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  1. According to the Oldham club website, tickets can be purchased at the stadium on the day, but there may be queue at the office as there are no longer cash turnstiles at the ground. With only a restricted area of the ground available, giving a capacity of just 920, for what has always been a popular Good Friday fixture, there could be none left after queuing. In 2022, that's what you call progress!
  2. It's a great website too, Dave! The website is my first port of call for all Oldham RLFC news/information and to be honest, I would like to see ALL news and photos in respect of the club given exposure on the site. Not everyone wishes to be involved with the various social media platforms, even though they do serve other useful purposes.
  3. Logic

    Next season

    The squad for 2022 is building very nicely and with the fixtures out this afternoon, all we await is confirmation of where we are playing. Then the season will be soon be upon us and winter will behind us. Happy days.
  4. How on earth should CH know? The league format and funding breakdown for next season and onwards, has still not been determined by the RFL and he would therefore need a crystal ball to be in a position to know what the future holds. Perhaps the question would be more appropriate to Ralph Rimmer.
  5. That news is a bit out of date now, as that was under a previous regime at OAFC. It's a shame these tales/rumours go on and on, as it just creates more tales/rumours. Not helpful at all.
  6. A bit of appreciation for a squad of players who have been working 'their socks off' to improve their performances wouldn't go amiss either. Against Toulouse, the commitment and pride put into that performance, was fantastic and proved the amount of work they have been putting in. Just like the fans, the lads will be frustrated and disappointed with how the season has gone, but they have continued to better themselves and deserve the fans to stick with them, to the end. It was a treat to be at the game against Toulouse - it was a game I had looked forward to, despite anticipating a loss. It's always good to see a quality team like the full-time, French side in action and the bonus on Sunday, was that our lads rose to the occasion and performed with a new found confidence and a lot of pride.
  7. Enjoy today's game! I'll be there, anyway. COME ON OLDHAM!!
  8. Looking forward to the game - should be a good one. According to the latest report, Broncos are 'up for it', but so are we. COME ON OLDHAM
  9. Agree with you. Same folk, just going round in the same circle of gloom, like Groundhog Day. Not denying that there are concerning factors surrounding the club and rugby league in general, but we still have a team to support and after all the difficulties of the last 18 months, what a pleasure that is.
  10. Gosh 'Brooksy', if a final result of a loss at 28:32 is appalling, where does that leave Sheffield? Of course, the result was very disappointing and lessons certainly need to be taken from the errors and lapses in defence which led to the loss, but overall the game was played with a lot of intensity and effort by both sides. If we had just edged the game at the end, something which we very nearly did, it would have been a very different story. Here's to the next game. Come on Oldham!
  11. Inspiring performance today, especially given the hard game against Featherstone on Monday night and we certainly gave them a fright in the first half. The sending off really gave us an uphill battle after the break, with plenty of talent in the York side taking full advantage of the situation. Good signs for the the forthcoming games, so plenty to look forward to.
  12. Do keep up! Things change quickly these days, so the website/social media sources need to be checked out regularly. 100 tickets became available for away fans last night. Sold out now, so you can't go anyway - just think what you missed!
  13. There's no doubt that the website is spot on, as is the other work that Dave Naylor does with the excellent match day photography etc. As for the coverage in the Oldham Times, Roger Halstead provides his usual excellent reports. However, if you saw the daily print version of the paper, you may be as disappointed as me, to see that, the 'Yeds' don't get the profile they deserve. It must be on 5 days out of 6, that we get a large picture of the Latics Manager, glaring at us off the back page, rather than any positive rugby news. Very sad, I'm afraid.
  14. Well done - a great win, on the back of hard graft and perseverance. A great confidence booster for everyone too. Apart from that, it was a good game all round and the commentary team was the best we have had this season - knowledgeable and unbiased.
  15. Logic

    Fred Hall

    I cannot confirm one way or another, but I suggest that a bit more sensitivity would be wise, rather than assuming anything. Yes, Fred was very badly injured in an accident, around 1985 and became confined to a wheelchair. He and his wife moved out of the area and Fred was in a care home for a while and still could be. However, when his son Martin, was still playing, his wife took him along to matches and I last saw them together, in Oldham about 4/5 years ago. Though communication was difficult, he still had a good sense of humour. After that, I don't know, but perhaps someone involved in the Oldham Rugby League Trust could help you.
  16. Hi, to all friends of the Roughyeds. These are difficult times for everyone, but as a fans' support group for the Roughyeds, ORSA (the Oldham Roughyeds Supporters' Association) is very aware that it will be crucial to make an extra special effort to do whatever we can do to prepare for the 2021 season. Something that costs nothing, to enable the accumulation of important funds to assist the squad, both prepare for and go onwards into the season, is Easyfundraing. ORSA's last 4 quarterly payments have raised a total of £225.14 and that is thanks to just 23 supporters who have raised donations, from the 81 people who have actually signed up. We are so grateful for this support, but urge anyone doing any shopping online, to sign up and raise free donations as these supporters have done - it really does make a difference. Please follow this link to sign up: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/
  17. Hello, all you Roughyeds fans. Thanks to a few very committed fans, ORSA has raised £370 in 2019, the first year of being registered with easyfundraising and we're hoping to raise even more in 2020, in our support of the playing and coaching staff in the season ahead. ? So, if you’re planning to go on holiday, did you know you can raise a FREE funds using easyfundraising for ORSA - Oldham Roughyeds Supporters Association when you book??️? Whether you’re booking a summer holiday, or a short-getaway, if you book via easyfundraising on First Choice, Tui, Virgin Atlantic, Booking.com, Jet2, Flybe plus 250+ other well-known travel companies, you’ll raise free funds for us at no extra cost to you. You can also raise money by booking your airport parking, transfers and even your foreign currency and travel insurance! It’s a really easy way to help us raise funds and we’d really appreciate your help so please register to support us at: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/ Also, if you have already registered and have got the App, please DO remember that you must shop via the App to receive the FREE donations. It's really easy and means a lot - every penny counts!
  18. If you want to help us prepare for the challenges ahead in 2020, please have a look at the easyfundraising link below. It really is easy and not only does ORSA get a chance of winning valuable funds but YOU do, as well It's time to enter the @easyuk Advent Calendar! You could WIN prizes for yourself & donations for ORSA - Oldham Roughyeds Supporters Association EVERY DAY until Christmas Eve. PLUS, on Christmas Day someone will win £5,000 to spend at John Lewis & Partners and a £5,000 donation! Just click today’s window – It’s free to enter: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/advent-calendar/?utm_campaign=raise-more
  19. In preparation for the challenges of the 2020 season, ORSA is hoping to gather some momentum on raising valuable funds, via https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/ - please remember, that you can help when doing your online Christmas shopping. If you haven't yet registered for making your purchases in this way, please check out the link above and find out how easy it is, to raise free donations from over 4000 shops and businesses.
  20. Representing ORSA, I would like to express thanks to all who have contributed to raising funds, via their support of 'easyfundraising'. Since registering with the organisation, at the end of December 2018, over £300 has been raised, by virtue of the free donations from supporters' online purchases. This represents great commitment from a relatively small group of people and proves what can be achieved, merely by remembering to shop via 'easyfundraising', once you have registered with the website. Perhaps you have missed out on the subject of 'easyfundraising'? In which case, I refer you to the link, available both on the club website under the ORSA - Easyfundraising heading and below. If you are someone who makes purchases or travel arrangements etc. online, it is well worth exploring the link. There are around 4000 companies, registered with the website and they all offer free donations at no cost to the customer, other than the normal cost of the purchase. So, please do consider 'coming on board', as your support would be invaluable. Remember, every little REALLY does help. Thankyou. https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/
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