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  1. Could be but I was thinking a certain other move
  2. Scrums back will help us… I can see a certain move returning
  3. No but he can play winger or centre… same with Dale Morton my priority would be a prop then a centre… We won’t be far off in 2022
  4. One of the loyalist people I know… he could of left the gallant youths numerous times to fev and other clubs a few times in his playing career why shouldn’t he put himself or the club around the world
  5. For Sheffield under diskin at our place and London this year he kicked a 40/20 up field
  6. Who says they’d put us on at all? It’s down to the producer and company not the club
  7. Will be played on the 30th October at 1:30pm kick off with £5 entry fee
  8. But why would the rfl put the figure out… Make me laugh everyone moaning about Monday night games but didn’t aerospace show games on a Monday at one point…
  9. Stop talking sense mr philldog won’t like it we’ve been saying it for the last 2 seasons under lingard! we could be worse we could be a number of clubs… enjoy the ride under Craig it’s about to go again!!
  10. Something along those lines
  11. Having watched our game on Saturday back you’ll need the little 50/50s going your way in the opening moments… we had one with Gilmore under the posts which for me was a penalty instead they went up field and scored A few us noticed how much Toulouse weren’t fit and struggling with cramp etc hands on hips and wanted half time for a rest if you turn up with a lot of Enthusiasm & intense stuff you won’t be far off good luck…
  12. Having watched it back - surely we’d of got a penalty or penalty try for the pull back on Gilmore early doors 50/50s didn’t go our way when we needed them to… anyway we are proud of the effort from 1-17 all year and the staff 2022 can be another year of us been proud of the gallant youths player of the year for me is Dane manning or Alistair Leak 100% every game they play
  13. As a players I’m sure they’d rather play every week than rest I just don’t get why we have to travel over… I just don’t get how they’d expect to us to isolate if we won…
  14. Batley players won’t work Saturday if they are playing… as they’ll be travelling to France
  15. They’ll get to France mid morning - probably have a pre match meal before warm up etc before flying home evening Saturday Toulouse have done this to England all season
  16. Well done to Craig on winning the coach of the year he’s one of our own!
  17. Very lucky mr brown… now we again Saturday let’s try and get a result
  18. Yes it wasn’t by accident either looking at the video… sky picked it up straight away
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