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  1. Also Phil, if you are in a masochistic frame of mind there are highlights and interviews from the Leigh game on You Tube.
  2. I wish you a speedy recovery Ernie and I'm sure that everyone else on the forum will feel the same.
  3. The coach knows best, of course, but I would have liked to see a couple more of the younger players develop within the team rather than going out on loan. A bit of freshening up might be good just now.
  4. Re Sykes yellow card, you often have to watch a replay to make an objective assessment but it just looked tired and clumsy to me. I felt a tad sorry for him. I do think that the referee should have been firmer with the lying on. It did not make for a good game.
  5. I don't think that it turned on the sin binning, I think that the introduction of Leak and Meadows made the difference. That is to say that I thought that Dewsbury were there for the taking. Also a run of poor form had it's effect judging from the way Dewsbury fell apart for a spell. For much of the game Batley lacked cohesion and Dewsbury, when in front, deserved that lead. Had the Batley bench not done it's stuff Dewsbury would have won. Sykes seemed to "old man" his way through the game. Time perhaps for change?
  6. A good replacement for Tonks?
  7. Cheers BSJ, I will look into it. And thank you for making me aware of the site.
  8. I was interested to read on the data base that Carl Gibson made his Batley debut aged 33. I knew that my memory was going to pot.
  9. You wear meat based underwear? Wow!
  10. Club Statement - Batley Bulldogs. Time will tell I guess.
  11. Not often that we name 4 hookers in the squad. I wonder if Luke Blake will be playing loose forward?
  12. Both the highlights and the full match are on YouTube Phil. Just use the you tube search box.
  13. I agree Roger. An afternoon of tackling the big lads in our pack and still they had plenty in the tank. Super fit.
  14. Bi11 is no more BSJ. Given that not everyone realises that Bi11 was a substitute for Bill rather than Bi eleven,, and that 'Bill' is still not available, I've changed the username to Bill H. Wakefield Dreadnoughts? From what I have seen on the television lately I think that York Dreadnoughts would be more appropriate. There is far more water to float a battleship.
  15. Forgive my unreliable memory, but apart from postponements for frost and snow is this a first for MP?
  16. Encouragement BSJ? Come on, admit it; if you could you would have us play them away.........................on the deck of a carrier!. Ouch
  17. I cannot comment on the refs decisions as clearly I'm biased. Had one of the trys been awarded during that dominant spell towards the end of the first half then I do think that we would have gone on to win. At the end of the second half York looked to have more in the tank and found a way over our line and good luck to them. Either side could have won the game. Neither side deserved to lose. Congratulations to the winners. I liked the quiet way that the game was refereed, no prima donna stuff. If he got the Walshaw disallowed try wrong then it's a shame but he can only give what he sees.
  18. It wouldn't be a bad bet if you could get it. He's not in the 21 man squad. Let's hope that he is not out for long.
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