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  1. Looks like we have give up AGAIN.
  2. Agree about staying at DP, would make it difficult for Town financially but going to Borough Park is not good, it is a football stadium and not great for watching RL, I maybe wrong but have a feeling Town are being stitched up and only the Reds are benefiting, DP is a much better option for redevelopment.
  3. Still time to change then, really not looking forward to watching Rugby on Borough Park,
  4. Signed for Newcastle.
  5. Think you’re right, let’s hope they are below par on Sunday.
  6. See Newcastle have parted company with the coach, Eamon O Carroll.
  7. Think it sprung a leak off the Azores, Andrew, and they are still on a desert island waiting to be rescued. ️ UTT
  8. Decent interview, Chris spoke well, open and honest, what he has planned looks good, I just hope it is not too late.
  9. No it hasn’t, it is still on, but now says some questions have been removed.
  10. Just reading that Luke Broadbent has signed for Whitehaven, I thought he was with us for the rest of the season. What the hell is happening at Derwent Park? Can someone put us in the picture please.
  11. No, not at all, although Barrow did get most of the 50/50 calls, but the rules of the game are the same despite the score or one sidedness.
  12. I concur with your points here, no way could West Cumbria sustain 3 clubs at semi or pro level, if a merger is the answer, and I am not sure it is, then both Town and Haven would have to be consigned to the history books, would the communities of Workington, Whitehaven and surrounding areas get behind a hybrid team? If this where to happen the current teenage generation needs to be attracted at both player and supporter level .
  13. Plan D then no brainer, I just hope they haven’t settled for Plan C. speculate to accumulate.
  14. I’ve been going for 60 years + and never seen a smaller , slower Town side than the current one. League 1 and obscurity beckons.
  15. Absolutely ****ed off with that today, this is Chris Thormans team, he recruited and must stand and fall by the effort served up second half, first half thought Barrow we fortunate to be 22 in front maybe 6 or 10, total capitulation, rubbish and not worthy of wearing the badge, our squad was weak at the start of the season but is even weaker now. Sort it out for gods sake. I am afraid I don’t see another win coming this season.
  16. See we have the same referee as our last two games, Dewsbury (A) and Batley (H).
  17. bobg


    It was a privilege to have watched Boxer at Workington Town, simply the best 7 I have seen. RIP Arnold “Boxer” Walker. ️
  18. Great achievement for our great club, love watching the old news reels, all available on u tube.
  19. Must have because he said we had someone new training and would be announced last night.
  20. 100% agree, I said the same last year as well, makes sense all round.
  21. Yes it was bad live, but even worse on the video, defence atrocious, fair play to York but they are not that special.
  22. Plain to see for everyone.
  23. Great forward, was a pleasure to watch him play especially for Town. RIP Harry, condolences to his family.
  24. bobg


    Again as last week it is difficult to disagree with the majority of comments following todays game, if we are to have any slim chance of staying in this league then recruitment is needed now, we have completed most of our home fixtures so what is going to happen when we play away, again today a BIG mobile pack ran over us.
  25. Sorry I can’t agree with you on this, BP is fine for watching football but it is very poor for watching Rugby, I fully take your point about atmosphere, but DP is better suited to RL.
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