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  1. As you are so familiar with my posts (very flattered btw) , you will no doubt be aware I was not a fan of getting 3 times the amount of the teams at the bottom of the table, when we finished in the middle 8s either. I was in favour of a tiered prize fund with gradual increase in funding, the higher teams finished.
  2. I and many others, paid by cash on the gate. There were 4 people in high viz jackets, 3 taking cash and one scanning tickets, and we were let straight through to the stand, no turnstiles or official means of recording how many people went in. It could well have been all above board and equally split after the expenses were taken out. But even you must admit, it is a bit dubious looking, for a game like that with a shared gate. It's not like Fev made Batley get changed in two separate changing rooms, neither of which was big enough to accommodate all the players together, and neither even had the basics of hot running water... Oh, hang on a sec...
  3. I might be wrong, but wasn't the final billed as the MPG? If so, and it was true to its billing then we should have received a handsome payout, otherwise, why not promote it as the £2M Game? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Million_Pound_Game Without some sort of prize, and everyone in the CH gets the same money regardless of finishing position, where is the incentive to do well?
  4. They should have had a decent amount of money from that run, as you point out. But, just because they should, doesn't necessarily mean that they did. The prize money for reaching the final for example, seems to be a closer guarded secret than the recipe for Coca-Cola. I haven't seen it published anywhere. I had heard rumours, but nothing concrete, Barrow, when they came to divvying up the gate receipts, had advised that they had given away over 1500 free tickets for the game, without consulting Batley beforehand. I noticed whilst going in at Featherstone in the semi final through the gate, (not turnstile), that we were all ushered through, lots were paying with cash. Was all of that cash accounted for? Not saying it wasn't, but it raised questions amongst my group when we were going in to the ground.
  5. Genuine questions for TD: - Do you know what the prize money was for reaching the GF? Do you know how much we got from the Featherstone and Leigh once the expenses were taken in to account? Do you know what bonuses, (if any), were paid to the players after beating Featherstone in the Semi Final? I don't know the answer to any of these, so if you could enlighten me, I would be grateful. I suspect once you have answered them, it might point you to the answer to your own question too.
  6. Last season proved to me, I know absolutely nothing about a game I have watched for over 40 years. At the start of the season, I had us pegged (at best) for a 7th placed finish, we finished 2nd overall. Fortunately, we have staff at the club that have proved they know what they are doing
  7. You say that recruitment has been poor, but can any other Championship team boast they have recruited 14 players that played in last year's Grand Final?
  8. The pack is looking very big and strong.


    Really like that, top work!
  10. I do not disagree with your sentiments, but I think we have started to see some progress from a few teams moving towards a more entertaining brand of rugby. Saints are traditionally a decent side to watch as a neutral. I've been really impressed with the likes of Huddersfield, Leeds and particularly Salford's brand of football this season. It has not been the stereotyped 5 drives and a kick game that you describe. Even Wigan have moved towards playing a better brand of football than they did under either Wain or Lam. I completely agree with you on speeding the game up, get rid of wrestling all together and go back to refs calling "held" once momentum has stopped. I would also like to see the VR removed, and maybe done on a captains call basis. I have lost count of the number of VR referrals that were obvious on the first viewing and were not necessary. Even the scoring player had not claimed them, so why review it?
  11. Thank you for your responses. Very true, you could flip the argument, I wholeheartedly agree with you, that something needs to change. However, going back to a system that has already been tried and failed, an idea that when it is explained to none RL sports fans, is met with a look of confusion followed by laughter, is not the answer. You feel this approach will help the lower leagues to not overspend, I was under the impression the salary cap was designed to do that? How many of the current SL are sustainable businesses? Especially if you take the owner/BOD's piling money in, out of the equation? Again, I agree, there isn't an option that would universally be agreed upon, but doing the same thing and expecting a different result just seems like a waste of time. This just appears to be a knee jerk reaction, to be seen to be doing something, rather than a carefully thought out strategy. Many will point to the recent survey, as showing they have done the research. But, this was aimed at existing fans, not the people we need to attract to the game, the people that are not currently fans. I genuinely love the game, and would like nothing more than seeing it flourish, and I sincerely hope IMG prove me wrong. However, this short-termist, trickle down economics approach to the game has been in place since the inception of SL. It has resulted in what we have now, a failure. Unless they fix that, the structure and everything else will just be an exercise in prolonging the inevitable. At what point does the game wake up, and realise that the long term growth and expansion it desperately craves, can only be achieved by strengthening the roots of the game and increasing participation levels. If we are going to do something different, let's do something different, not just the same thing packaged slightly differently.
  12. The last time we had licencing, what was stopping those clubs from concentrating on being "elite" and attracting the much needed revenue you discribe? I fail to see how this time will be any different than the last time we had licencing. It wasn't the silver bullet last time, please can you explain why it will be now? I cannot even imagine a scenario where the only thing stopping a multi millionaire from throwing several £M 's at a Rugby League club is because they might one day get relegated because they weren't good enough to stay up on merit. I also fail to see how, proposing to give the assurance that if they invest, the club is as good as guaranteed to stay up regardless of how bad they are on the field is the answer to suddenly bring in outside investment. That just sounds like corruption to me. Imagine trying to sell the concept to a potential investor of a Cat B or C club outside of SL? "If you invest £X millions, we might win the league, but because there is a club in the division above that an administrator thinks is a better bet than us, we won't be going up regardless of how good we are on the field". I bet once the wealthy elite of society stop laughing their heads off at such a ridiculous idea... "A sport that is not decided by the game itself or a league table, but rather a committee meeting afterwards, that sounds like a jolly good wheeze!" They will be queuing around the block to throw money at a traditional past time for the working classes of small Northern towns. I won't be holding my breath on that one!
  13. That is what is baffling me. Like Wakefield Ram has said, it is just a rehash of old ideas. Reading some of the posts on this thread, one could be excused for thinking the second coming was upon us. There has been no details published on anything as yet. No mention of how the criteria will be scored or weighted, who will be scoring it, or how the transparency and fairness of the process of scoring will be guaranteed. The only point of the grading system that I can think of, is to veil P&R in a smokescreen, so that if one of the less favourable clubs manages to defy the odds and wins promotion on the field; or if there is a team currently in SL that they want to keep, or get rid of, it gives them the freedom/power to be able to do so at will, regardless of what the league table shows. It is like the 100m Olympics gold medal being decided by a committee, rather than who finished the race first.
  14. Featherstone away in the play offs for me, the atmosphere and because most of the way through the game I was expecting the bubble to burst, and we would lose. Favourite moment, some of the tries have been fantastic this season, and the feeling of euphoria when the final whistle went at Featherstone, and we were in the GF is certainly up there. However, probably my favourite moment of the season, was when Ritson broke away in the home game against Barrow up the slope. He was well clear of the defence and for all money looked like he was going to dance under the posts, but Campbell got him well short of the line. That moment seems to encapsulate the season somehow. I went into so many games thinking we didn't have much of a chance of winning prior to the game, Halifax at home, Newcastle, York and Barrow away, and all 3 games against Featherstone that we won or drew, but the Bulldog never say die attitude shone through.
  15. On your last point would you be happier if Beaumont had said "Oh well, we will give it a shot, we'll probably go straight back down again as we have no chance of competing against clubs that have been established in SL for years. They have been able to recruit sooner than us, because they knew there fate months before us. They have established academies etc.etc. What is wrong with a bit of confidence and trying to inspire the local community to support them? On your other point about geographic diversity, I'm all for it, even as a heartland club supporter. I would love nothing more than Rugby League being a truly national sport. But the issue has always been the top down approach to funding. None heartland clubs have always been reliant on heartland based players, because not enough people play the game in those communities to sustain the clubs in those diverse areas long term. If a top player is going to up sticks and move to play, it costs more than them staying local to friends and family. Catalan has worked, because it has a USP of much better weather than the UK and I would imagine most players would prefer to live in the south of France rather than say the drizzle of the M62 corridor. More money to the grassroots, means more players. More people playing, higher standard of the game, more interest in the game and higher attendances. I can only liken SL's approach to Kwasi Kwarteng's trickle down economics stategy. They have tried it for 20 plus years at SL, and it has only served to strengthen a few at the top.
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