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  1. If they get promoted, just get Fev to rename themselves as Glasgow or Barcelona for the season. Job done
  2. Got my e-ticket. Now I'm wondering where the hell I'm going to park!
  3. Thanks very much for this. Should be a cracker!
  4. Cheers for that. Are they e tickets on your phone or do you need to collect your ticket from an office or something?
  5. I'm thinking of having a drive up there on Sunday from Barrow (I'll wear my Cumbria shirt, I think). I need my live rugby fix and I want to cheer on the neighbours! Do you need to buy a ticket in advance or can you just pay in on the day? What's the process up there nowadays? Cheers
  6. The club might not kick up a fuss but the fans make up for it.
  7. Not sure tbh, I'm sure someone knows though. It can't be far off 2000 average but gut feeling suggests lower.
  8. Ground PA not as good as it could be but I think it was one thousand nine hundred and something
  9. Match report here from Rochdale News, seeing as the Evening Mail can't be bothered with away games these days: MATCH REPORT
  10. Answering my own question, yes we do. South Wales conceded 80 today btw.
  11. Well that was stressful but it's the two points we needed! Has anyone worked out the percentages for next week? Do we actually need to win?
  12. Two pop up video ads just obscured 80% of the reply box as I was writing this.
  13. 1918 I think, but the PA not easy to hear from the Duke St end.
  14. I think it's better to keep everyone guessing rather than let our next opponents know our weaknesses - or strengths - ahead of the match.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two who missed last week are available this week. The two new signings will also make a huge difference, psychologically at least. I'm now looking forward to the possibility of us, at some point this season, naming a squad with three sets of brothers in. That might be a first for us!
  16. We were talking about this on Sunday, sunning ourselves at the Duke Street end. The Hindpool end would look good with a small shelter, maybe a third of the width it was and with the new food outlet behind.
  17. It'll be great after so long and I can't wait. I just hope that big screen they've put up at the Hindpool Road end is robust enough for rugby balls smacking into it.
  18. I'm wondering whether or not 'European Super League' and/or 'Super League' are registered trade marks of Sky TV and the RFL? Could be interesting. Get the greedy buggers to shove a couple of billion in rugby league's direction for nicking the name!
  19. Dave W


    It varies depending on where you look but the club's own website should be the most up to date (you'd think so anyway!)
  20. Dave W


    We'd be "small stadium". According to Google, the club website says our capacity is 6000, so I'd reckon on our maximum being 3000 going by the criteria above (small stadiums: maximum capacity of 4000 or half full, whichever is lower). We should be fine unless everyone turns up for that first game back!
  21. Dave W

    Keith Nutter

    Terrible news. Barrow Raiders through and through and a fantastic bloke as well. We all owe the club's very survival to people like Keith - and on more than one occasion, in his case. My sincere condolences to his family.
  22. I've found him, in the ever excellent "Keeping the Dream Alive" - Dave Huitson, Keith Nutter and Steve Andrews' imperious Who's Who of every player who played for Barrow up to 2008. I've taken photos of the info therein, but I can't upload the images for some reason. I could email them to you if you like, but maybe Steve Andrews might have better source material?
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