any more money for their club would that be enough to bring an end to this inane drivel.
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    Three years ago I'd never seen a full game of rugby league. Now if I've got a free Sunday afternoon I'll be listening to Batley v Swinton on the radio while refreshing Twitter for the latest scores. There's no sport like it. The players are as brave as lions yet have the grace and dexterity of olympic gymnasts. The supporters are magnificent. Everyone pulls together in times of crisis. Yet the governance at the very top, and certain individuals like that cretin from Barrow, are killing the sport. They simply cannot grasp the fact that the sport will cease to exist without the likes of Toronto and London being successful. Rugby league has a rich and famous history but unless it drags itself into the 21st century its days are numbered.
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    Traditionally Hull Fc are West Hull with Hull KR being East Hull. As the city is divided by the river hull this has acted as a handy boundary marker over the years. Both sides of the city have always had a slightly different character with the west side of the city home to the fishing industry and the east side home to the city's trade docks and heavy industry. The community's that grew up around these differing conditions were somewhat separate, so; even aside from the two rugby teams Hull has always been a 'divided city'. However, over time things have changed. Hull endured the worst WW2 bombing of any British city outside of London. Large swathes of the city were devastated and over 90% of the cities housing stock was either damaged or destroyed. The upshot of this was that vast numbers of houses (largely in the form of council estates) were thrown up after the war to house the dispossessed and so people moved to different areas of the city. Couple that with the slum clearances in the 60's and 70's (after new, even larger estates were built on the city's outskirts) and the decline in the fishing industry; there was a whole lot of people movement. This continues to this day. So, although Hull FC command a greater amount of their support from west Hull; they draw support from all over the city, and the same is true for Hull KR. There are areas like the Hessle Road area in west Hull and the southcoates/Preston road/ Marfleet area of East Hull that are probably a 90% - 10% split, but most other areas of the city are more evenly matched (although as a Rovers fan I will admit that Hull FC have always had the larger fan base by some distance.) I'm a Rovers fan and was brought up in East Hull but have largely lived in west Hull as an adult. I hope this is in some way helpful.
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    The thing is, the so called big clubs bang on about you need to win a grand final. You don't. LLS is a major achievement for us. Even if we don't win the big one. Wakey, Salford and ourselves aren't big clubs, we take what scraps we can. Just so happens we have the best coach in the league. We should get better, but we won't get much bigger. So, so proud tonight.
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    6-8 game over. A famous victory for Hull!
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    so a potential win against haven or barrow in a derby doesnt appeal to you as long as certain fringe players are playing , OK , a money spinning semi final or even better a final is a long shot but isnt an underdog longshot and its finacial implications for the club worth at least a shot ?
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    Well done, very commendable. I am sure that all members will be pleased to see some of the income spent in this way. It is great to see this sort of tangible benefit from all efforts and contributions; some time ago there was a suggestion that a set of accounts was being prepared for the members to be reminded of the positive effects of their input - have these yet been circulated?
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    one 8's defeat to the best team in the comp by far and now there is nothing to play for ? you question man management while at the same time you have thrown the towel in with 1 win and 1 loss and 5 to go ?
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    What a post. Really puts this thread and the complaints of certain clubs and fans to bed. Glad you had a good time. Amazing what can be done with the right frame of mind.
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    Heres some others that are so long ago only Eric Wood and Mike Ashton will remember them!! We played 3 friendlies in 1952 and 1953 at a ground called "The Oval" inside Stanley Park, Blackpool. The games were against Salford (twice) and Huddersfield. The games were to drum up support for the soon to be elected to the rugby league, Blackpool Borough club. "The Oval" was originally going to be Boroughs home ground but they made an 11th hour decision to play at The Stadium, St Annes Road and stayed there until about 1963 when they moved to the purpose built Borough Park. We played friendlies in 1945 (v Wigan) and 1947 (v Salford) at the Giant Axe Ground at Lancaster, both attracted good crowds and both were lost narrowly. I think we also played at least one pre war charity game there too. We played a league game v Leigh at Holden Road Athletics Grounds, Leigh on 8/2/47 which was their temporary ground for a single season whilst Hilton Park was being built. They played at a ground called Mather Lane pre war where Barrow would have visited regularly. Another ground we would have visited regularly until their demise in 1939 was City Road, home of St Helens Recs. The amateur club Pilkington Recs are a direct decendant of this once successful pro club. three more grounds in the Capital were also visited in the 30s. Firstly the White City Stadium (close to QPRs Loftus Road) was visited by us when we played London Highfield in April 1934. Acton & Willesden who played at the Park Royal Stadium, Acton got a visit on 12/10/35 and we played Streatham & Mitcham twice at the Mitcham Stadium in 1936 (one of the games was farcically in the Lancashire Cup!) Finally we played Llanelli (Welsh amateur league club) over two legs in the first round on the RL Challenge Cup in Feb 1951 winning both legs comfortably but Ive no idea what the Welsh clubs ground was called.
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    We need to find out how much it is to sponsor a player,who's in the consortium, and which players are available needing a sponsor. Wilsden should be able to supply all the details.
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    Amber Ribbon Purchase Essential Squad Equipment. Shortly after the appointment of Neil Kelly it was identified that the team was badly in need of replacement Tackle Bags x 10.They are needed for practice sessions & pre-match warm up. The old ones have been in use for over 17 years as they were being used when Neil was previously the coach. A request from the team was tabled at an Amber Ribbon meeting and after due consideration the Amber Ribbon committee voted in favour of being able to finance new Tackle Bags at a value of £632.70. This was only made possible by the generosity of our members. Projects like this can only be funded by Amber Ribbon Members committing to Annual Membership & generous donations from the different methods of fund raising e.g. Raffles, Spread & Save, Donations, Trips to away games, Grand Final Trip to name just a few. On Sunday 13th August 2017 @ 2.30pm Pitch side the Amber Ribbon will be presenting the purchased Tackle Bags to Neil Kelly & the team as they enter the field of play for their warming up session.
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    apparently ex York Knights player is playing tomorrow in the USA Northern Final for New York Knights v Brooklyn Kings in New York City! not a bad player Neil. Played at Skolars as well I think. Gateshead-York-London-New York theres got to be a story there.
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    Saw on the scrolling news during the prematch that apparently four Greek teams have applied to join the Balkan Super League. How is the league doing in its first year? Must be doing well if another nation has do many teams wanting to join!
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    It's nothing to do with Toronto, it's to do with the insular, small-time attitudes prevalent within the sport at lower levels and the fact that Barrow's idiotic drivel last time they traveled to Toronto has apparently convinced some of their supporters that it is necessary to do a fundraiser just to make the trip, when that isn't really necessary at all and the problems last time were caused by Barrow's own incompetence and negative mindset. People trying to help their club is great but in this case the 'help' seems to be based on misinformation and a pathetic self-defeating attitude that exists within the lower levels of the sport and deserves to be called out. TBH I don't think any of the people commenting on this thread are actually Toronto fans, just people who are sick and tired of this ###### which is sadly predictable from certain corners of the game. (not talking about fans raising money BTW but the attitude which has led to this particular fundraising, as if this isn't already obvious).
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    Considering Bradford is increasingly academic, as the fan base continues to decline with whichever is the latest iteration of the Bulls club. But it is also a good example, historically, of why boundaries are of limited relevance. Odsal Stadium is at the very bottom Apex of the Bradmet district, within walking distance of Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds council districts. You can be out of Bradford within a ten minute walk. The met district stretches over into and up Airedale nearly to Skipton, and over the moor to Ilkley and Wharfedale. Much of the RL support in the Bradmet district is concentrated in South Bradford, the very bottom end of the district. But the support is also well represented across the borders into the neighbouring districts to the south, which is also the Odsal hinterland. It is far easier to get to Odsal from those areas, and nearer, than from most of the large part of the Bradford district north of the city centre. Most of the demographic across the central band of the city itself is little-interested in spectator sports, and once you get north and north west of the city centre it is more Bradford City soccer territory. Further out you have Keighley RL and a fair bit of Union. I live in a large village on the Bradford side of the Aire Valley, about 9 miles from the stadium, midway between Bradford and Keighley. Even at the Bulls' peak, there were not that many Bulls supporters out our way.
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    As a Wolfpack fan, I can't see the need for all the negativity from Toronto supporters on this thread. Don't be so thin skinned about the wording of the message. It is great that the Barrow supporters group got together to help out their team. Good on them. The Wolfpack were put in League One partly so they could work out issues involved with travel. I'm sure the feedback from all of the visiting teams will be reviewed at the end of the season so that improvements can be made.
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    You really believe that in this day an age you get employers who are sympathetic to employees who decide to play a sport outside of work on a semi pro contract? I can just see it at my place . Hey gaffer you know how I have to leave early twice a week to make training and I can't do any overtime on Sat & Sunday although I'd earn more than chucking a ball around . Could you be sympathetic and let me have two days off to go to Canada at four weeks notice!!! oh and if I get injured and cant get back for Tuesday will you still pay me. And I might just be useless on Tuesday as my body clock will be up the wall. And if you don't let me go my mates will be upset !! Seems to me you've tried the game and failed miserably to be so bitter ? If barrow can raise £3000 from thier supporters in less than a week just for expenses to Toronto then they are in great shape for the championship. Oldham , swinton, Sheffield should take note
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    Its quite simple. Dry weather, play dry weather football. Wet weather. play wet weather football. Adapt to the conditions.
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    The lack of respect for the ball by some players is disgraceful. Phil Clarke was right to point to it yesterday; often they are so obsessed with trying to play the ball quickly or seal-flop that they lose all notion of their obligation to keep hold of the thing.
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    David, there is nothing between the sides in the top eight(excluding Toronto). We nearly lost r.l. Last year so every game is a bonus ,don't give up on your lads you've certainly got promise.
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    Exactly this. I don't get the whole "every minute matters" argument from the RFL about the Super 8s. Can't a hard fought game be an event in itself? If every game has to have something on the line, just play a new cup competition every week. When, for example, 12th play 13th in the Premier League. It is still a good occasion, even though neither team is going to get relegated or qualify for Europe. 14 team SL 14 team Championship 12 team League One All simple home and away with playoffs.
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    Donny and haven at home with a big performance are winnable
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    Tongs, it's not Barrow's perceived inadequacies, it's nothing to do with the club. It's just a bunch of ladies trying to raise money for the club. How many times has that got to be drilled into your head? I give up.
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    Cheers Niels, I hate having to rebut other supporters comments but unless they understand what it's like trying to keep Rugby League alive against all odds, I feel compelled to defend mine and other less wealthier clubs against supporters who don't, well really, know what they are talking about. God bless any Supporters trusts/clubs, whatever you want to call them. Or do some people just want us to go away?
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    I guess with it being in the Barrow programme it could be classed as "official" Bu what it really is is a filler column (all programme editors are desperate for regular inputs to add depth to the match day magazine) written by a highly regarded, retired national Fleet Street journalist. Who himself was involved with a non heartland amateur club. That paragraph may seem negative but it is not truly representative of his overall view. I know for a fact that he really does want the game to grow. Jounalists often have a little poke at the hornets nest for a reaction.
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    I just said to my mate, if we keep Saints to 6-0 we've got the wind and rain at our backs 2nd half. "It'll have stopped by then" came the obvious reply.
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    Good night and God bless Matt. Hope your team wins and when you wake up in the morning, all us minnows have gone and you won't have to worry about our struggles.
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    That was the kind of info I was looking for. I thought that FC would have a larger support base. Quantifying it is like catching the wind, rather tricky.
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    Can of worms this obstruction thing nowadays . And VR dependent
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    One of a fantastic team and will be sadly missed.
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    No bother mate, some of them on there seem to absolutely resent the traditional clubs and see us as less important than their beloved expansion clubs watched by 2 men and a dog.
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    £200 plus VAT and you get the signed player's shirt presented at the awards evening. Raffle it off amongst the consortium.
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    I take no pleasure in this, but it is the natural process and should have happened last year
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    Graham a look through their results shows apart from early victories against Storm and Raiders and a more recent victory against the Roosters performances have been poor. The comeback kings comebacks have been against lowly opposition. However, come the play-offs anything can happen... ( he says more in hope than belief)
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    Like Derwent says - we are just going through the motions at the fag-end of an underwhelming season. All the more reason to try and keep our young prospects in the loop for next year by actually handing them a shirt, whether starting or off the bench. That, however, is known as man management - a rare commodity under the present regime which probably explains J.P.'s absence. I can see no reason to persist with most of the travellers when there is nothing to play for and when they are unlikely to be part of our plans going forward.
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    I thought that a chief exec's job was to see that policies and decisions by the board of directors were implemented, not make the decisions him/her self.
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    You are correct. However people legitimately took exception to the wording of the release, and it does have the barrow logo on it. But the response by various people subsequently has been pretty damning and indicative of the kind of attitudes that diminish the values of the sport, as well as making Barrow look as though their standards of professionalism aren't that great.
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    And Matt it has been said numerous times this has nothing to do with the club even with a post from the fundraising team who confirmed that. Yet you choose not to believe it and continue to rant and rage against the club who have done nothing towards this thread. To put this to bed can you dig out what the Barrow club have said/done regarding this as your post clearly implies they have. Or are you making it up to suit your stance
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    Let's be honest, the season is over, we are just fulfilling fixtures now.
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    I know this is a Dewsbury Forum but I have just heard about the sad passing of Chris Hesketh ( Salford & GB 1970's). For those of us old enough to remember the Friday nights at Salford, when Dewsbury were playing, are some of my early memories as a 14 year old lad. The atmosphere was electric and Salford had a back line of Charlton, Richards, Watkins, Hesketh, Fielding, Gill and Nash. The pack wasn't bad either. Fantastic team to watch and even though we had a decent team we got beat on most occasions. RIP Chris and thank you for the wonderful memories.
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    Saw him many times. Great player in a great team. RIP
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    I don't think it's either Matt. Sounds like the club wanted him but couldn't afford to fly him over because they wanted to live within their means so those pesky supporters decided to help the club out. I wish supporters would just keep out of the picture. We would all be better off without them.
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    This is what that numbskull from Barrow wrote. At the time of writing our team featured the top scorer in the whole bloody division, plus three players that had just been called up to the Wales train-on squad for the World Cup. Is it any wonder they're struggling when you have someone like this basically telling the reader to not bother turning up?
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    Not at all John. You'll find that supporters of most clubs outside of that league, and i talk to a lot of travelling supporters, and supporters when I go away, hate the way the money is distributed to clubs. We now have, and well done to them, Hull KR supporters having to fund players air fares. Hull KR for Gods sake. Doesn't that tell you something is fundamentally wrong?
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