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  1. High's Northern Rail Cup Win 2010 - I've been going since the early 80's and I never thought I would ever see Batley win a major trophy. Grand Final Loss - Was really disappointing but great to get there and what about the 2 rounds previous - Excellent. Paul Mennel's try against Fev away in a must win game to avoid relegation during Harrison's first season. Finishing 3rd in the League and the reception from the Rhino's fans at Headingley in the middle 8's. Low's Summer Bash a couple of years ago, losing to the Rams despite scoring more tries than them, but we couldn't kick a goal. Not competing against an average Sheffield side 3 times last season.
  2. Age isn't the issue, the fact that Smith has seemingly lost his ability to play, is though. He has looked appalling everytime I've seen him for the last 3 seasons. He didn't even shine for Sheffield when he played for them on DR whilst he was still at Saints. He doesn't look to have improved since then either. Gareth Moore's pet snail is faster than Smith these days.
  3. Edited for the real world.
  4. No surprises, except maybe why would they want him? They had Woods, Ridyard and Reynolds already, unless they are going to play a HB on the bench? But it seems an expensive luxury having 2 good and presumably expensive HBs sat in the stand every week, it smacks a bit of signing him so nobody else can.
  5. Thanks for your reply beefy. May I ask, has there been a drop in shirt sales over the years across the industry? I ask, because at one time it seemed like you would see a RL shirt of some description almost everywhere you went, supermarkets, town, pubs, playing sports etc. but now a days it is a scarcity to see someone wearing a shirt, except on match days. I don't see as many replica football shirts as I used to either. Mind you, it could be just me getting older and mixing in different circles/places and not noticing/seeing them as much. If it isn't just me:- Do you think it is a fashion thing? Has it dropped since the move from cotton shirts to the lightweight nylon stuff? I know I stopped buying them for myself after I stopped playing because they don't help to make the best of my physique like the old heavy cotton ones did hehe. Kids are just not playing out as much as they did so you don't see them as often? or Some other factor? I buy a shirt every season for my lad, as we live a long way from the area now, and it is great for spreading the brand out here in union country. A few of the other dad's have started to look out for the scores and ask how we're doing etc. Also, they wash and dry so well, they are ideal for kids to mess about in and boy do they last!!! Anyway, if you are looking for ideas My vote for next year's away shirt would be a copy of hull's away shirt colours from a few years ago, cracking colour scheme and really smart looking with jeans.
  6. I reckon we've missed out. If we were going to sign him, our best shot was on Black Friday or at the very latest, Cyber Monday, when we could have got him with 50% off rrp. Maybe we'll get him next year...
  7. I tend to agree with a lot of what you have posted Fred. Although, just what our traditional colours are is very debatable. I would much rather we stuck to a set of colours/design too. I could understand it, when the club profited from the sale of shirts, change the design to increase seasonal sales.... However, it was rumoured that we do not get anything from replica sales in return for getting the playing/training gear supplied without cost. So I'm unsure if there is any incentive for changing them. Maybe it is part of the terms with Ravensport to change the design/colours annually to assist them to recoup there costs from supplying the players kit? The maroon and flame/orange has a tendency to look like a Huddersfield/Brisbane knock off, and red and white is too popular to build a brand around due to Oldham, Leigh, Wigan, Hull KR all sporting those colours. Personally, I liked the colours of the shirt below as much as any we have ever had. It was different but a nod to the traditional and nothing like any other clubs. If we were to pick a colour scheme and stick with it for good, to aid branding, I would go with that scheme, although you can't please everyone all of the time, and my views are unlikely to be shared by many.
  8. He had, but has landed a job on an oil rig.
  9. If that is the case, if some teams cannot afford to spend up to it, why is there a need to stop them from exceeding it? The SC could be set for £20M per season, but if teams can only afford to spend £250k before they face financial ruin, what is the point of it? Surely, the primary aim of the SC was to level the playing field and stop the teams with more money simply buying success every year? Therefore, the only way to level the playing field and have a competition that could be won by any of the 12 SL every year, is to ensure the cap is set at a level that all teams can afford, or at least come very close to affording without facing financial ruin. If the aim is to even out the league, the SC rules also needed to change too, in terms of only the top 25 wage earners counting against the cap. For example, if Warrington or Wigans 25th highest wage earner was on £50k a year, there is nothing to stop them buying another 20 or 30 players at £49,999.99 p.a. none of them would count against the cap, all of them might be very good players and provide fantastic strength in depth, something that would undoubtedly improve their chances of success over a team like London for example, whose top earners might only be getting £50k a season. It seems to me, that the clubs that could afford to pay more, didn't like the idea of poorer clubs having the ability to compete with them, so introduced the marquee rule, to effectively spend what they wanted to and get around the SC, in turn, keeping the status quo and success at the same wealthy clubs. What use is the marquee rule, to clubs that can only afford to pay a fraction of the SC? I'm not saying that I agree with it, but I simply cannot see any practical use for a salary cap, unless it totally evens things out.
  10. The SC has never really been fit for purpose, once it started to work, marquee players were brought in to unbalance things again and ensure the same results as before the salary cap. Teams have broken the SC rules and have just been handed a small fine. Where is the deterrent? The salary cap is only useful if most of the teams can spend up to it, if not, what is the point? If not - you will still end up with the same 4 or 5 names winning everything every year, like we have seen since the SC introduction.
  11. It's been a strange off season so far, there seems to be less rumours flying around the forums than other years. I'm glad to hear we are in discussion with a couple of hookers, hope we can sign someone to take us up a notch.
  12. I'm a bit surprised you haven't advertised some sort of deal for rams season ticket holders to get in for free/heavily discounted to Bulls games, except when you play them away. This might increase season ticket sales, especially for supporters who do not like travelling to away games as it will offer better value for money. Maybe even reciprocate the offer for the same reasons, to the bulls fans. Even if you only offered it, when you both play London and Whitehaven away, it is surely worth a punt?
  13. I'm trying to work out whether this is a wind up, or you really believe the drivel you have written?!? Singleton played his one and only game for Fev against us at the beginning of the season, I don't know how you have the cheek to be giving it large with the "that's how FEV use DR"... Not at Leeds behest indeed.... You'll be telling us next, that Briscoe was surplus to Fev's requirements so you decided to let Leeds sign him on.
  14. I think you might be right, but I would add another factor to your conclusions. I remember my dad taking me to rugby training or to cricket in summer after work. He was also out playing sports himself most other nights too. I think we tend to work longer hours now, commute further and travel in more traffic. So the free time my dad's generation had, was much greater than we have now. If my lad starts to play sports when he is a bit older, I'm pretty sure I won't have a hope of being home in time to get him to such activities, like my dad did for me. I've certainly not got the time to play sports after work, like he did. Probably the same goes for lots of the people who gave up their time in the past, to run the teams I played for. As we don't have as much time as we did, we don't mix with neighbours as much as we did and lead more insular lives which results in what you state above. Bring on the 30 hour week.
  15. I agree with you regarding our position of being "F****d", but (showing my age here) in my day, we all knew how to tackle, pass in both directions, back up, kick a ball, it didn't matter what position you played, everyone had these basic skills and could be relied upon to fit in, if necessary. One of the first skills you learned was how to kick. How many players nowadays, have these basics like being able to kick, even at SL level? There are a lot of top flight halfbacks that can only pass in one direction and even less are particularly good defenders. How often did Dewsbury fail to score from a good break/half break due to nobody backing up? We missed loads last season. Watching us and quite a few other teams last season, there are very few players capable of timing a run on to the ball, never mind timing a pass after drawing a defender. Invariably teams are stood as flat in attack, as they are in defense and taking the ball stood still. I honestly think the basics is where we fall down against the Aussies. One of the biggest reasons St Helens walked the league last year IMO, was due to the fact that every player in the team runs from deep and hits the ball on the burst Most of the tries they have scored this season, have not been down to anything other than basic rugby, played accurately at pace. If Linners can just instill the basics and stop us from making so many unforced errors, we will be in a much better position than last year.
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