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  1. I will revise my view, here are Barrow’s remaining fixtures. Jul 27-28: Challenge Cup semi-finals Sun Aug 4: York City Knights (H) Sun Aug 11: Bradford Bulls (H) Sun Aug 18: Sheffield Eagles (A) Sat Aug 24: Challenge Cup final Sat Aug 31 (1pm): Toronto Wolfpack (A) Sun Sep 8: Batley Bulldogs (H) We should, barring a miracle, be safe. Nonetheless, a disappointing season doesn’t do it justice. Even if by some miracle we beat Sheffield and get to Wembley.
  2. Very true, but I'm not convinced we should be treating the league as though we are already safe.
  3. I can see the logic, but I can't help thinking, it is a lot of pressure to put on yourselves though, putting all of our eggs in one basket, hoping to beat a side that has put 98 points past us in the previous two encounters this season.


    I don't think the rfl have decided yet, but league position only forms part of the funding criteria afaik.
  5. You say that BSJ, but we have, on numerous occasions this season, seen them make things up on the hoof. Take the Toronto match as an example you may have seen, where they knock on and we fly hack it forward but they get the ball from the kick, so we gain no advantage, so we get the scrum. Fine with that. Then in the same game, the same thing happens, they knock on, we kick it forward and they retrieve the ball. This time, he advises the Batley player was offside from the kick through, so gives a penalty to Toronto. Then explains it was given because Batley had taken advantage because this time it was an attacking kick and was offside from it. What is an attacking kick, and how would a fly hack forward be deemed as a defensive kick? Is there such a thing as a defensive kick? The first offence was still the knock on. We are seeing incidents like this, most weeks go against us. The other one that baffles me, the ref puts a player on report, (which should only be used because they haven't seen an incident), but then gives a penalty. How can they give a penalty, if they have not seen the incident? Which is it, have they seen the incident or not? We are still the only team I have seen penalised for not playing the ball off the mark, despite it happening in nearly every game since the clamp down, and yet it still goes unpunished. We're no angels and we don't help ourselves sometimes, but we don't get a fair crack from the officials either.
  6. Have you heard of the dutch sandwich in corporation tax terms DD? It is a very similar thing IMO. Legally, it is fine, ethically and morally not. For example if you were in Evans' position last season, how would you have felt?
  7. Where did I say he had broken any rules? You asked me what I would do, if I was Rimmer. I stated I would hope to have the common sense to ensure teams did not sidestep rules, like signing players on from SL to then release them back to the SL club at the drop of a hat, similarly to what Featherstone did with Briscoe for example. Nor would I have allowed teams to effectively cheat the system by claiming near bankruptcy to avoid paying players what they were contracted to. Therefore, I would be looking closely at the right and proper persons assessment, to see where a person like this fits in. I certainly would not have ratified the high profile signings Leigh have made this season, given how close they were to financial ruin the year before, which meant they could not raise 17 players for the playoffs. Without looking too deeply for links:- https://www.leighobserver.co.uk/sport/more-sport/leigh-centurions-owner-derek-beaumont-on-grim-picture-for-club-1-9434672 You don't need to be the brain of britain to work which two players were refusing to accept compromise deals, that threatened the future of the club. That in my opinion is attempting to bully players in to accepting a compromise deal. A couple of other related links. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/super-league-news-leigh-players-1890063 https://www.totalrl.com/exclusive-leigh-in-further-turmoil-as-several-players-not-paid-september-wages/ Have a look yourself, it was widely publicised.
  8. I would like to think, I would have the common sense to see when people are sidestepping the rules to gain an unfair advantage and ensure I did not allow clubs to benefit from cheating the system. I certainly would not be ratifying the signings from (in my view) a morally and ethically bankrupt chairman, who was crying the poor tale at the end of last season, who publicly bullied and harrassed contracted players to leave the club without fulfilling their contract, stating the club would go in to administration if they didn't leave. If that's the money you are talking about, I'd rather not have it in the game. That is just my opinion though. Although not a particularly popular point view in rugby league circles, I do not agree with clubs being propped up by rich benefactors either. It is not a good business model and has seen too many clubs fall in to financial difficulty in the past, including most SL clubs. I also think it is better for the game to have a salary cap that represents the majority of the league to ensure the competition is balanced and open. Having some teams spending 6 or 7 times what other clubs spend, in the same division devalues the competition. I'm okay with the better supported and wealthy clubs spending a bit more money, but not to the extent of 6 or 7 times. In case you think these ramblings are from somebody who holds these views because I support a historically financially poor club, you would be incorrect. I shared these same views, the season we finished 3rd in the league and received 3 times the funding of some of the other clubs in the same division. I'm sick of seeing most sport being devalued in to a battle of who has the biggest bank account. Boxing for example has weight divisions for a reason, a flyweight versus a heavyweight would not be much of a contest. The same can be said for rugby league too.
  9. It is a joke and the buck stops with Rimmer IMHO. He leads the RFL that are ratifying all of these signings, together with the transfers between SL clubs and teams in the Championship, where players are batted back and forth between clubs with no money changing hands at the drop of a hat, to get around the number of loan and DR players allowed in a squad. There is also something very fishy going off between Rochdale and Swinton, Rochdale having given the fight up fairly early on, so released all of their better players to Swinton midway through the season, no mention of any money changing hands either. I find it amazing that teams like Swinton, Leigh, Sheffield and Barrow (just signed Paul Seguier from Catalan) who didn't have two ha'pennies to rub together 5 minutes since, seemingly have found money down the back of the sofa, to make these signings. I'm sure that it is entirely circumstantial and coincidental, that all of these clubs, were the same ones that voted with the SL teams on the issue of funding. But then again, I am a conspiracy theorist in some people's view. I am quickly falling out of love for the game, it has become a farce. I honestly believe it is either us or you joining Rochdale for the drop this season.
  10. It might be the wisest move seeing as Leigh have signed Higson, Mitch Clarke and Junior Sau on today.
  11. I 100% agree with this, it seems pointless for the ref to give a decision before send it to the VR. He would give the decision on the field and not refer it if he was sure what had happened. I like the idea of referrals by the captain, I'd allow 3 per game and if the original decision was overturned, you do not lose the referral. I'd also allow it to be used for foul play as well as tries.
  12. 40+ years and all of the above and shareholder (you missed that one), except the marketing committee, I worked too far away to get to the meetings. Fairweather fan, I know!!!! But let's stop measuring each others appendages eh? It's not polite in public and not really relevant. I think most people are feeling less passionate about RL than they once were. Not just Batley fans either, despite most clubs fudging the attendance figures, the crowds are hardly going through the roof from what I have seen, and certainly not outside of the top flight. Whether that is down to the disparity in funding, meaning SL is unachievable for most clubs without finding a rich benefactor, or whether there are just so many other things to spend surplus cash on. Maybe it is just one of the lull's like the one in the 70's, that saw the gates plummet that the game bounced back from, or whether this is the final straw and death knell that finally kills the game off is open to debate You must see the irony in your post though 9'oller, surely?
  13. Not mudslinging, just basic maths. More fans/people turning up equals, more money through the turnstiles, better sponsorship, therefore a better product because we can afford better playing and coaching staff. If it is in the blood, as you say, the 2-3000 that came to support us in the Grand Final and the Northern Rail Cup at Blackpool would be turning up every week for home games and we would have a team challenging for promotion every year. Problem is, they don't, so we can't. It is just a big paradox, on one hand you want the club to provide a better product to entice you away from the tennis or Cleethorpes, and complain how sad it is you would rather do something else. But the only thing that would help to improve things on the field, is getting the people that are stopping away to turn up to improve revenue streams to be able to afford that. If you want to come and watch great, if you don't, that's fine too, it is a free country, do what you want. If you don't want to help fix things by turning up, then what is the point in complaining about it, to the people that do still turn up and try to make things better? Or would you feel better if we all followed your example, and all stopped going, then there wouldn't be a club at all? What would you complain about then? The price of chips on the seafront reaching astronomic prices, because the farmers cannot increase the potato crop enough to cope with the demand.
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