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  1. All the overseas players signed by Leigh would have known what the deal was. If anything, it would create great incentive to perform and not be deemed surplus to requirements. Not a bad dilemma for the club and its fans!
  2. I'm not sure which of Leigh's non-overseas players would be a good fit unless we're planning to go top heavy on second row forwards.
  3. Swinton celebrating their promotion: "You can't buy this" comments Paul Rowley, the ex-Leigh and Toronto Wolfpack coach. Irony is dead.
  4. Swinton to edge it for me. Doncaster have developed the unfortunate habit of looking good in the play offs but then falling short when it matters.
  5. Wasn't Mr C the rapper in The Shamen?
  6. Anton Iaria in the Italy squad as well.
  7. If it's to compensate season ticket holders for the loss of a game, why not just reduce the cost of the season ticket?
  8. I think I'd like to hear what was said in the actual podcast first before taking anything Steve Mascord writes as fact. Journalists like to spin a sensationalist angle.
  9. 'Apparently' is doing a lot of heavy lifting lifting here. Where did you get this from?
  10. I can't believe 'merry whistle blower' and 'this Wigan outfit' failed to make the cut.
  11. This would be the shock to end all shocks but best of luck Batley. Throw a dog among the pigeons!
  12. It might be a good bit of close season fun to put pictures up of the worst specimens and have a vote for the least popular
  13. What's the betting that everyone questioning the need to have any entertainment at all other than the game itself are blokes in their 60s?
  14. I think we'll get all manner of unlikely players touted to us over the coming weeks. You can't help but wonder whether some are using a supposed interest by one club as leverage to get a better deal somewhere else.
  15. One or two looked they'd been designed on an Amiga by a 12 year old.
  16. When the 50th anniversary shirt came out in 2005, there were a few complaints about it being blue with a white V from those who were fortunate enough to have been there on the day. 2025 would be ideal to rectify that, though sadly the ones who were at Wembley that day are thinner on the ground now.
  17. I'm hoping they're saving that for the 70th anniversary in 2025
  18. Not baffling at all. The losing finalist would be the best funded (1st) The two losing semi finalists would be joint second The two teams who got knocked out in the first playoff (Barrow and Halifax) would therefore be joint third (should that be the basis of funding, of course)
  19. I don't take Gledhill seriously as a journalist but he's obviously a big fan of the Bulls and I don't like to see players taking the p*** out of their own fans.
  20. Amazing when you think we've only had two recognised props to call on all year, mainly through losing both Walnes at the eleventh hour pre-season.
  21. Good luck to him. Frustrating at times (definitely got a screw loose) but always capable of producing something out of the ordinary. Bon Voyage.
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