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  1. :lol: Another Willie Talau maybe? 12 games in 2 seasons at about a Grand a game plus free lodgings, car etc etc & maybe Flight Home as well? :lol:
  2. Blimey giwildgo I think the Halton Mafia will be rattling their keyboards shortly. Very inciteful post though imo.
  3. i) The Salford playing surface is best in the RL on the West of the Pennines - FACT ii) The Variety Centre is still an excellent venue for even Warrington lads and lasses to have a great night out ............................................ so its not all bad news is it?
  4. `Ryan Tandy ($150,000) ` Amazing Salary for a Championship plodder with Whitehaven.
  5. Batleys defence too strong for the one dimensional Chemics. Batley by 10+ for me. Karl loves Blackpool.
  6. One of the biggest catches of all time for Mr Rosenfield. Well done indeed.
  7. The Salford Marketing guys are conducting a Seminar next week in Hindley Green. :lol:
  8. Surprised there were as many as that Jill tbh as with no Relegation at stake - a meaningless game I suppose. Even so with no other RL games on an apethetic effort from non partisan fans. Maybe I am becoming an anti Franchise fan as games for 4/5 clubs are meaningless from now on.
  9. How about this one then Bramley v Whitehaven 1968 ish Floodlit Rugby League November time about 8.30 pm `Well as you can see its about half time and the shadows are lengthening`
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