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  1. Didn’t they let in go in order to gain 1st grade experience and that he was always going back to the broncos at some point?
  2. Think suncorp and commbank will be near sellouts along with mount smart while souths and Gold Coast could disappoint. hard to judge roosters v panthers but hopefully will be pushing high 20’s around the 27-28k mark.
  3. Worth every penny for me and an essential asset to not only the broncos but the NRL.
  4. I think it’s more the case of the rate of Polynesians continuing to migrate to Australia and New Zealand rather than Samoa or Tonga sinking under the sea.
  5. Hope you’re right mate but I can’t see it myself as some games are seeing teams enter into them in poor form like souths and Gold Coast.
  6. Pryce scored 2 tries and kicked 7 goals for the knights reserve grade team(NSW cup) against the bears.
  7. Panthers already locked in for 2025 with 6 other teams vying for the other 3 places. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2024-penrith-panthers-las-vegas-2025-which-teams-are-in-contention-when-will-they-decide-announce-storm-warriors-knights-cowboys-raiders-dolphins/news-story/73b62cc50799625c5db5fd5a9fa45806
  8. No doubt but tomorrow’s another day and we’ve got 2 all Queensland clashes next weekend. incidentally do think suncorp will sellout and cbus stadium will see a 20k+ attendance?
  9. Already in talks according to this article. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/state-of-origin-2023-origin-to-be-played-in-new-zealand-2027-nrl-bosses-begin-negotiations-with-auckland-tourism-eden-park-news/news-story/633a25a0808df842e8a0e830e879ba0e
  10. Well hopefully the sport’s loving public of Queensland and especially south east Queensland will dip into their pockets to attend both suncorp and cbus stadium next weekend.
  11. Are any of those codes really a threat to RL crowds in Brisbane?
  12. Well we’ve got 2 all Queensland games next week to more than make up for it which should at least attract 1 near sellout.
  13. Maybe even better than the early to mid 90’s winfield cup days prior to the super league war.
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