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    Can we not have both? Toronto isn't costing the game here anything.
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    At least we are spared a week of wailing and freeze frames...
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    We need pretend Canadians for the pretend crowds.
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    One of the best officiating of a game this season.Bentham and his team were excellent.
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    I'm Australian in Canberra. If the Canberra Raiders were all English players I would not care. As long as they give their all.
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    Our game? Really? Terrible attempt, worst attempt in quite some time on here. You should be ashamed.
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    Awful work from the touch judge to send that upstairs. Another waste-of-time VR referral.
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    Yes, i am the one using deflection tactics here Bye Padge.
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    Just seen in Pont and Fev Express online that Bozzy needs a full knee reconstruction, gutted for him. Hope it doesn't mean the end of his career but he's got to think about his day job and future. Get well soon Bozzy
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    Haven't seen tonight's but I did see the Saints game. Second half Wakey appeared to have decided to play very conservative rugby. Five drives and a kick for the corner. No adventurous stuff. It was deadly to watch, and they deserved to get beat.
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    Proud of the the lads it's been a great season. Unlucky not to win away against a class side in the hunt for a top 4 spot shows how good we've been this season. Up the Trin
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    No its Premier, 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and entry. Club formed as Manchester Rangers in 2015 so it will be 3rd year.
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    They were in perfect drop goal position. I can't really blame them for wanting to take a point
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    Just my feelings mr, both boards of town and haven are doing a brilliant job but crowd's of 400 to 600 are not going to keep these two clubs afloat forever, we are both fighting for the same sponsors and the best local talent that is going and that is running dry. The RFL are not bothered with what is happening and are more bothered with expanding in other areas , I really fear for the future of both clubs.
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    Wigan are technically insolvent, surviving only on funding provided by Lenagan and have been for years. The company isn't financially viable - I know it's hard for them not owning their own ground and with restricted revenue streams but for one of our two largest clubs it's pretty poor. If we're looking at 2014, Wigan crowds were in the process of falling from 16kish to 14kish over four years (the decline has since continued into the 13kish area). Why isn't this accomplished businessman doing more to make Wigan viable and sustainable rather than presiding over this sort of decline? How can he criticise the RFL for offering a deal which delivers a 30% increase in TV revenues when Wigan's non-TV income was falling year on year? It's perhaps not surprising, but it is rather tedious, that the biggest critics of the RFL amongst the club owners are the ones whose day-to-day performance in growing Rugby League and generating new income don't stand up to that much scrutiny.
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    Jamie Lester was the driving force behind the CRL beng resurrected. Perez came on board a short time later.
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    The abysmal financial performance of Wigan RLFC, the fact the club remains technically insolvent, has seen shrinking crowds and huge losses despite large increases in TV revenues over the past few years? I'm sure it's tempting for an underperforming club owner to blame the RFL for all the world's ills when things look so terrible at the coal face?
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    Perez is the driving force behind RL in Canda, not just the Wolfpack. He's working on getting the game played in schools and has single handily started the national body again and started a domestic competition. It will take time but eventually we will be churning players out. We might not follow the mold of the ideal English team but then again most fans are stating that the game isn't in a great place so maybe not following down the beaten path is a good thing. Either way the Wolfpacks on fire!!!!! Your defense is terrified!!!!
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    Great to see opinions being expressed, but particularly interested in views accompanied by some supporting reasons / explanations. Not wishing to appear confrontational, but wishing to engage in dialogue, could "...where are we now." be clarified. Similarly, the "failed organisation" and the relevance of the 21st millennium (century?) to failed organisations. By the way, the Hull v Wakefield match is worth watching - half-time at the moment.
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    Yup those millions of £ stopping the whole game going bankrupt was a total failure. Without Sky the game would of died a decade ago.
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    @Anonymouse it's just the thing over here with pro sports; hockey, baseball, basketball, football etc. Just one of those differences to accept.
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    In NA they usually play the national anthem at all the sporting events. if there are teams from different countries then they play both anthems. Both Rhys Jack and Tom Dempsey are heritage Canadian players and play for the national team and we have our born and bread Quinn Nagwati too. If you listen to the latest Wolfinaround podcast Rhys Jacks is on there and talks about the anthem a little bit. This Saturday there is a Colonial Cup RL game between the US and Canada, if any of the Canadians or US players aren't selected for TWP they will likely play for their countries.
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    sneyd needs to stick to kicking the ball not passing because my 95 year old mum has better skills than him.
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    Well done Scott and enjoy Australia. Its a fabulous place especially for the RL. Are you going for the World Cup - if so you lucky so and so and just enjoy.
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    It depends on which players will stay as It will not be easy to get promotion. I would like to see a new coach rather than Naylor. The style of play of 5 drives and a kick was easy for the opposition to read. We need players who can adapt and change direction in a game if things are not working. The reason we are going down is that we were not good enough over the season , not just the players but the coaching staff and the management.
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    so you really are a troll eh.
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    The downward spiral of Oldham rugby started when Oldham Bears were formed. It was mismanaged from that point and has been ever since.The present club his run by one person which is not the way to run a professional sports club of any kind. As for the council they were going to build a joint stadium at Westwood for us and the latics until Ian Stott decided against it. Then there was Sports park 2000 which cost Oldham Council a lot of taxpayers money until that dream was ended with the objection by the chap called Hewitt. The ironic part about the sad demise of Oldham Rugby is that they did not need to move from Watersheddings if the agreement the ex committee had provisionally made with the council had been carried out by Oldham Rugby plc trading as The Oldham Bears.
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    Mr BMW knows to UK car buyer will carry on buying BMW's even if they are 10% more expensive, because the majority are bought on the never never. He also knows that the EU market won't buy nissans if they are 10% more expensive because they don't use as much credit. Win win for Mr BMW.
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    Well, we were 100% positive until you woke up DP!
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    Big Phil in the SAS was more visible
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    I cant wait to see Dave Taylor , Fui Fui and the rest of the Wolves play at Rochdale next year. Its fantastic for the championship
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    That is your problem. As I have pointed out numerous times, Canada is a vastly different place.
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    Pownall is ok but not noticeably better than Burroughs so I'd rather the North American get an extended run next year.
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    Yes well done Scott, great effort, keep it going I will be getting mine again
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    How does a record company pay for making those videos, booking those venues, funding the transport/accommodation for the band and crew, pay for the band's stage gear (instruments, amplification, lighting, staging), paying the road crew's wages, paying the marketing department's wages etc.?
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    I think he is a great signing as I noted in a prior comment so I am in agreement with you 100%. I don't think it will take as long as some suspect for more Canadians (or Americans) to appear on TWP or any other potential NA based squad. I have noted it before in prior forum comments, but it seems some of the UK based support either don't recognize it or don't agree, but the jump to rugby from other traditional Canadian sports is IMHO not a significant one. I think there are many athletes here who could transition with the appropriate tutelage. I say that having been one of them since I played football, lacrosse, rugby and more through high school, and for some in university as well. There is also a Rugby base in North America. Its not as small as is thought - I can easily imagine that in fact in the USA their might be 50k plus amateurs playing the game (it is a country with 370MM people and many colleges play rugby). The emergence of pro rugby in NA, particularly if a New York team gets off the ground, will add impetus to development of higher calibre players. Not trying to step on any toes here - but I just don't think it will be that tough for squads here to develop and recruit local players as time progresses.
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    I think he's been a good, hard-working strong running forward who derseves credit for going to Oz and 'making it' in the NRL. However, others seem to rate him much higher than that, and I just can't see it.
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    Forget TWP this is where we grow the game. Onwards and upwards.
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