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  1. Well to be fair the standard of RL we have had to put up with has been pretty poor. Its encouraging to see the Board have played the right hand of Poker this time by delaying their beanfeast until next season when such as Patten, Nero, Anderson, Leo Latu will be on board. Give them something to watch and they will come is the doctrine to follow.
  2. Wellsy - When did you last come to The Willows under your own steam? Did you find the ground easily? I will confirm that you will certainly find and appreciate the new ground. Millions will see the ground every week from the M60 Barton Bridge. If the game is ever to develop then it HAS to win in Manchester.
  3. Totally agree Padge. I have always clapped anything worth applauding no matter the team. We are RL Suppoters in the end arent we? Different class to the round ball oiks.
  4. There are 6 or 7 currently in Salfords first team
  5. My word you keep banging the same drum don't you? Salfords current ground is in the heart of one of the poorest areas in England. For years the club has been terrorised by idiots living near the ground resulting in boycotts from fans from other clubs who 'wont go near the place' - yes we are tarred with that brush. So our Chairman who has never resorted to Administration or Liquidation to clear debts had the foresight to build a new ground many miles away (but still within the City) - yes he was thwarted many times - even John '2 Jags' Prescott held the club by the scruff of its neck for a couple of years - then the Irishman on the Board of RCD became under the microscope from the Inland Revenue resulting in more BIG losses for our esteemed leader plus of course a watering down of the eventual Stadium to be built. At last the Stadium build has started and in the Autumn the 62 week target commences on a site which can be seen by Millions every day rather than the urchins in Weaste. It is THE future for the club yet you Maximus D & others wish to deny the Chairmans rightful victory in relocating to a far better venue. I would say that if the ground does not complete in the timescale then there should be a penalty on the club whereby they should play in CC for a season with the club which is demoted to take its place in SL. Seems a fair option to me to mollify those who believe Salford are pulling a fast one.
  6. Your namesake is running at Redcar this afternoon. Are you on board?
  7. :lol: I would agree if the licence bid came from The Willows addrress..................but it won't. As `Father Ted' succinctly put on another thread - the RFL will not have Sale take over the 'Rugby' Franchise in Manchester - Salford have to be in the next 14 or we are handing over the City to the Yawnion boys.
  8. No I'm OK thanks but I just wanted to point out the continuous prejudice you seem to have concerning the Reds. Its been the same for 2 years as you have blamed Salford for Widnes missing out on the Franchise. As my 'quote' says which I have shortened for succinct prose (do you like that?) I merely highlighted your continuing diatribe which presumably will only ever stop when Widnes succeed in their bid. Widnes have a lot of work to do and players to contract before their credibility passes the test.
  9. Ahah - A club in existence 2 years and has never been in SL. Maybe you might understand now what Liquidation means. End of.
  10. Holdsworth out for the season so dont expect too much from the Reds
  11. I dont thing Lobby is a Million Miles away with 16 in SL. Of course the Turkeys already in SL wont vote for it as 10% of their funding will disappear. The key element would be to bring in a 5% levy on all income for SL clubs to place into a pot for the 2 remaining clubs. If there is a shortfall then so be it but if there is an excess then the balance can be carried over and used as a starter for the following season. Too radical I suppose. I would also look at Annual Licences with a return to P & R for the two clubs concerned - one from SL & 1 from CC.
  12. Well his contract has arrived duly signed :- http://reds.originalreddevils.com/2010/07/...takes-for-2011/
  13. Hate to admit for once I agree with you VW.
  14. Yes RW but it was the play before so Bentham could do nothing about it.
  15. Maybe not the dirtiest but certainly the most cynical. No doubting that at all after watching their antics today. Maguire has now lost that yard - he had a chance first half when given 5 yards and was caught by the 25 yard line. Leeds were fortunate that Bentham was Ref today otherwise it would have been mighty close.
  16. `Patten is nearly dead.` Thats why Huddersfield felt he was an ideal replacement for Hodgy. `Tandy is very average in an excellent structure.` Irish international so not on the quota - seems a useful squad player to me. Your typical anti Salford comments not even filed and thrown in the bin. Jealous are we that we are building a better team arounf Mr Holldsworth for the new Stadium?
  17. In my view Pottsy we should be signing young uns - Boyle a good example - Broughton another
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