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  1. Doncaster to be new partners with hull fc cooke n radford good mates? were would that leave york
  2. Hasn't he also said he would refund the fans that paid to watch it by knocking the amount paid off there next season ticket?
  3. He will be back up for shenton n webster (who needs it) IMO wil probly play more games on our wings. Good signing n much needed centre cover
  4. 5 years is a bit much, I dont think id be happy giving a player a 5year contract unless it was a youngster or a top star which hes neither.
  5. Id go for next tries the winner then golden point after 10mins
  6. 1) S.Tomkins 2) Hall 3) Atkins 4) Shenton 5) Briscoe 6) Myler 7) Eastmond (if fit) Graham 9) Sinfield 10) Morley 11) Burgess 12) Ellis 13) O'Loughlin 14) Roby 15) Westwood 16) Crabtree 17) J.Tomkins
  7. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12208_6393225,00.html appaling it is!!!!
  8. the scrum gets the forwards out of the way n gives the backs a chance to work there magic in attack
  9. Cas are having a cleanout they have releast Michael Wainwright, Liam Higgins and Ryan Clayton all been past there best for a few years now IMO hoping for some newboys now (Dnt no how to do a link on my phone sorry, its on cas website)
  10. I'd be much happier reading Cas are in talks with Gardner/Meli/Flannery/Dean Id take all 4 of these players as back up coz we have no depth an no competition for places
  11. Tom Briscoe (Hull FC) Sam Burgess (South Sydney) Andy Lynch (Bradford Bulls) think macca likes him Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook (Harlequins RL) Michael Shenton (Castleford Tigers) Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC) maybe if no bridge
  12. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12216_6374532,00.html good signing?
  13. Heard a rumour yesterday that Jacob emmitt and nick fozzard have signed for cas next year anyone else heard this? If true think emmitt will be a good signing not sure about fozzard, i suppose he does get good go forward but has he got another season left in him
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