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  1. Longest serving player into a 8th season with the dogs
  2. Surely it will be announced after the meeting this week between the clubs?
  3. Which teams are they? Crowds are not allowed at cricket, football or rugby even crown green bowls in the lockdown effected areas as Oldham, Rochdale Kirklees Calderdale and Bradford
  4. A certain John Gallagher appears from the bench as he scores three tries in a 34-32 win over Oldham to help the bulldogs survive the relegation spots before the play offs
  5. Leak - our longest serving player walshaw Morton were looking good before the finish
  6. Staying on holiday and not reporting back on time
  7. Seems he was a good captain in 2016... until he let himself down but that’s life we move he’ll have a lot to offer...
  8. Must be a thing about former SL hookers & batley a minimal game time
  9. Just because there’s football season happening doesn’t mean crowds at our level would be allowed in if a second spike came
  10. who knows what’s going off with sponsorship or fans returning to the grounds the game is been ran by the powers of the rfl Fans may stay away from grounds if they went back to franchises in the future (fev fans been one of them in numbers) no offence to our club yes it’s ran on a shoe string budget but I’m sure our sponsors came away due to financial problems and so on we’d struggle
  11. Because Clubs don’t know what’s happening with the TV deal post 2021?
  12. Ex York forward from the batley area has passed away with illness played with York in the early 80s
  13. Players could go back in September/October for pre season training before a set of fixtures in November before 2nd of December the start of the season We could finally have a meaningful Boxing Day game for the first time since December 2000 which was at the rams as the following year at batley was called off 20 minutes before kick off
  14. I can’t see it restarting as they’ll be no promotion nor relegation after yesterday’s statement about 2021 and magic weekend... void this year and restart 2021 in December
  15. Stevie Walker & Andy Wray was 16... we hadn’t signed Davy Kimmel yet
  16. It’s mental 3 months later Roy Powell was dead maybe things to come? iro could tackle and break a tackle , Roger Simpson was class
  17. Clubs don't have to play Boxing Day or New Year's Day it was an example but for me batley vs dewsbury over Xmas and a game vs York or fev would bring the fans in plus without SL would be a good crowds doubt Sheffield would cope with a crowd more than a 1000
  18. Football seem to work and I'm sure local derbies you wouldn't need local transport It worked from 2000/2002 season so why wouldn't it work now? I can't remember the winter been bad this time round February and March was worse with the weather
  19. Right I've said this a few times now cancel 2020 season... start pre season October 1st training wise: play the pre season games from November 7th, December 6th the season starts with games played Boxing Day New Year's Day & Easter (crowds would turn up season finishes 4th of July with a grand final been 31st of July or 7th of August
  20. Central Park was the original Wigan ground before the football move we were involved in the first game in 1902, a nice piece of history included now in the tesco at Central Park...
  21. Must of forgotten Batley beat them at keighley two seasons on the bounce
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