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  1. Yes boundary park is all seater
  2. The only downside for me was the fact yiu couldn't buy a team sheet to know who was playing
  3. Moran certainly deserved the mom award
  4. First game since the widnes friendly last year. Walked away pleasantly impressed, especially considering it wasn't a full strength side. Good to see Lee Kershaw. I think that the performance stands us in good stead for 2024.
  5. Hope to see you soon Chris
  6. Looking a some other squads ours wouldn't look out of place I'm the championship or even the bottom of the super league. London next week will be interesting
  7. I said 2 pts in it. Well predicted
  8. Think it will be very close a couple of points either way
  9. The only pub is the white heart but I don't know if that's still open.
  10. Oldham did produce a programme in 2023, it was purely available on line without being made available to download. I did raise this at the time and was told that they would look at it. The programme remained purely online.
  11. RIP to the Oldham programme, nothing planned for 2024
  12. Dave Programmes this year, or pdf download or the embedded website thing or nothing
  13. Colin was a great player, not the best play maker or tackler but you knew he would never take a step back and a heart of a lion. I was lucky to play against him, his brother and Joe Nadiola. He was the most difficult person to tackle all arms and legs. The biggest compliment the club gave him was putting him on the shares brochure. RIP Colin, a great player and a wonderful sportsman The World lost goodun
  14. To spice it up your least favourite player, this hopefully will be slightly easier. For me its the New Zealander Craig Coyle. A decent lad but not for me also Bruce Clark
  15. Lived on Lord Lane Failsworth when he was here
  16. I'm seen this on the main forum so I thought I run it here As a boy my idols was Adrian Alexander and Bob Mordell. Years later Alex was my rugby mentor advising me on how to conduct myself when I had Trials at Salford. Later on it was Mick Worrall who became a friend in the later years. So who was yours I'll stick my dads on, he isn't here any more but his uncle Herman was his first hero followed by Bernard Ganley.
  17. Adrian Alexander followed by Mick Worrall. Later on 'Alex" became my mentor top bloke
  18. I was on the books of hornets at the time. It was the strangest day for me. Really pleased that my team mates won but gutted Oldham lost
  19. Happy Christmas to everyone and lets hope 2024 is successful for both OL clubs with Oldham if course winning tge league getting to the final of 1895 Cup final with Rochdale being the bridesmaid
  20. Wow, all the hard work Fred Halliwell has put in over the years
  21. Have they folded or moved away from the pennine league winter season
  22. It's been a difficult few months but hopefully the corner has been turned. Thanks for the message
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