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  1. Fijian NRL grand final players rested understandably so, still should give England a decent hit out even with Kikau, Koroisau, Sivo & Turuva out. Also playing 3 English based players not in their squad, not a bad idea to give them some experience, I assume they’re on standby.
  2. It may be coincidence but I find it a bit annoying that all games this first weekend are the “expected” 1V2 & 3V4. Upsets can happen I know but we’ll have a fair idea the final positions of the groups pretty early. Ireland and Lebanon are probably the closest 2 & 3 on paper not to say Cook Islands couldn’t cause an upset against PNG. Minor whinge, I know.
  3. According to this Wales & France, numbers matching positions.
  4. Yeh good point. I can see some players getting wind of this and wanting particular numbers as well which if let fly could see some weird numbering.
  5. Could the WC organisers just make it standard that once the first game day squads are announced those 19/21/however many just stick with their numbers and the rest are assigned a number alphabetically? Sure it will mean some anomalies if teams “rest” players first up or players like Taumalolo or Manu miss the opening game but for the most part it would be fine.
  6. It may have been mentioned already but when is the cut-off to name numbers? I can only see Australia & Wales who have announced them so far. On Monday or Tuesday they could have named their 19/21 man team for the Fiji game and those numbers are set for the tournament with the remaining based on their seniority/alphabetical idea. That would have been the simplest way of avoiding any player disgruntlement.
  7. Hard to find much info on some of the warm ups but I think we have: Friday 07/10 England V Fiji (Salford). 7:45pm. Jamaica V Cumbria (Workington). 7:45pm. Saturday 08/10. Scotland V England Knights (Edinburgh). 1:30pm. France V Tonga (Halifax). 2pm. Wales V Lebanon (Sale). 3pm. Greece V Bradford (Bradford). 3pm NZ V Leeds (Leeds). 6pm. Any I’ve missed? Australia, Italy, PNG, Samoa, Ireland & Cook Islands going in without a warm up. Only last 3 if you count PMXIII game and Lebanon V Italy a few weeks back.
  8. I’m tipping PNG & Ireland. Interesting depends on what people enjoy. I’m interested in seeing how France go for example leading to their own World Cup so that group is more interesting to me than others even though it’s 1000 to 1 they make the quarters. Least interesting group for me is Australia’s group. I enjoy watching Fiji but their fate is pretty much set in stone this World Cup, lose by 30+ to Australia (hopefully less), beat Italy & Scotland by 30+ then lose to NZ in the quarters. Stranger things have happened though.
  9. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just use their first match against Fiji to set the squad numbers and players 20-24 get allocated the remaining numbers based on seniority.
  10. It’s a decent idea for training and media wear to have a squad number allocated to each player based on number of games, give players a way to work their way up the numbers throughout their International career. Clubs do similar with player numbers based on when they debuted for the club for training gear and it’s a nice touch in my opinion. I wouldn’t even mind if It was up to each nation if they want to use squad numbers for the match day jerseys like Super League or 1-17 like NRL.
  11. Yeh no question, as far as best team they can put on the park they are far stronger than Wales currently which was the point I was making. England are crying out for a strong local opponent, France should get a game each year but Ireland are a decent option too.
  12. I’ll try to catch all/most games but teams I’m most interested in are Ireland, France, PNG & Fiji. Ireland I think have potential to be a strong Northern Hemisphere opponent for England going forward. France, PNG & Fiji I’ve always liked watching and hoping they do well as the next most “developed” nations outside the big 3. Normally I’d say Wales but I’m expecting very little from them this time around.
  13. Blake, Montoya & Lovodua are a few who would have made the side of available which would have boosted that number a bit.
  14. That squad is a shell of what it could have been unfortunately, especially the forward pack. Not too bad but heaps of players not there like Blake & Milne plus those previously mentioned as injured or just sitting out like Montoya, Lovodua, Saifiti brothers & Sims brothers. From the outside looking in it seems Fiji haven’t seemed to have the same buy in from the players that countries like Tonga & Samoa have. A lot of the players who aren’t there finished their NRL seasons so it’s safe to assume a lot of them withdrew themselves, I doubt they weren’t selected when there’s some 3rd division players in that squad.
  15. Have Fiji forgotten they need to name a final squad?
  16. Fair enough, thanks. Those 3 & Montoya all finished their NRL seasons so it’s a shame they’ve found injuries or “reasons” to sit out. Sims and Daniel Saifiti could have played in the mid-year test too from memory but sat it out too for no particular reason so Fiji will know they’re not really interested going forward.
  17. Saifiti brothers & Sims didn’t finish the season injured, are they getting surgery? Daniel Saifiti has said he’s not playing the World Cup several months ago but haven’t heard about the others opting out for sure. Also last I remember Lovodua was in doubt for the World Cup, is he confirmed as out?
  18. Wales & Fiji have warm up games this weekend but no squad yet which is strange, Fiji squad is already in England minus NRL GF players so no idea why it wasn’t announced today. Those 2 and Cook Islands only teams left to announce a squad.
  19. England or France. Someone other than Australia or NZ winning it would be huge.
  20. Kikau, Koroisau, Sivo & Blake. Turuva played in the state championship game yesterday as well.
  21. Segeyaro, Biondi-Odo & De Belin are the only eligible NRL players I can think of that didn’t make it. Of those only Segeyaro has played for PNG before I believe.
  22. There is definitely a place for the Knights and it is a good concept but yeh they should be playing similar teams and teams like PNG & Fiji should be playing full internationals wherever possible. One off games against weaker European opposition is fine if need be but the Knights shouldn’t be involved in official tournaments like they have in the past. If they are touring there are plenty of options like PMXIII teams, QLD/NSW/Digicel Cup select teams or under 21/23 teams from any of Australia, NZ or the Pacific nations.
  23. PNG & Fiji get so few games as it is they shouldn’t be wasting limited International weeks helping England’s B team get some experience, they should be playing full Internationals against the best teams in the World. If a pacific nation was touring up there they should be playing France, Ireland, Wales or Scotland if/when they aren’t playing England. Knights should be playing teams exactly like France B. If the Knights want to tour again fair play trying to get games against the Island teams but I’d hope those teams would be too busy in proper Internationals & tournaments.
  24. Admittedly I’ve only had the chance to watch a couple St Helens games this year but surely Welsby starts in the halves if he’s half as good as he’s been hyped on here. No point “easing him in” if the alternatives are older and not all that great anyway.
  25. So assuming all the Fiji side bar NRL grand final players are the ones that have arrived already. Sivo, Kikau, Turuva, Blake and hopefully Koroisau and RCG to join.
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