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    Firstly, regardless of the rights and wrongs of P&R, having 1/3 of the super league involved in a relegation competition at the end of the season is ridiculous and takes jeopardy way past the point of entertainment. At the heart of Smith's point is the question, if Featherstone (or any other club) don't have a lot of fans, a decent stadium, a good youth system, a well run back-office administration and of course a competitive playing squad, then do they deserve to be in Super League, and perhaps equally important does Super League want to be letting these types of sides in? If the answer is no, then creating some daft 8 team, 7 game scramble at the end of the season is perhaps not the best way to be determining P&R. Smith is very clear that he is not against P&R, he just wants it to be done in a way in which ensures we have the best sides (as defined by the criteria above) in the top division. If we were football and had 50 clubs in the country who could all offer 20,000+ crowds then it would be a different story, but we aren't in that position, and creating a league which places some of our very small number of top class clubs at a high risk of jeopardy is not wise. If we have more than 12 teams that meet all the criteria outlined above then we could always expand to a 14 team competition in due course without having to jettison an existing team. Let's raise the bar and encourage all teams to meet it, rather than lowering the bar and waiting for some disastrous unintended consequences.
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    I understand your passion R34 and in a way I respect it. I get that your objectivity may be clouded by your disappointment. Perhaps you might admit to being a touch defensive because you feel part of something, a thing you believe is being attacked. Your reactions are emotional because you care a lot. That loyalty is to be applauded. I have no problem with those feelings and I have no issues with those that go to games. That said, I'm afraid I can't read this with a straight face. 1. You have another go at 'faceless' critics who do nothing. But some of them aren't faceless, they DID try to do something and they received no backing from the so called hard core support - maybe because it raised the question 'If ordinary fans can do something, why hasn't the hard core done anything in the last 5 years?' 2. Then in a different thread you posted a conciliatory treatise - "what we need is a great big melting pot". We should all come together for the common good, in mutual respect. But, two days later we're back to insults, 'get stuffed' and you're not allowed an opinion unless you pay for it. Where's the consistency? 3. Don't you see the paradox of your position? Only those who are unhappy with the status quo are motivated to change it. But the fact that they are unhappy means you think they are disloyal, so you don't think they are worthy to change it. How daft is that? "I hate those who don't like how the club is run, these nobodies shouldn't be allowed an opinion about the club until they own it!" But if they didn"t have an opinion about the club they wouldn't be interested in owning it. WTF? Not the way to convince lapsed supporters and potential investors/members that they're wanted. 4. Although discussions are sometimes heated, those who want a change in the club's business model aren't attacking you, other supporters or players. This isn't personal from my point of view. But calling people nobodies and telling them to get stuffed, is. Instead of calling for someone else to shut up or buy the club, maybe you should do something. Back CH with money. Or buy the club yourself. Or, do you guys secretly like things as they are - so you can hold the loyal supporter moral high ground, without having to actually risk anything? Look, I'm being an ###### now, I know. Because I think we are entitled to an opinion. We're gutted about where the club is too. But it's not just a CH thing or an 'out of Oldham' thing (though they are factors). I don't think any single person/business ownership is a secure way forward for small clubs. I'm willing to offer my time, expertise and contribute my financial share to a fan owned club. So are others. We've said it time and again. I get that we won't always agree on everything. Who does? But if you really want people to come together to solve this, it has to be through a supporters trust that includes all factions. You have to live that belief and not change it on a day you are cross with something on the forum. Hey, I know you and all the other 450 core attendees might have no interest in a trust and really want me, and others like me, to 'get stuffed'. If that's the case, I think it's a short sighted and insular mistake, but at least it would be honest and consistent.. and I'll f*$k off for good. But tell everyone who disagrees with you to get stuffed and they all might just do it. Careful what you wish for.
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    Reading HOTTB's argument which is sound. There are people out there who could make a massive difference. Most of the people who write on this forum are such people. We are definitely at a major crossroad on the future of our great club. Couldn't a meeting be arranged for all interested parties to have a chaired meeting? This would mean inviting people who we know have our club at heart. It might also be possible to get someone from the RFL to attend. We can't carry on voicing our concern on these pages with nothing getting done.
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    Invest money for what? Investments grow. In RL it's not an investment, your money isn't growing, it's just plain expenditure. When people spend it's usually a transaction - they get something in return. Like some or all of the club? Influence, rights of scrutiny, decision making power? Is that on offer? Or does the club just want money for nothing? I have no problem with CH taking a salary. I believe he works hard so he is due a decent salary. However, working hard is not the same as working effectively. As the sole owner and top of the hierarchy he has no one to answer to regarding his performance. So only he gets to judge whether he's working effectively. If he had investors with rights of scrutiny and decision making powers, that wouldnt be the case. And you say investors wouldn't have his experience? One induvidual wouldnt have. However I have 20 years experience in professional media, marketing, communications and business change - managing budgets and issues far larger than those at ORLFC. Other fans have decades of experience in retail, logistics, financial services, hospitality, construction, local government, legal services, as rugby players etc etc etc. Believe me a fans Trust Board would have access to far more high level professional expertise than any individual could possess.
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    A feeling amongst some of the players is that should they jump ship and join Hairnets or Swinton, they'd be signing up to take part in a tighter division with a high probability of another relegation year. A relegated Super League club, Toulouse, Toronto, London Broncos, Featherstone and Halifax will most likely fight it out for the top four places, then there'd be the trio of Sheffield, Batley and Dewsbury who will win more than they lose. That leaves two to relegate from Swinton, Rochdale and a League 1 promoted club, most likely Whitehaven or Barrow. Meanwhile, if the core of our squad pin their colours to our mast, we would surely challenge for a promotion place and fun times for all of us. Note to self, revisit in 12 month's time to see what happened.
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    This is obviously an emotive topic for a lot of posters on here, but the point about making the championship an attractive destination in its own right surely has some merit. Using the Australian experience as a comparison, the Qld Intrust Cup is a model that seems to be a good comparison. Evolving from the old Brisbane Rugby league competition, just one year younger than the old Sydney RL, and sitting a level below the NRL, its a fantastic competition that continues to be a gateway for players into the NRL. The standard is high, the top clubs would hold their own in the bottom half of super league if not higher. Teams are a mix of amateur, semi pro players, and full time pro players contracted to affiliate NRL clubs. Promotion is not an option, there is no P+R into the NRL, as its not culturally an Australian sport thing. While some clubs may (or not)aspire to be in the NRL, they take pride in their professionalism and place within the community. Some but not all are powerhouses that could arguably survive in the NRL, while others are centres of their community - but all are well run professional organisations. All of the Qld Cup teams have their own development pathways programs, and from next season will have teams in a full season long State wide u20s and u18s elite competition. They accept that not everyone can be in the top tier, but that takes nothing away from their commitment, professionalism and pride in their clubs. The NRL has always been a closed shop, with new openings at the whim of its Board. But despite its detractors, it is the flagship for the game in the Southern Hemisphere, as Super League needs to be in the Northern Hemisphere. Surely the more stable and powerful those entities are, the better the chances of the game below growing into new markets and flourishing, making a more globally recognised game, and feeding back to help sustain the community game? The prospect of a North Atlantic league featuring best of the UK, NA, and France must surely have so much more potential for money and growth than remaining stagnant as a UK comp, low in the pecking order of the British sporting landscape. An elite top tier club level comp that everything feeds into should be seen as the goal, and a way forward for community clubs to remain viable and relevant into the future. Convincing clubs this is the way to go is the tricky part.
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    Yes. You want your childhood back. Got it. You can't have it. Grow up.
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    Well I went to the match and watched two evenly matched teams. Both sides were good value for the tries scored, but in between it was poor, with Oldham not knowing what to do and Dewsbury forever knocking-on or sending out wayward passes. i was asked why I went and the easy answer was that I want to see a game; I dislike missing a match and of course, there is always the chance to chat or argue with opposing supporters (no arguing yesterday though) and having a shout at the players and/or the officials. Heard one Dewsbury supporter shout at Luke Adamson, "You'll never be as good as your brother" and he took it in good part and gave a beaming smile in acknowledgement. I was pleased with the Oldham supporters wishing us well, yet quite philosophical when we said we were sorry about your relegation. As a supporter of the game I cannot understand why more do not go and watch a game, but thousands more will see a football match, which to me is so dreary..That game lacks all the action of rugby (with or without the ball) and I do wish we all had bigger attendances like football - but if we had, would we be able stand with each other and have the chat? i sincerely hope you can gain promotion next year.
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    But Featherstone won't be promoted through the qualifiers. Nor will any similar club. All that the Qualifiers offer to club like Featherstone, Batley and Halifax is the illusion of promotion and relegation. Surely even the most passionate supporter can see that? The only way that a club can be promoted through the Qualifier system is by having a rich owner(s) allied to a well-run commercial operation. That's how Leigh managed to get promoted. Does any Featherstone fan seriously think that without a Derek Beaumont type figure, they have any chance whatsoever of getting promoted? It needs a Leigh with Beaumont's money, or a Hudgell-backed Hull KR. We tried it in the first year without the finances, and failure to beat Wakey in the MPG led to financial meltdown from which we are only just barely recovering. If the limit of Featherstone's ambition is to have an illusion of promotion, so that they can take heavy beatings from Warrington and Widnes, so they can pocket the financial bonuses from being in Qualifiers, and then go around the following year with a part-time operation bolstered with dual-reg players from Leeds, then - yeah - the Qualifiers are a better system than Licensing. I don't see the benefit myself. I don't even see the benefit for Featherstone.
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    If we don't go back to licensing, I'm going to threaten yet again to stop watching RL. But obviously still be here in 10 years making the same claim.
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    When people criticise Toronto, etc and say we should focus on our own country they generally don't mean it. The history of TGGs attitude to London and Wales proves that. They actually mean we should focus on their club.
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    Take it you didn't bother going today Old Yed? As it happens it was a decent game, played honestly between two fairly even matched sides. What made it even better was the banter and feeling between two sets of fans who's got behind there teams. Sit on the sidelines and complain all you want,if every two bob "Oldham" fan on here actually went to games then the crowd would have been in the thousands. Faceless wonders don't help the club, those players of ours and the fans that attended were a credit to both sides. Easy to criticise when you don't contribute to the club for whatever reason isn't it? Let's run a poll, how many people who contribute to the forum were there today. I know a few who were, the rest can get stuffed. Faceless,nameless,keyboard warriors. Doesn't matter who the chairman is,doesn't matter where we play. We all supposedly support ORLFC, guess not today though eh? Before Mr Bedford Roughyed jumps all over me again, the truth is above. Like it or lump it.Too many wannabes who don't support the club, chatting garbage day in day out because they don't actually go. This is a fans forum,clue is in the title, disgusted with the way people bang on about stuff. Fans support a club, most posts on here are from nobodies who don't support the club and just pick out negatives. Crowd size,Hamilton out etc, if any one of you can do better then buy the club and prove it, if not then shut up until you can. We had a great day today with the Dewsbury fans, our players appreciated our support. We lost, well that's normal.Even though it was a "poor"crowd it was made up of people that 100% back our clubs. Whatever the future is,I'd rather stand with those that were at BF today than half the so called fans that were not. Might upset a few, yet again,but I speak for myself. I can't help but be brutally honest when I spend every Sunday and a fair few bob following the team wherever they go and wherever we play.
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    I'm not going to bother addressing some of the specific points you made as it's been done a thousand times over. However I will make one point that I hope you don't take as a personal insult but rather as a reality check it's intended to be. The loss of your support and the small number of fans who would do as you threaten, would be far less of a blow to the sport of RL than the loss of the Catalan Dragons, to take just one of the current potential outcomes of P&R.
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    http://www.rugbyleaguehub.com/2017/09/18/toronto-wolfpack-founder-eric-pirez-spills-the-beans/ "Its' kind of my destiny to run it. I believe in it so much I've made it the force that runs my life. My life force is growing Rugby League in North America" God Bless Eric Perez.
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    I didn't suggest that. One Fev fan is just as important as one Catalans fan. I suggested that Trojan and his mates, or if we're being generous, all 1,500 Fev dies hards, are less valuable than 9,000 Catalans fans. That's before we even get into juniors numbers, commercial value and the geographical reach of the sport.
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    One solution that has been suggested is two pools of 8, with teams playing home and away in their pool and the teams in the other one once giving 22 games and promotion being decided by play-offs between the leading sides in each while getting rid of the (non) Super 8s and the Shield. Has to be better than what we've got now.
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    When do you think the NFL, NBA, NRL, AFL, MLS etc will wake up and realise that putting 1/3 of the teams up for relegation at the end of the year will massively improve their competitions? The purpose of the elite competition should be about more than just giving work experience to second tier clubs.
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    It's "Super Greed " so you shouldn't be that bothered.?
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    But sir. They started it sir. Lol. I take your point and to a degree that was what my earlier post was about. But, I confess I did stick the boot in a bit there. Although, I have been made to feel unwelcome, I admit I have never found a horse's head in my bed ..... but maybe in my hot dog lol. Forgeddabouddit. Bad-a-bing. You're a funny guy!
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    The current solution which means only 8 teams are safe from the end of year silly season, means that if one of "the 7" has a poor run or a few injuries and finishes in 9th (e.g. Warrington in 2017 or Leeds in 2016) then they are suddenly at real risk of losing their super league status. Madness.
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    What I don't understand is how not being able to get promoted would automatically make following your team pointless. I am a Newcastle Knights fan but my Dad is a North Sydney Bears fan and has been all his life. They are a club founded in 1908 with a proud history that play in the NSW Cup. He follows them every week and goes to there home games when he gets the chance. I also keep up to date with how they are going. My dad still follows his team even though they will most likely never play in the NRL again. The Bears get good crowds to there home games and have a strong following. Newtown Jets are the same as are clubs in the QLD Cup like Redcliffe, Norths and Easts from the old BRL. All these teams maintain a strong fan base and play in quality competitions. Dad no doubt misses the late 80's for example where the Bears were in the top comp and the game was full of Sydney teams in suburban ground but times change just like what has happened to many northern clubs in England. Clubs like Featherstone and Halifax to name a few are championship level clubs, instead of chasing a false dream of being in super league they need to adapt and thrive in the championship. Focus on winning trophies at this level as opposed to getting thrashed in the middle 8's. These clubs have the added bonus of the challenge cup. it may not be fair or right but for the game to grow it needs a strong super League with the biggest clubs to grow the game. The stronger the game is at super League it will filter down to all levels. If super league is weak all levels will be affected. It is time for fans to adapt and move on like my father and many other fans had to in Australia
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    Why don't you go to some poor estates in the UK? Virtually none of them are into, or even aware of RL. So where are all these stout working class warriors? Probably watching football. Pretending the 'working class' are the same bunch of people that used to go to Blackpool for their holidays and watch George Formby films won't help RL either. We cannot afford to be snooty about who is a RL fan, everyone should be welcome.
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    Yes and fans of my club, are very progressive. The game needs fans who attend games. This year the club took part in an organised walk before the Challenge Cup final and held a free entry game as part of the Jo Cox legacy. It is certainly possible to commit to a small northern club and be progressive.
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    Just a postcript after yesterday , the topic is titled one man and his dog . i regret to inform you the man said he`ll be back next year but the dogs had enough !
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    I do wish people would stop telling others what they are thinking. It is arrogance of the highest order.
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    Bradford Bulls first went bust in 2012, under licensing. Before licensing, they were regular play off contenders and world champions on many of those occasions. See, it's very easy to spin. I'm pretty sure our highest average attendance across all clubs in the league was in 2007* (the last year of P&R). I'm guessing you're using aggregate of a year that 2 clubs finally got their new stadiums built which were planned during the P&R era. *I'm basing this on memory, having no had time to check to confirm And to say the international side was as good as it always was in 2012 when they only played France, Wales and the Exiles (losing one of those games) is very much stretching the truth.
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    i find that video very difficult to watch not because of what he is saying but because i see a very troubled man who looks at the end of his tether.
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    Well thanks for your honesty, TBO. I must confess I have not undertaken the market research which clearly underpins your statement that people have no affiliation to, and hence are disinterested in, the Catalans Dragons and Toulouse Olympique. Intriguingly, when wearing my Catalans' replica shirt (because, just for the record, I do have an affinity with French clubs in SL and the championship) in a Salisbury supermarket a couple of years ago, I found myself just one ahead at the check-out queue from a Leeds Rhinos' fan and her son, on holiday down here. She spontaneously expressed the view that the Dragons are (or were then!)everybody's second favourite team. Clearly, based on your assertion, she was just plain wrong! You ask what there is to like about a couple of Dragons v Olympique fixtures. A good question! My early experience of watching rugby league was based on living within a few miles of Leigh and Wigan. For me, therefore, what is there to like about a Hull local derby, or one between, say, Castleford and Trinity? Clearly, you would deduce the answer is 'Nothing'. And yet, and yet, I greatly enjoy the KR v FC clashes and, even as a neutral bystander, some 250 miles distant and watching on TV, I can sense the derby tension, and it adds to my enjoyment. Likewise, when a mate of mine from near Doncaster and I went to a Cas v Wakey clash a couple of years ago, the added derby tension only served to enhance our enjoyment. Of course, the Dragons v Toulouse would not be a derby clash in the strictest sense of the term, as Perpignan and Toulouse are 125 miles apart; yet, to be top French dogs would undeniably imbue the fixtures with a bit of added, derby-esque spice, particularly given the longstanding rivalry at RL between the two cities. As has been pointed out, this goes back for over 80 years, rather longer than, say, Whitehaven v Workington Town local derbies, which, incidentally, I am sure are also great, tension laden games which we can all appreciate!
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    I used to watch RU, but have been to all the TWP games (except one). Now I'm a total RL convert, can hardly watch the other code anymore. Completely agree about getting the development started. For the grassroots, there are only a couple of RL amateur clubs in Ontario but many RU clubs. I think it is best to try and persuade the RU clubs to also run RL teams. Those clubs have the facilities in place. This is similar to Hong Kong where some clubs run codes of both teams. Several RU clubs have brought the youth teams down to play mini games at half time. There are more amateur RL clubs in British Columbia. For the youth, it is going to be a big challenge to create a pathway. Just starting an academy is difficult because there would be no one to play against. I believe they are in talks with the USARL about entering a team, they also need to use dual reg with a League One club, this might be the second Canadian team. They need something like Local clubs => USARL => League One => Wolfpack.
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    Nope. Not in my opinion. Hamilton is much too close to Toronto (about a 50-minute drive from downtown), and would cannibalize too much of the Wolfpack support. Maybe in 20 years if the Wolfpack are consistently selling out a 30,000 seat stadium and there is so much demand for tickets that a second team in the area might make sense. Montreal is a much better option, and a far better place for visiting players and fans to enjoy a trip to.
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    I've read The Beastly Beatitudes of Bathazar B many times
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    I've just watched the BBC News and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Justin Trudeau and Teresa May and not one item of TWP gear in sight. Is Perez slacking now the season is over?
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    Point missed here Kevin. You could have Bill Gates operating it but there's no point as hardly anyone can see it.
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    I for one am waiting for Batley to come over..with Bradford down think that is close enough to Shipley where i was born plus my gran was a Batley gal. On the booze cruise yesterday I did learn we can expect a WP signing that will set RL tongues wagging..they weren't letting out any names or timing but maybe it's someone coming in from a SL club??
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    I think that a lot of the teams stepped it up with TWP being in the league so they will be a bit harder to play next year. I feel that teams will look at Bradford as a smaller challenge than Toronto, rightly or wrongly, and they won't have any fear going at them. Also no long trips to Toronto means that they will be able to play their full rosters all the time. League 1 will be interesting next year, I plan on following it still next season even though were in the Champ.
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    it as been alleged the ch takes a salary out of the club, as he is the sole owner of the club it is quite legal for him to do this the problem is the monies are not there to take out. the owners of clubs in the championship put money in they don't take it out. so he owns a business called orlfc ltd and draws a income would you give that up I don't think so all I see is stalemate as you will be asking a man to give up his livelihood.
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    I don't know the full details of our relationship with Featherstone Lions but would it be a good idea to develop it and encourage young players to advance through that source?
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    I always get slightly irked at the idea that brazen dishonesty is a new thing. Hillsborough was far worse, but they think of this new stuff as worse as it affects them.
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    My general comment/opinion on the 'we must play in Oldham' type threads is that I have heard many people say, they'd watch us play on a park pitch as long as its in Oldham, we then got Whitebank, and saw no increase in attendance , and had a different group saying they won't watch us play in such a rubbish stadium. Another group say they won't watch is we play at Boundary Park. Etc, etc.
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    any coach of any team in any sport needs a full pre-season, his own players and at least half a season before he is judged
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    What insult is this? I have been a volunteer for many years, still am. Your comments regarding the motivation of volunteers dont relate to me, anyone I know or have known down the years. Maybe your experience as a volunteer is different. People are committed to their club and their sport. Being a volunteer is a pleasure in itself.
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    Wow that's an arrogant post, To suggest Fev fans are less important than the French just baffles me & is exactly the attitude that's killing RL in many ways, Expansion clubs are great but there in NO way more important than traditional sides.
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    We've had only 2 forwards on the bench for several weeks now and actually played really well against Swinton and Sheffield. But, yesterday, losing Mitch early on left us down to just 1 forward on the bench. Then the sin bins left us with 10 men and only 3 players in the pack (Hatton, Crowley and Case) for a good 8 minutes. So it's no wonder we crumbled. In that scenario, against a full time side, we wouldn't have a chance in the energy battle.
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    So under the 4th year of licensing loads of fans completely oblivious to the system started watching Fev and then thought "hold on, we've been hoodwinked here" and promtly left. It was nothing to do with Featherstone working harder in the community and promoting games more to actually tick some boxes for licensing (e.g. ave 2500 crowd)? Heaven forbid.
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    I understand that everyone deserves their opinion but it is also a bit annoying when people only see the final score on the internet then come on here and bang on about another loss so we must have been ###### with no gameplan etc etc. it was a close good game that could have gone either way. Also, we have been relegated to Champ 1 before and got promoted under Hamilton with 300 crowds so why can't we do it again? I will be going again next year, hope more people do but if not then we will go with what we have. Negativity doesn't help anyone. I don't like the direction that the club is going in and it is dangerous to have one person running the whole thing. However I don't have enough spare cash to buy out Hamilton and I also don't have any friends who can either, therefore I have to support the club as it stands. On a seperate note...... I can't believe we missed the players in Weatherspoons after the game. We went in there before the game but nothing was happening so we went in the Old Hunters Tavern on the way back. As we were walking to the train station we saw Gaz Owen and he told us.....DOH! Did the players give any indication of what is likely to happen next season or are they as much in the dark? Was Mr Naylor there? Shame he didnt come over at the end of the game, he just gave a little wave to the fans and was off.
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    What a win!!! And to get 5th spot even better, unreal so so happy today!! Barrow away in the semi final, tough place to go, come on thunder!!!!!!!!
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    Best post on here. A little reality check but Fev(and Fax for that matter) have yet to play a team that is not full time. You can dress it up how you want but asking players who have worked all week to turn up for 7 weeks on the bounce and play against full time opposition is just ridiculous. Your team put in a really good effort last week and have paid for it this week, Catalans are a big physical team and will have taken more out of your players than any other team you have played expecting them to back it up against a quality Warrington team was perhaps unreasonable at this stage. Imagine you work all week then have to go training at night then you play against players much more physically developed, well for that one off game you could probably get up for it. Do that another week bearing in mind you dont have recovery time like the Sl teams do because you are at work next day but you carry on regardless. You then have to back up against another full time team the following week and are still aching from the week before, again you can put in the effort but you are struggling, imagine doing that 7 weeks on the bounce. Im biased but this result does not mean "there must be big problems at the club" it just means you got your ass handed to you by a full time team after trying to back up a fantastic effort the week before. Obviously you could check your league results historically for when you have backed up after playing a SL team....
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    Players need to be both professional on and off the pitch maybe if certain players had just kept quiet for 2 more games then done there talking after it could have made a difference plenty players don't like certain coaches but I feel they've let not only the fans down but the BOD who've tried so hard for our club . Not saying that whatever DC as done is right or wrong but how many times are players going to dictate , what happens if next coach comes along and that doesn't suit either and have they even thought about there international status wonder what that coach thinks of there attitudes . Think Callum is a great player just feel disappointed and I'm sure he as his reasons , spent a fortune this season travelling to most away games and I've no doubt I'll be there again next season and what great fans we have still there till the end .
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    What do our fans expect! Whoever thought we could put one over on Warrington today needs a reality check, only one embarrassment today and that's Wire having to play a Championship side! Don't care if London gave them a game, don't care that Halifax pushed them for 60 minutes, both these teams finished above us and are better than us, Warrington are a professional SL team, who should be beating us comfortably! We never had the ball again just like Widnes, we are not good enough to perform against these sides, it was too far easy for them today! They threw the ball out and were far too quick for us...but I got to say we never gave up....I've said it all season, top 4 is the most we can ask for and we've done well to do that! Time will tell if Duffy is the man for the job, he'll have time to work with the team now and hopefully put a decent side together! Ditch the has beens, we need young, enthusiastic players who want to make a name for themselves! We're simply not good enough to compete at this level, anybody who knows anything about rugby should know that! Everyone has their opinion, this is mine!

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