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  1. I've not seen any of the gane but a loss by 1 or 100 points is a loss. That is all that's needs to be said.
  2. To be fair is the current position of the club were you see it should be. In 2007 we were beaten 8in the play off final by Featherstone look where they are. Newcastle were beaten by us in 2019 for promotion and look where they are. In my opinion the worst place should be is 6th in the championship not the worst place Northern pro club. With TV money drying up and such a poor team it's going to take more than a season to fix the issues I don't think I've ever seen such a poor oldham side. My interest in rugby is not as it once was but that's due to many factors. I won't be there on Sunday as I have other commitments but if I hadn't would I go probably not.
  3. No words can be found to express my feelings about the team the club at the moment. We have no money to attract better players. There's only one way we are going and that's down. Lock Lane and now this
  4. When I try and print digital programmes,pdf format, I choose booklet option but this mixes up the pages but if I choose the normal print option it prints in page order. Is this something that can be amended
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