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  1. But they scored 30 last night we won with a 28 point margin
  2. If Oldham could find a bit of form in the next few weeks dewsbury will buckle poor side
  3. What an effort after Sunday! We looked tried a few times just before Half time but the try on half time lifted us but we conceded just after... before leak took control with white and Gilmore... Our forwards got the momentum back and didn’t let it slip I thought Edwards first try was magic our biggest away win against the rams since 1994 & our biggest score at new crown flatt
  4. Wow I think you and coolie could do better job than Sykes and Finn after tonight’s performance i thought we’d struggle without brown or Lillycrop impact from the bench... well done to the youngsters who take been spoken to about effort by a senior players as ###### behind the sticks
  5. Ah can see why football and other sports are different
  6. I’d make you lot favourites a few injuries in our squad... I’d be giving us 4 start if I was the bookies
  7. So say Batley who finish in the top 6 along with Fax and bulls all get the same money for 2022 as Oldham or Swinton who failed to stay in the championship is the best way to go... Oldham who have spent more money than Batley and Fax have struggled in 2021 despite over spending
  8. Doesn't matter really as I said to my old man it’s all about an 80 minute performance - as we saw 3 weeks ago against you lot both were poor coming down the slope number 23 for Toulouse sangare won’t be long before he’s in SL with Catalans if somehow Toulouse don’t go up... he carried the ball strong with 3 - 4 men around him every time - I bet every coach would want there 4 props interchanging every 20 minutes of the game in Casty, Hanson Garbutt and Sangare ( Gigot and Ford) have a field day...
  9. I was speaking to a few of the Toulouse players yesterday it was there hardest 40 minutes yesterday they’ve played this year Sylvian was glad we weren’t a full strength with our new loans playing also...
  10. Hall (groin) Campbell (hammy) Tonks (back) Kaye (shoulder) Bowman (Arm) Buchanan wasn’t fit either horn & Sanderson not good enough reittie is at Hunslet
  11. We went for 40 minutes but ran of steam coming up the slope Edwards field and burton all had a dig gledhill Hooley And leak did too Thursday we could welcome back 5 player after today and injury
  12. Depends if they make fax and Batley go to Toulouse in August when other teams haven’t been this year
  13. Yeah former Wakey Leeds and Fev player
  14. Damn best warn linners to tell Toulouse it’s tiddlywinks not rugby this weekend looking forward to seeing Levi and oli ( if he’s anything like his old man) won’t be far off been a decent player
  15. Batley had players out with illness & slight knocks which I expect them to be fit in the next two weeks against Toulouse or Dewsbury
  16. Injuries are hitting us hard leak, JC and Kaye Tonks missing with Gledhill and Bowman we need the players back we will be back to our best hopefully we get them back for the 2 games in 4 days
  17. If we get Gledhill Brown and Tonks back we won’t be far off
  18. Thursday 15th July 7:30pm kick off
  19. I thought yours changed when it needed to though as it worked with Harris scoring the try... we didn’t once put a chip over for hall to chase it in front of saltonstall instead we put straight down the throats I thought we missed gledhill in the 2nd half coming down the slope but ward & lillycrop were class
  20. Didn’t help when we finally got down there we dropped the ball on the 1st tackle etc we needed to be smarter and try something different with the kicking game but we just went through the motions... we live and learn again for Bradford away I’m sure Craig will let the troops know how he felt watching
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