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    The four English lads in the Canberra pack went well today. They were up against a Cowboys pack where the three middle forwards were Kangaroos and the two edge forwards were Queensland State of Origin reps and came out on top.
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    Don't Tom that's not even funny!
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    Ahead of the game I expected Cas to win given the two teams. Both had plenty missing but Wigan's losses were pretty much all in the forwards, whereas Cas could at least boast a strong starting pack. The first half gave me hope. Wigan were able to bypass an arm wrestle by going wide and exposing some weak defending out wide. That took the pressure off the middles. Greenwood provided a good attacking threat on the fringes which is why losing him really seemed to push the game in Cas's favour. There was always a fear that the forwards that Cas had would get on a roll and finally put Wigan under pressure and when that did happen the dam pretty much broke. I agreed with Lam's assessment that we probably needed a few more experienced players in the pack. Navarrete and Bullock are regulars but not key experienced players and crucially they have their defensive frailties. Tautai is way off form and Isa is just there to play wherever he's needed. The biggest miss for Wigan was Ben Flower. Against Catalans when our young forwards came on after around 25-30 minutes Flower was brought on at the same time. He dealt with the likes of Bousquet and Kasiano brilliantly and the youngsters flourished. Without him tonight they struggled and Cas were able to get back into the game before half time. Those points proved to be crucial. Cas showed great resilience to come back and it's impressive how they can still cause problems with so many playmakers out. Once their pack took control it was pretty much game over because Wigan had no answer to it. The injuries during the game also didn't help. Sammut was playing well and his injury forced Leuluai to play the full 80 down the middle and it weakened our defence out wide when Shorrocks moved there. Greenwood's injury removed our most dangerous attacking threat while Manfredi going off was just horrible to see given what he's been through. Not too disappointed with the result. It's better than I expected although losing after getting such a good early lead is a kicker. The biggest concern is trying to bounce back with more injury issues, on top of the loss of Hamlin, which is making the squad look thin in terms of real quality.
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    You are so biased your opinion counts for nothing. NEXT!!!
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    Wigan are woeful. Call me bias but they’re terrible. To throw that lead away is unforgivable, really.
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    Swinton rely on 4 or 5 D/R players from Wigan, but after what happened at Cas tonight, I could see Wigan pulling the plug until they get their injuries sorted out. I think the crowd were a bit flat at the Sheffield game, let's give them 100% on Sunday.
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    Well, I'll say it. Crucial moment in a big game and all the commentators (All 17 of them) cra_ pping on about the Grand National as Wigan score......
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    From Papua to Sheffield. How will his family cope with the pidgin English, poverty, destitution, crime and random violence... Seriously, this is great news for the man.
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    Great news for Menzie and his family. http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/52611/update-menzie-yere
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    https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/learn-with-leon-coaching-day #ourtown
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    Watson Boas said on Instagram Live yesterday that he and Teteh might be back for next week, so their injuries - especially Teteh's rumoured dislocated shoulder - appear not to be as serious as suspected. With not so much as a whiff of an injury update from the club, this looks to be the best we've got to go on.
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    They could just follow the approach taken in the relaunched Yorkshire Cup, where the knocked out teams play off against each other. Considering each of these teams are going to play trials regardless, there is no harm in resurrecting the concept. Worse case, no one takes the matches seriously and the crowds for the trials remain the same as they currently do with the same amount of media coverage. On the plus side maybe there is some improvement in crowds, some improvement in coverage and a team gets to win a trophy with some historic significance which then helps generate some good will for that team heading into the real season.
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    He was very frustrating at times, the Leeming one was ridiculous, i hate to see that in a game, but unfortunately until the powers that be put a stop to it and stop penalising players that are trapped in the ruck it will continue. I agree about the Jowitt one as well, i thought it was a clear as day penalty, but it wasn't all one way, there was a knock on given against English that was clearly a 2on1 strip, there was a 1on1 strip by Leeming which was penalised, there was a clear high shot on Leeming that was ignored and another on Hewitt which saw him walk off groggy. The ref didn't influence the outcome, but he was poor, i am loathe to slaughter officials but , like players sometimes do, he jsut had a bad game last night.
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    He's making stuff up and its simply ludicrous. If he is criticising me saying they should only be admitted if they provide the necessary guarantees and criteria required by the RFL and bonds then its complete nonsense to say disregard that criteria and instead implement some make believe Parky criteria.
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    So are you "Interested" enough for these American teams to replace English teams in Superleague as that is the Perez plan "5-6 north american teams are needed in Superleague to secure a large North American TV deal". That is his own "fact", and I know it's a fact fans of Huddersfield, HKR, Castleford, Wakey and Salford and their owners do not want to step aside nor do fans and owners of Bradford or Widnes want to be shut out of SL forever. Over to you Mr. Facts? The criteria are not "Guarantee's and Bond's" they need to provide TV deals to share and produce pro quality RL players. Don't make things up, even Perez is stating they will produce players because even he now admits that's a requirement (not that I believe he will do it - failed badly with CRL and TWP on this) This must be wishful thinking, only last year Superleague moved to go to 10 clubs but were blocked. Where would the players come from Tommy? This is another post that re-invents the entry criteria to keep the fantasy alive "Middlesborough" is quite a big name why don't we put them into Superelague, Bombay is quite a large city - why not them? "The decline" started around 1912 when the Welsh clubs pulled out. it was at its worst around 1970 but we are in a far better place than 1970 today. We have a large TV deal and we produce enough players to stock a pro-league to service that deal. Our clubs deliver. Do your clubs deliver paying TV deals and Pro-players? Do you not know about the history of Canadian RL not "declining" but actually dying out altogether - twice. Your criteria for entry to the game here are made up - They need to produce players and underpin a paying NA TV contract. Read Mr. Perez's own words on this please. He agrees with me. As above we don't have the players for 14 clubs and therefore your made up NA clubs would in reality struggle to compete in SL and would populate the places at the bottom of the league. The best players are in the UK where they would stay. Life is soooo rosy when TWP are winning most of their games in the Championship. Huddersfield once went undefeated in the Championship under their rich owner but they struggle to compete. TWP aren't getting 10K for losing all the time nor will kids bother to play or NATV companies give a large paying TV contract to a Canadian version of Huddersfield. This is reality, we put up with TWP as we want David Argyle's $Billions. But we want him for London Skolars. A strong London side competing hard for trophies is the expansion we need as McNeil set out in 2013. If we are to "engineer" the make up of Super league this needs to be the positive move we make. Anyway keep flying the flag of reason.....
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    This thread gets more bizarre and random every time I look at it and some literally look for any excuse as to why the game shouldn't expand.
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    Really interesting listening to Mal Meninga and Matty Johns praising the Brits for not being over coached, playing what they see, not being precious and playing anywhere the coach asks of them. I think it's time everyone recognised the strengths and sang the praises of our comp!
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    Aye, this thread used to be interesting. It has now become like Twitter.
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    Don't encourage him, he's a massive misogynist who tries to intellectualise his hate for women. How can this loser continue to pollute this board? I have him on ignore but, because people keep quoting him, I have to read his asinine hatred for anybody who isn't a white conservative man.
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    Reminds me of the 1978 World Cup when some Scottish supporters were looking to hire a submarine to take them to Argentina??
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    Both Barca and Catalans members have discounts on offer. If you go to http://bit.ly/CampNuoCatvWig you can see all the offers.
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    Oh dear, likely no one has thought about any of this...well I guess we can all go home now. Geez, take a valium!
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    I like random facts like this. Isn't Leeds the biggest city in Europe to only have one football club, or was? By what definition of size that is, I don't know. That's what she said etc
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    Wigan's problem with injuries was during the game, both teams had lots of players out from the start. Losing Sammut lost us our best long kicker and losing Greenwood lost us our best forward on the field and really restricted our replacement options. Cas used their subs very well bringing them on at the best times to inflict maximum damage, against Wigan players in the pack who were playing extended minutes. Injuries happen during games, that is the nature of the game, they can have a detrimental affect on your team, but that is the nature of a high intensity, high impact, collision sport. That said losing a key player during a game is no different to a key player having an off day, it may reduce performance of the team and could affect the result, but isn't that why we turn up expecting, the unexpected.
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    Cracking second half which I almost didn't watch as I thought Cas had gone in the first. Always good to see Wigan lose too. ?
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    Speaking as an outsider and only seeing the TV games and highlights, this criticism maybe unfair. However, there only looks to be 4 top SL players in the squad from what I have seen. Hurrell, Merrin, Singleton and Briscoe are okay, the rest of the squad I'm not convinced are good enough. Myler showed lots of promise at Salford but has never really kicked on and made it anywhere. I was shocked when Leeds signed him.He is certainly not a match winner IMO. His kicking game is woeful and his game reading is poor too. Lolohea is a standoff, as is Myler, you only need one of them, not both, and I'm not convinced either are good enough, but a bit early to call Lolohea. As stated above, neither is a leader from what I have seen, which is what the team is missing. I realise Watkins is coming back from a serious injury, but he looks a shadow of what he was a few seasons ago, has his pace gone for good? If it has then there are big question marks over whether he should be getting in the side. JJB is too old and would not improve many teams in the Championship, never mind SL. I quite like Dwyer and Parcell on attack, but both look suspect defensively. This is not something you can get away with playing at hooker if the team wants to win anything. Handley and Sutcliffe look like decent championship players, maybe bottom half of SL at best. The list goes on...
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    If you haven't been entertained by this, maybe you should face up to the possibility that you are a miserable old fun-sponge whose first name is Ebeneezer.
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    Wigan need to find out who the idiots are with the smoke bombs and ban them for life, this isn't the first time, they have set them off at the DW as well.
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    Stripped is not the right word but it's in his and the team's interests for it to live with someone who is more of a talker. Some people just aren't cut out to be captains - Watkins is a bit too nice and a bit too quiet in my view. But it's not the biggest of Leeds' problems. The lightweight pack and the lack of a leading half back to run alongside Myler are the main ones. Releasing Mitch Garbutt continues to confound and anger me.
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    You can buy a copy of the DVD ?
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    Checked with the club - you’re fine and your lad won’t be charged. Any issues ask for Tania, whose business manager. If you’re on Twitter check the clubs feed out as they confirmed little ones go free!
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    Pleased Colton is in.
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    Hover boots, they're the future.
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    Arguably our strongest 19 so far this season , should be another cracker , let's get behind the boys big style, York loud and proud.
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    We’ve got two increasingly decrepid old stadia . We need a new facility , we’re getting an exciting new facility that’s gonna put us back on the sporting and entertainment map and take us into the future for decades to come . I really don’t get some people .
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    I think I heard he was on some sort of short term arrangement . Thought that’s what someone said on Sunday
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    Perhaps repairing the roads ?
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    I like those new logos. I didn't object to the previous logo and I wouldn't have had any problem if they had not decided to change it. However, since they themselves want to introduce some new ones, I'm happy to comment on them and say that I like them. I'd happily get on a Virgin plane with any of those logos on it. My favourite would be the one with the rainbow shorts, because I like the colours.
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    The premier league could buy the NRL TV deal with the amount it pays agents. Not the amount it pays players, not the amount it pays in transfer fees but with the amount it pays agents. Basically less than pocket money. The premier league stops 5 or 6 times a year for international competition. It releases players for international competition on every continent. It releases players the for African cup of nations, a competition whose value and size pales in to insignificance compared to the premier league, mid-season, for 2-3months every two years. In 2022 it will reschedule 3 seasons to fit a world cup in Qatar. It does this with no semblance of a threat to its position as the premier competition in the premier sport in the world. That's how big boy sports behave. If the NRL saw a test in Denver as a threat to its ability to put on the best club rugby competition in the world it should be embarrassed by how incredibly small-time it is.
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    A hell of a lot of unfounded assumptions there. I'm a sky subscriber and a SL season ticket holder and I'm sure as hell interested in North American teams - you repeatedly state your opinion as fact. I know there are people who don't want North American teams, but judging by social media they're also the same people who think London are a joke and Catalans shouldn't have been allowed into the CC. Indeed if we've "been told by sky", which I doubt we actually have btw, that the next TV deal will be lower, then surely that is evidence that the teams we have now simply cannot generate enough interest? Of the English teams waiting in the wings I'd suggest only Bradford could bring in any substantial amount of new subscribers to sky and I'd bet a significant majority already have it anyway. There's also the aspect of the professional player pool, too many players are lost to the game due to not wanting to go part time, the pro opportunities are so limited in our sport that has to change and only does so by greater investment, which looks like its coming from outside our isles. Surely now is the time to bring in teams that expand our footprint and generate column inches and interest elsewhere. If that can't be done in the UK first because we've allowed our profile to shrink so drastically then it has to be through external markets, or at least that can do no further harm to a declining base.
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    Thank you for your response. I was hoping for a rational debate rather you using abusive language i.e. FFS and the pathetic last paragraph resplendent with bolden text. Also, I have lived in Adelaide for 12 years in addition to 42 years in Cas. So whatever the NRL may choose to do in future years is up to them. My heart and passion is with SL. The key phrase in your response that sums up your stance is that you have never talked about ‘growing the game’ only to ‘halt the decline’. IMHO this is a nonsensical strategy. It is akin to an hotel that is in decline that choose to metaphorically pull up the drawbridge and hope to survive rather than being creative and proactive to thrive. You can only tread water for so long before you drown. Anyway, in fairness I will address the questions that you posed to me - I apologise in advance for my lack of bolden text, underline text and lack of bad language - but I am sure that you will still be able to understand my reply. 1. I have never advocated casting English clubs aside. That is something that you have consistently stated. My view is that because of the mis management of the whole game, clubs get a relatively small amount of income from the current TV deal. So if non-English teams can initially fund themselves until they themselves can attract a tv deal then they are welcome. Therefore IMHO SL can increase in size and existing SL clubs are not cast aside. It may eventually lead to a Conference style system where current/non SL teams can gain access if criteria is met. 2. If the above is accepted then existing supporters of clubs plus new people from across the UK that are interested in the greater geographical spread of teams may increase the number of viewers watching each game and increase SKY subscribers. 3. Your comment ‘Why would SKY show foreign clubs?’ is quite simply baffling. I have been away from the UK for 12 years, but I am sure that they still show live games from foreign leagues I.e. La Liga so why do you think RL is different? 4. See my response to points 1, 2 and 3. We choose to differ in our view which is fine. Only time will tell if the path chosen by the powers-that-be is a success.
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    13 seats?!? Just how many pies have you been eating?!!
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    Anyone playing Hull FC. I don't need to explain.
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    If it had been supported by the NRL, it could have hooked a new audience. There was no actual follow up plan though by the looks of it. I don't think anyone suggested it would cement rugby league's place in America though. I think that's a strawman.
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    I liked the Denver test. The NRL didn’t help though. They seemed to do everything possible to plant uncertainty about the match. So what is Mr Moore doing now?
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    Can we have flankers and line-outs back while we are at it. Totally irrelevant to the modern game leave it in the dustbin of history.

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