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  1. The class oozes out of him, thought broadband looked class also if a little green but you can see he's going to be a great player
  2. I honestly believe we're not far off winning one of these and if it happens we might just kick on.
  3. Alex Young is rapid but never seems to find a gap and get that huge stride going like Tony Kay used too
  4. Lot of stirring going on in this thread like...
  5. Ffs how many players have we got left?
  6. Think there will be a reaction but barrow will take some beating on their own track, I predict someone will get banned for tackling above someones belly button...
  7. You've made your point and I'm sure it will be sorted by the club but your on repeat now, if you don't want to watch town any more fair enough that's up to you.
  8. With one being virtually on our own line
  9. Ive been watching loads of old matches on YouTube with the likes of damage, roskell, Ashton etc and thought the wouldn't have been on the field 5 minute with the rules of today. Matches were way better to watch back then with refs letting games flow and letting players do good hard fair (sometimes unfair) tackles without receiving 3 match bans! And that wipping tackles off rule does my nut in
  10. I'm as piddled off as anyone with todays tripe but I'm still trusting Chris to sort any problems out on and off the field.
  11. Well done you just won the 2022 over reaction post, if it's true I'm sure Chris will be on to it
  12. Before the season started I was told their was 3 people coming on board who were putting money in but unfortunately for unknown reasons pulled out leaving any team building plans up the creek. So Chris hasn't particularly had it easy having to go to plan b at a late stage..
  13. Went down expecting to win after our past weeks performances but sadly we didn't deserve to even come 2nd, I've no clue were we are going to pick a win up at its very worrying
  14. It was nice to see the pitch in such good condition, the amount of rain we've had I was expecting hardly any grass, great work from the people looking after it Did we do a duel reg with Huddersfield as things are looking bleak on numbers?
  15. I know we didn't have a match last week but did we get any players banned anyway?
  16. Where's our overseas player? Thought it was 2 weeks 3 weeks ago?
  17. You can tell on the players face it wasn't a try, think he was as shocked as anybody!
  18. Just a word on Hanley Dawson today, thought he had a great game playing out of position..
  19. Feared the worst going in thinking keep it under 50 and we'll have done OK, but that was an outstanding performance and when we scored our first dared to think we could even get a win! Awesome stuff, really proud town fans tonight..
  20. Forber Keith he's sitting in the dugout wrong...
  21. Oh well time for forber to step aside then
  22. Why mention one player? Chris thorman knows more about players strengths and weaknesses, he picks the team and that's who I'll trust
  23. It's easy isn't it, when ever things go wrong blame forber..
  24. They have beat by 2 championship 1 standard teams apparently, they're not very good are they..
  25. I would rather see Brett back playing here to be honest..
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